Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall is in session!

Such a beautiful day today! I am so happy for the cooler weather!

Well just a quick update, I rather do quick short blogs because then I end up with novels once a week or so.  

So this past weekend me and Justin went to our lamaze class.  It went better than I expected.  It was at the Northwest St. David's Hospital and it was so nice! Too bad our St. David's isn't finished yet with the construction! (They are re-doing the whole women's wing after Baby Kie is due!) Of course! But it's ok, the nurses and staff seem great and that's what truly matters.

We learned a lot of relaxation techniques and Justin was a trooper to sit there 5 hours with me!  Luckily it was very partner involved.  And there were a lot of men!  It was an experience I won't forget.  Tho I don't know if I learned a whole lot.

Saturday the Horns also lost to UCLA.  So, I wasn't too sad I missed watching most the game.  But, this year is a rebuilding year for us.  And we needed to see what it feels like to lose once and awhile. I think Gilbert needs to be humbled some.

Also that night Justin and I met up with my mom, brother, Grant, Rachel, Patrick, Chelsea and Jordan to eat at Freddie's on 1st street.  It was great seeing everyone and having a fun, relaxed dinner even w/Texas's loss.  

Then Sunday me and Justin went to a newlywed sunday school class at our church.  Ideally I wanted to go to the expecting parents one, but we ended up in this one instead.  It was so good!  It's a 7 month class for newly weds and engaged couples and I'm so excited to see the things God's going to reveal to us.  Just in the one class we went to I felt so very blessed and learned a lot about the role of the wife and husband.  And the teachers were so great!

I truly love my church and wish I had been more active prior to pregnancy. But, oh well.  Better late than never!  

(Justin also loved our class and we can't wait to go back next week!)

After church we went to tour the L&D wing of the hospital.  I lasted about an hour and then I started to feel so horrible!  I felt I was going to pass out.  I don't know if it was the reality of the birthing coming up or the smells of the hospital or the hour of walking around...whatever it was, it got to me and the leading nurse of the tour noticed I was looking sickly.  She asked if I needed a wheelchair, I declined and just said I needed to go home.

Once home, I spent it in bed snacking and watching TV all day while my sweet husband worked outside in the cooler weather.  

It was a very great, relaxed and productive weekend!  

As of right now I'm washing my first load of baby Kie's clothes!! 
I've already cried twice today.  Just imagining his little face and his little body and his little diapered bottom.  Ah, I'm such a cry baby!  And I don't care who knows!  

I still have to go to the grocery store today and make dinner.  I promised Justin a big steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus for dinner.  He'll be working late so I have time to get it all done.  

For the rest of the evening I plan to wash the rest of Kie's clothes, maybe start on his blankets and wash a load of our own things.  And tidy the house up a bit! (Tho it's pretty clean) and maybe write some more thank you's!  

This is my official last week of work and I can't wait to just be a SAHM.  Though I'm scared of not having my "own money" I'm so ready to put all my trust in God and work on a budget. 
Money of course is a great thing, but it can also lead to many UN-great things. I've been prepping for the one salary house-hold for awhile, cutting coupons and looking for bargains has been a new hobby.

Plus, like they say--all the best things in life are free.  <3 <3

well, this little momma has got to get her large and in charge behind (and massive belly) to HEB.  

Until next time,


Some of Kie's receiving blankets, all ready in his drawer.

Burnt orange blanket from the Haydel family.  I love it!
Me and my sweet sister in law! Dueling bellies both with little boys! 

candid shot from the shower

Friday, September 24, 2010

Recent Revelations

well hello readers :)

It's been about a week since I've posted and so many things have happened and not happened.  Last time I left off I was getting ready to leave for Atlanta for my birthday/baby shower.  Well, my birthday was nearly forgotten. Ok, so it was forgotten.  I felt a little sad, but quickly got over it because first off my thoughts go to my lil Jelly Bean (not so little Jelly Bean) and I understand most my family was thinking of the shower which was the day after my birthday.

Last Friday we left for Atlanta after Justin got off work.  The drive was decent.  Got into some rain all the way to Waco which made it longer and then Justin took over and I was able to relax some.  We got in late, close to 12:30 am, 1ish.

Saturday, my birthday, but no birthday wishes from my parents (well not at first).  Kinda sad, but oh well.  We spent the day going to Teri's Treasures, watching home made videos and relaxing.  Justin did man stuff with dad and rode four-wheelers and just piddle paddled around with Dad.  Dad loves my husband.  They are so great together.  Their love for old cars, DIY projects and tools is pretty hilarious as well.   Dad really respects how great Justin is with his hands.  My husband literally can fix anything.  A quality that I find so charming and sexy in a man.  :)

 Anyway, that night my family came over for a big dinner in my parents awesomely new renovated kitchen and we watched the Horns bean Tech.  Actually a pretty good birthday!  (I did cheat on my GD diet, but my blood sugars were still in good check so it was all ok!)  And Justin of course, did have a few great birthday gifts hidden away from me that he shared when we were alone.  :)

Sunday we woke up to realize my sweet niece, Amelia Jane, got the stomach virus from her daddy.  We all felt bad for the sad little two year old.  Her normal chipper self was now pale, sweaty and weak.

Luckily tho, the shower went off without a hitch!  It was great!  Rachel Lee surprised me at the shower after she had been telling me she'd be stuck in Houston working.  It was great to have my best friend there.  Also, Emily helped out tremendously by writing down all the great gifts we got for Baby Kie.  It was so nice to see so many wonderful friends and all the love we got from so many friends and family.  I felt truly blessed and grateful.

That night we took it easy, I wasn't feeling so hot.  Then comes Monday (Justin took off work) to drive back to Austin.  The trip wasn't as great coming back as it was getting there.  I just wasn't feeling like myself.

Around the Temple area, I thought I was having contractions.  My body would freeze up and be in intense sharp pain.  I didn't know what it was.  I was getting a bit scared.  Finally we got into Georgetown and I told Justin to pull over quick.  I leaped out of the car on to the median and began to dry heave.  Slowly bits and pieces of lunch started coming up.  Oh no, am I sick or is something wrong with the baby?

It was about to storm so Justin loaded me back into the 4Runner and gave me a pillow case in case I started to vomit.  We rushed home and literally 15 seconds from the drive way I started to puke again.  I fell out of the car, needing fresh air and threw up in the drive way.  I got Justin to open the back gate up and ran to the back yard and plopped down on the cold cement waiting for my body to go back into it's tight frenzy ball.  Oh man, it started! The cold cement and rain felt good but I knew I needed to get inside and get to the bathroom because I was about to be a mess.

A mess is an understatement.

I was sick both ends.  There was no stopping it and there was no way to go one at a time.

I was sitting on the toilet, towel over my face, throwing up into it.  I went though at least 9-10 towels.

And my sweet, sweet, SWEET, husband was there.  Seeing me at my worse.  (Though I thought he had already seen me at my worse) this was my worse!

I told him to not touch the towels that I'd wash after I got over the initial sickness.  But, he cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  And needless to say, he got just as ill as I did.

We were a sad pair!  So sick we couldn't do a thing but lay there, and puke.  He slept in the guest room and I slept in our room so we both had our own bathrooms to get sick in.

That was Monday, it took me till Thursday to get to feeling like myself again.

I have NOT been that sick since I don't know when.

The virus spread from Clint (my brother) to his daughter, Amelia to me, Justin, Zach, My dad, to Amanda's Mom and to Amanda.

It was one powerful bug!

Anyway, I learned a lot during that sickness.  I'm not NOT afraid to puke.  I learned how to concentrate while getting sick and I also learned how amazing my husband is.  Though, I already knew that.  He proved once again how great he is.

Also this week I went to see the specialist doctor for my GD and my OB.  My blood sugar levels are so good they took me off Glyburide. Yay me!  But, I may go back on it once the baby gets bigger.  I also lost 10 lbs while sick.  Which now means I have only put on around 28-30.  So that's good.  That helps me out for after delivery!  (Doctor said baby is doing just fine even when I was so sick and losing the weight.)

I also got a interview set up with a pediatrician for next week, our Lamaze class is this Saturday, touring the L&D wing Sunday, our new Sunday School class to go to also on Sunday and next weekend a baby expo!

AND next week is ALSO my LAST work week! Now I'll be a SAHM!  My dream! :)

So, yes...a crazy week for sure.  But, a lot done actually.  The next things to do on my list of THINGS to do, is finish unpacking nursery (I havent had the energy being so sick).  Write all my thank you's :)  get Justin to paint my toes (They are looking rough!)  And find a new devotional for new mommies.

Right now I'm really praying and working on being more Christ like.  I was going to go into a lot of things God has revealed to me but I'll keep it short.

Lately, here and there I've had some curve balls thrown at me.  Right now as a soon to be mommy, all I crave is peace and serenity.  I want my world to be wonderful and protected so that when this sweet boy of mine comes, he is shielded from a lot of things I don't want him around.  And for the last 8 months, Justin and I have been doing that.  We have been getting the people out of our lives that weren't good for us nor our son.

I realize that sometimes, being nice doesn't get you anywhere.  And that sometimes even when your heart is in the purest place, people may not take it that way.  Or maybe something is truly wrong with them.  I've always been the person to worry about why "so and so" isn't kind after years of me being kind and nice or why this person may not respond the way I like even I do my best to be so nice.

But, it's not about trying to be nice.  Instead I need to be gentle spirited.  I need to expect less because people are people.  I am lucky enough to have a amazing family, a loving, patient husband a new baby on the way and some great friends (that I don't have to always be a certain way to get a certain reaction). And I have a God that loves me, even when I fail Him over and over.  He isn't just nice to me.  He is gentle and loving with me.  He loves me.  And I no longer want to worry or pine over the people that really don't matter.  The ones that no matter how hard you try and smile and be kind to, don't smile and be kind back.

Why worry?

I'm working on making Halley, a always happy Halley,  that doesn't need others approval or 'kindness'.

I feel blessed to just be healthy (and not puking) and I feel blessed I have more people that love me that I can count on two hands and two feet!  Who has that?  Not everyone.

So, yes, this week and for the rest of time I'm going to remember what's important, what I have, and be grateful for that alone.

Until next time,


Btw, pictures will be posted from the shower on the next blog!  Just too lazy to upload them now!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

So many things to look forward to!

Things I'm looking forward to:

1. My birthday is this Saturday.  I'll be 24. ::sigh::  I'm not excited about getting older, nor getting presents (really my birthday is never that big of a deal) but because I'll be in Atlanta with all my family and sharing another wonderful birthday with THE love of my life.

2. My baby shower is this Saturday!  I can't believe how fast time flies!

3. Our lamaze class is the NEXT Saturday, the 25th.  (Kinda scared because I don't want to see the birthing video!) I mean, yes I know I'll be going through it but I just don't want to see it all.  I plan on closing my eyes for some of it. Hehee

4.  We tour our hospital that Sunday, the 26th. Though, I did see the L&D wing when I got rushed there for emergency when I was 19 weeks. 

--Anyway, I'm excited because we are getting some of things I set as things to look forward to, or MUST DO's and focal points for this pregnancy, done and out of the way.  Just crazy how time flies! 

  • How far along?: 31 weeks, 2 days

  • Total weight gain: 36 lbs (Oh lordy, big baby)

  • How big is baby?: He's measuring over 3 weeks.  So he's roughly 4.7 lbs or a bit less.

  • Maternity clothes?: Yes, love my maternity shorts! And some tops. lol

  • Stretch marks?: 3.  One on my belly button ring scar.  Two super low, and very small.  Let's hope they stay that way.

  • Sleep?: very little! I am up all the time!

  • Best moment this week?: Our party last weekend! :) Our pregnancy photos! I hope they will be finished soon!

  • Movement?: Oh yes, my lil boy is a wild one.  Never stops moving, just like his Daddy.

  • Food cravings?: Sweets and carbs! But that's because I'm banned from them!

  • Labor signs?: Braxton Hicks, but that's all.  The occasional contraction, but they are rare!

  • Belly button in or out?: In, but on it's way out.

  • What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy!!, seeing my girl part's for a proper shave (excuse the TMI), being skinny, my jeans, having a margarita, cookie batter, sushi, running, seeing my hips. lol

  • What I'm looking forward to: the baby shower!!! :) My birthday! SO many things coming up!

  • Milestone: Making it to 3rd trimester, surviving my first few days of taking my own blood! And cheers to my good blood/glucose numbers.  Let's hope they stay that way!

  • Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    This week in snap shots :)

    Kie's lil Vans from a friend
    so tiny!
    Nursery (I've just rearranged it 1 million times)--just one side of it

    Justin is always great about bringing me home fresh flowers :) 

    These were the 'special' orange ones for our party!

    some of my FALL decorations...on top of our aquarium TV that Justin made.
    my super cheap pumpkin from the Dollar Store, thanks Kaitlin for  the idea!
    some more decorations! Little candles with leaves, cute lil pumpkin and squash 
    close up :)

    The UT cake we had at our party. And sadly, I did not make it.  Baking and pregnancy are not fun when you can't eat the batter!

    our new mandarine orange tree from my Uncle Luke! It has so many oranges for a little tree!

    Ok, that's all...just a few pictures from this past week.  More to share, but it takes forever to upload on here! Maybe I'll figure out another way to do so!

    Until next time, love and blessings!


    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Too busy, too tired, too Zzzzzzzzz

    Hello all! I am using an exclamation mark like I'm all awake and wired, truth be told I'm far from that.

    In fact, I'm blogging while nannying.  A big no-no. I know.  But I hardly have had the time these days to get to writing and I'm wiped out from this pregnancy...

    so lots has happened since I last blogged.  I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (which means my body isn't breaking down my sugars I ingest and therefore baby Kie is getting a lot more sugar then he needs).  SO baby Kie is getting bigger and will probably be here before his due date on November 16th.  Which is exciting and scary at the same time.  I am scared of labor and delivery but I'm ready to meet my crazy kicking man.  And see his face, and kiss his face and smell his little baby hair and just cuddle him. 

    awww :)

    And I also want to see what parts he got from me or what he got from his Daddy.  We have made bets on his size/weight and what will he get from us.  Regardless, if the baby looks just like Justin, I'll be thrilled.  I adore my sweet husband and to see a baby Justin (one day) running around the house will warm my heart.

    ANYWAY--enough day dreaming :)

    so yes, I have GD which now means I'm on medication,  a strict-STRICT-diet. (No simple sugars, hardly any fruits, super low carb) Ah just what a pregnant gal wants to do! Put restrictions on a always hungry, black hole! And I'm also taking my blood 4 times a day (which I start tomorrow)--I'll let you know how that goes.  Not looking forward to that, but what can I do?

    And now cooking isn't as fun and I can't satisfy my sweet tooth without teasing it with the sugar free stuff but it's ok!  I also have been walking a lot more (which helps control my blood sugars too) and me and Justin usually take 2 walks a week.  Maybe 3.  Which may not sound like a lot but when you're married to a man that works from 6:30am to 8:30pm (some nights) then that is a lot.  But now, we usually walk or workout 4 days a week or more!

    We took a walk to Borders last night to get a baby book for my shower this weekend (for all the guest to sign).  And last week we walked to Target.  Lol.  So yes, our walks are long but also are productive.  And some nights we walk to Central Market or Randall's to scope out the sugar free popsicles ;)

    So this PAST weekend was super great!  Friday night we had our family and extended family over and it was such a wonderful night.  I wish I had taken pictures! The house was all decorated, tons of fall stuff (thanks to Kaitlin's Fall decor ideas).  And I got a lot of great pumpkin candles from Target and Bath and Body Works.  The small ones from Target were in every room adorned with fake Fall leaves.  And since it was a pre-tailgate party, the ORANGE candles went great with the UT Football theme!  I had Longhorn matching bowls, plates and serving plates.  I made my *now* famous bbq pork baby back ribs.  And Justin grilled  burgers on the grill.  We had tons of dips, cheeses and hummus to snack on and also the cutest Texas Longhorn helmet cake.

    (I do have a picture of that!) I'll post on the next blog!

    Also our outdoors was decked with the pumpkin tea sized candles and also some patio lights I picked up at Target too!  I even got a cute solar LED lamp that changed colors.  It was so pretty and it was a great night visiting with family and showing them our wonderful home.  Everyone loved our house, the food and the baby's nursery.  It was a fun, but exhausting night for me.  (Now a days doing a load of laundry makes me tired!)

    Then Saturday, instead of going to the game and tailgating like I use to, we went shopping for some new maternity clothes for our pregnancy photo shoot!  Justin got some nice black pants and dark blue shirt from one of his favorite stores, Banana Republic.  And I got some nice black pants and matching knit top, from one of my NOT favorite stores, Pea in the Pod! Haha, I mean, I like the store just fine for maternity clothes.  But it breaks my heart that I have to spend so much money on such large clothes! 

    Then at 5pm, our friends Robin and Tanja came over to take the photos.  

    I can't tell you if they are going to look good or not, because this was the first maternity shoot I've ever done and same for our friend.  He's a great photographer but he's just never done a maternity shoot.
    Anyway, if there are any good photos I'll be sure to share! 

    After our shoot we watched the Horns play and had a quiet night in!  And Sunday we woke up to meet my family downtown at the Hilton so we could each brunch at the Paggi House before everyone had to catch their flights.  

    Needless to say, all the hard work we've been doing around the house getting it ready for family and Baby Kie finally proved to be worth it!  We got to enjoy our family in our house and enjoy the rest of the weekend with no BIG projects to worry about.  Though we still have a lot more house work to do.  We will always be working on our house.  We are definitely DIYers and our house is a wonderful investment.  

    As for this week, it is filled with things!  Yesterday I was at the doctor, two different times.  One for another blood test, a fasting one.  Then to see my doctor and then to see a diabetic specialist.  Tonight me and Justin have a breast feeding 101 class at Babies R Us.  And then tomorrow I have a 3 hour class at Seton Medical to learn how to take my blood and also how many carbs I'm alloted during the day.

    And then FRIDAY---we leave to go to Atlanta for my baby shower on Sunday.  And Saturday is my 24th birthday!

    So yes, a busy week and weekend for me!  I'm excited! And wow, September is flying by and soon I'll be not working and being a SAHM and getting all ready for baby Kie.

    Well, until next time! Hope all is well and many love and blessings to all that reads this!



    31 weeks

    some early baby presents from Aunt Rachel

    it's a bathtub full of stuff! :)

    Friday, September 3, 2010

    Personal Pin Cushion

    Large and in charge! 

    I feel like I have a lot to write but in reality I guess I don't.  Currently I'm sitting in the non-stress test room for my 3 hour glucose test.  It's not been that bad.  Yes, the duration of time to complete this test hasn't been fun, but otherwise, the dimmed, cold room and leather chair are very nice.  Plus, I came prepared!  Two books (I've not touched) my laptop (thank goodness for open wireless networks) and my Blackberry.  My arms are getting a bit sore from being pricked so much.  I feel like I'm a personal pin cushion! Not to mention I bruise like a peach, and getting blood drawn 4 times makes me look like I have a drug problem.

    Currently I'm 29 weeks and 3 days.  Not that long to go.  And lil Kie, isn't so little! Apparently my boy is a big one.  Just like his 10 lb daddy was when he was born, oh my!

    This past week has been pretty good! (Besides the news that I failed my glucose test) We got a BEAUTIFUL water feature from my Uncle Luke! He owns his own landscape company here in Austin. He is also doing some flagstone around the yard and adding some more grass and some more flowers!  We have beautiful grass but since our massive trees provide so much shade it prevents grass from growing.

     I took a picture of it at night, doesn't do it justice!

    I will definitely have more pictures of the yard once it is all finished and also when it's DAY time...
    But, just the sound of the water bubbling over the big rock and onto the smooth rocks on the ground is so nice.  I love it!  We are also getting a colored light to go into it this weekend.  Can't wait till it's cool enough to sit outside and enjoy it (without mosquitoes taking me away!)

    Also, I made Justin a shirt the other day online.  The concept is cuter then the shirt its, but here it is.

    It looks better on him!

    He's worn it twice since it came in last week and every time he does, people always comment how they like it.   I mean, obviously it's a cute shirt to wear when I'm walking beside him all big and prego with my belly.  Otherwise, Justin says he feels like he may be a pervert.  But, I still like it :)  And the company  that did it was great! They had an awesome customizable layout and tons of options! I just got a basic American Apparel shirt and made the font small so it was kinda funny to read.

    Also, I finally changed my last name the other day.  I know, I know...pretty bad that I've been married since May 4th and JUST now changing my last name.  But here in Austin, the Social Security building is super far north (I live in South Austin) and so I finally made my way up there and did it.  And the next day I woke up to the sweetest card from Justin, telling me how excited he is I'm legally a Knuth.  :)

    I also had a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  He is always so great at getting me flowers for things.  And he also folded all the laundry that's been sitting in a basket on the couch.   It's definitely the little things in life like a sweet, handwritten card telling someone how much they mean to you and folded laundry to set the mood. 

    As for the rest of things, I feel like we're finally getting things situated.  I am definitely in a NESTING mode, and have been for awhile.  I've always been OCD about being organized and clean and we're finally getting there.

    We got a new couch, our previous couch was GREAT and the MOST comfortable thing to lay on.  So you may be wondering why we got another one? Well, the old couch was down feathered and sometimes the little feathers would come out from the pillows.  Not to mention when you sunk down in the couch, it was hard to get out!  Especially when you got a huge baby crushing your organs.  

    So we sold the couch on Craig's List, which was amazing! I have checked out Craig's List before and even sold some UT tickets on there. But never before had I tried selling anything else.  Well we made a $200 PROFIT on our sofa! It really was a well made, nicely kept sofa. But who would of thought you'd make PROFIT.  We also sold our super modern, glass coffee table and our massage chair.  Lol.  I was on a selling spree!

    So, now we have a new, beautiful suede couch that is also a big sectional like our previous one.  Except this one doesn't have feathers.   It also has a great ottoman! We wanted an ottoman rather than a glass coffee table with a baby.  And it's not a high maintenance couch either, like our previous one, where you had to RE-fluff all the pillows to make it look nice for company. Anyway, so that's exciting.  Also it was nice to finally get rid of the massage chair Justin had in the office.  Yes, it was comfy for sitting there and studying while I was in school but it took up room and isn't practical.  And me being the OCD freak that I am, needs the house to be cleaned out and simplified.  

    I have a certain taste of style and luckily Justin is the same! We both like very simplistic, clean, less-is-more kind of style.  
     Maybe that comes from growing up in the SAME house for 20 odd years and my mom kept everything!   I'm the opposite! I do keep the important stuff.  But, if it's not something of value or can't be used then I chunk it!

    So yes, finding Craig's list and selling our things rather then dumping or donating was kind of a nice change!

    Alright, on to this weekend.  It's LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Wow time is flying!  Tonight I'm slow baking some ribs in the oven (4 hours) and making mashed potatoes and green beans for my friend Amanda and her husband Warren.  Warren and Justin are spending a few hours on the lake after work to get some time in riding the wake boards and I plan to take it easy and visit with Amanda.  Girl time!

    As for the rest of the weekend, we have a lot to do!  We have some Bermuda window sills to put up, finish painting the hallway and doors, run to Ikea for some shelves for the Baby's room...clean house like a crazy lady! And get our back patio area cleaned off (Justin's job) for our BIG party this next weekend!

    Though the first UT game is tomorrow! *Hook 'Em!*  We are having a big pre-tail gate party next Friday with ALL my family coming in for the game!  I hope it's cool like it is today, 81 degrees right now!

    I'm really excited about next weekend and seeing so many family members!  And for a lot of them, like my Aunt, Uncle and cousin from Wyoming, have never seen our house!  Also, my grandparents and my aunt and uncle from Atlanta will be in too!  It's going to be a big party and I can't wait to enjoy time with everyone at OUR home.

    Too bad not all the house is done, but hey, we have a lot done and soon when it's ALL done we can throw another party!  We definitely love having get togethers at our house.  And slowly but surely we are remodeling the house, and it makes me appreciate it that much more.  

    Well, I'm going to go clean some dishes!  I got a few things that can be cleaned before Amanda gets here.  Also, this weekend we will be spending time with our great friends and hopefully making the church service (last weekend I wasn't feeling that great!).  Even though we work hard most times, we do make time to spend with the people we love and appreciate.

    Sorry for the long, over due blog.  Sometimes I just get on a roll.  

    Until next time,


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