Saturday, July 28, 2012

27 weeks

I'm the worse about posting about this pregnancy.
I feel a little bad that I'm not as good about keeping note of things, but life has been very busy and once you have a toddler, well--life goes full speed! Especially when you have a wild child lil man!

I haven't seen my doctor in awhile because we've been out of town for 3 weeks.
I will be going to see my uncle, whose a practicing doctor and he use to deliver babies--next week for a check up. I know Lil Baby K is doing well because I'm growing and he kicks me, mainly at night.

I was suppose to have another sonogram at 24 weeks--so I'm anxious to see him again.

Weight gain: 20-25lbs maybe? Not too sure. I've not weighed myself. I'm guesstimating by my size. Ha!
Stretch marks: None, so far.
Feeling: I'm a bit tired these days. I've been feeling pretty amazing until the past few days. But, I still have energy.  I am wanting to get home to get back to my normal walks and schedule.
Cravings: Anything really. This pregnancy I've not been wanting sweets AS much.  I still love my Mexican food and anything with bacon.

The start of the pregnancy I was CRAVING hamburgers.
Really good hamburgers from P.Terry's.
I hadn't eaten a hamburger in years, and in a matter of months I had more hamburgers in a few weeks then I'd eaten in 6 years!

I can't wait to get back to Austin in a week or two to see my doctor and we can go through our delivery plan.

I still have some time but my doctor, and I believe, that Baby K will debut earlier. My body tends to go into labor earlier than normal.
I predict Baby K will debut at 37-38 weeks. Which gives us 10-11 weeks.

Which means I need to get on the ball to get the nursery ready!
Stay tuned for some more pictures to come from our beach vacay!
And MAYBE some more belly pictures.

**Belly pictures aren't really my thing. 
I'm not good at taking pictures of myself and generally I feel kinda silly doing so :) haha

Until next time,


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