Sunday, June 30, 2013

weekend updates and weight loss

June just flew by y'all!

So, I never got to post last weekend's fun so here it is!

Last weekend my family came in (my mom and dad) to visit. Seriously, my favorite times includes my family! Love them so!

We had plans to go to the lake but Justin ended up working so we spent Saturday morning at Town Lake doing some walking/jogging.  While us ladies (and Kix) went to exercise, Dad and Kie went to the Kiddie Workshop Class at Lowes.

We have been having lots of fun making stuff at Home Depot and Lowes during their kiddie classes!
Chelsea, Mom, Me at Habanero's
This time Kie got to make a wooden 'Monsters Inc' box.  Kie loves it because he puts his little cars in it.
And his picture of me.

Get this y'all,
he found this old Senior High school picture of me that he LOVES! He often times props it on his dresser during bedtime so that "Mommy can watch me!" It's pretty cute!

I think he likes it because I'm wearing a glittery outfit.

As for Saturday, Mom, Kix and I went to do some shopping for swimsuit cover ups...(notice I said swimsuit cover ups, not actual swimsuits!) We also did some more running around for some beach items we needed.  Afterwards we met up with all the men, including Justin and Chelsea to eat at Habanero Cafe.

We had been wanting to go there for awhile but it's always busy or it has been under construction. It's voted one of the top Mexican restaurants in Austin--which says a lot since we have about a billion awesome Mexican restaurants.

Needless to say, I ate my weight in chips, salsa, queso and enchiladas. It was sooo good!
Aftewards, we got home--got the kiddos to sleep and my parents said that J and I could have some time to go out if we wanted.  We thought about going to the movies, but considering I don't sleep most nights I figured I'd pass out asleep in a movie.
Plus, I'm not one to sit too long, 
so we decided to get some coffees and desserts at Mozart's on the Lake and take a walk.

If you've never been to Mozart's--it's a great spot! They have every kind of coffee, tons of decadent desserts, gelato and ice creams-- and they have live music!
J, Dad and Kix (not picture Kie, whose on the other side)
Plus, you can't beat the atmosphere :)

J and I got our coffees and walked down to the boat ramps to sit and watch the fishermen go out for some night fishing.  I think there must of been some fish tournament going on.

It was a beautiful starry night and the breeze off the lake kept us nice and cool.
We stayed out a little over an hour or so, but that small little break was nice.
We rarely get an hour to sit and talk.  Usually at home, we are both multi-tasking while catching up.
Plus, anytime spent in nature are my favorite.

I told J that I felt right at home in the city because watching the men going out to fish reminded me of the 'good ole boys of Northeast Texas'!  I even saw a guy sporting a Confederate flag swim, if you think all of us Austin folk are liberals then you don't know Austin ;)

The next day we had church and took it easy (from what I can recall since I'm writing this a week later).  Btw, this is one of the reasons I blog--my mom brain can't remember what I had for lunch! 
Church was great as usual--and I've been loving sharing church time with the ushers in the breezeway. We're becoming good friends!

As for this past week, we've been busy having fun and keeping cool.
We have been painting a lot and coloring.
And of course, I've been getting things ready for vacation.
It's also been 'off week' for boot camp so I've had a bit of a break from working out.
WHICH hasn't been good because I need the push of a good workout. However, we all have been under the weather, so maybe a small break is ok.

AND LASTLY for my HOT MOM Update,

well I saw my pre-pregnancy weight!
I saw it today actually!
I went out with a friend yesterday afternoon and splurged on some dessert, so last night I decided to spend some extra time on the stationary bike (and watch a movie).
It's becoming one of my favorite things to do once the babies are down.

ANYWAY--low and behold, I saw my pre-pregnancy weight today! So I'm guessing that extra time helped counteract that chocolate!
Hopefully I can maintain the weight before my 'official' weigh in for the Doctor come Wednesday. Just my annual check-up! But I figured it would be nice to know an official weigh in--via the doctor scale.

I'm excited because it's been a long road--however, I was able to lose my pre-pregnancy weight a lot easier and quicker this time! 8months!
But I still have a ways to go until I'm at a weight I'm comfortable with.
I still want to build muscle and become stronger.
And, I have been wanting to get better at wake boarding and need some stronger muscle to help me reach my goals.

ANYWAY, I'm still not back into pre-pregnancy jeans...
but I'm nearly there. I'm a work in progress!

So YAY for that!

As for this weekend, we took it easy---we even skipped church.
I'm sad about it, but since I'm still feeling bad and the kids are just now getting over their cold I decided it was best we steer clear of others...

Only 4 days until we will be heading to the BEACH!
I'm ready for some salty air, the sun and the sea and some amazing seafood!

And of course, to see my family!!!

Until next time,



This post was meant for FRIDAY--but just now was able to post because of technical issues!

Bonjour friends...

We are in vacay COUNTDOWN mode!
Technically, I've been counting down for months.
And like the typical slacker that I am, I believe that I can lose 20lbs in the two days BEFORE vacation and build a 6-pack but that doesn't look like it will happen.
I'm a pro-procrastinator.

In my university days, I would often pull ALL nighters at the PCL studying for finals and writing my final essays....
and low and behold, here I am now---thinking the same thing--that I can DO IT ALL the night before! However, now it's with a lot less pressure.
A LOT less pressure.

::give me a few minutes to daydream about my days as a UT student, ahhhhhh!::

Seriously, life was nice then...
but not NEAR as great as it is now.
Don't get me wrong, I have bad and low days...but the joy I have from marriage and having babies for sure outweighs any 'joys' I had in college.

However, if I could have anything from those days.... 
it would be nice to have my sweet little condo in downtown Austin again.

I think of how I'd make it a MOM haven.
It wouldn't smell of diapers...
and I would NOT be cleaning up countless amounts of sticky finger foods and wiping off almond butter off things...


A momma can dream ;)

For real though, we're in COUNTDOWN phase.
Least, I am.

As a mom packing for's imperative you start early!
I started last week.
Mainly I started pulling out all the suitcases and bags we would need.

We are staying one night on the road, in Biloxi-Gulfport and then we are staying a week in Pensacola.

We have to pack a beach tent, our chairs, our umbrellas, a pop up tent for the babies, towels, a cot for Kie, a pack n' play for Kix, a stroller, a Bumbo, my suitcase, the babies suitcases, countless amounts of diapers and wipes, J's stuff, the beach toys, Justin's scuba stuff...some cleaning supplies (yall better believe I clean hotel bathrooms!) dvds, books, Kie's babies and countless other items!

I don't pack light, y'all!
I just don't!

Sure, we may NOT need 9/10th's of the things we bring, but by golly if we do, I'll have it!! :)

ANYWAY, I'm so pumped to see ALL my family at the beach.
We make it a big huge, week long party!
It is wild, it is loud but it is SO full of love.

We eat and drink and we're merry!

As for today, well...both my kiddos are under the weather.
Seems we have picked up a little cold virus...
Kie has been handling it well but Kix cannot breath.
So for the last two nights, it's been awful!

Last night was probably a top contender in my ROUGHEST nights.
Kix was so congested and coughing,
hot husband!
then add in my sore throat and feeling bad--
and yea, I was a zombie.

Thank goodness for J,
he stepped up and held the baby for me!
He had worked till midnight or so last night and was up all night with me--then left for work at 6am.

My husband continues to impress me! He is like a machine!

Speaking of,
I  do have to brag on my man :)
And I do this as humbly as I can.
He got to wakeboard with Shaun Murray, a four-time World Champion yesterday!
I also like that Shaun is such a great example of a Christian man, too! He uses his platform and is a light in this world.  Anyway, J had a lot of fun and got to get some great lessons from THE man of wake boarding.

(If you're an avid wakeboarder like my husband then you probably appreciate this tidbit lol)

As for today, Kie, Kix and I have lots to do! My house is a wreck and we are still packing/gathering/washing/shopping/spring cleaning...and this weekend we hope to spend some time out on the water.

PS--I forgot to share about last weekend...
I'll do a post on that next!
J and I had a mini date night...
such a rarity!

Until next time,

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day weekend and recents

Hey friends, happy Wednesday!
I love Wednesdays...because they're the middle of the week which means the weekend is nearly here-and they are a boot camp day!

I have a love/hate for boot camp.

It's hard waking up so early while my household is snoozing away and quiet---but, once I'm in the middle of a workout (especially after) I love it.

I enjoy my endorphins. They are God-given and natural.
I also like the way it feels when I'm covered in sweat from exerting myself.
I'm thankful for two legs, two arms and a body that is able.

Whenever I feel like giving up, I think of the people who are not fortunate to be able to get out of bed on their own.  For those that can't easily walk or run.
I think how I am blessed to be able, so I don't take that for granted.

I also think of those weeks I spent on bed rest during pregnancy.
How I ached to be active again.
How I dreamed of being able to run, bend, squat or jump with ease.
I'm active because I'm able.
I'm active because I'm in gratitude for the ability to do so.
It's something I do NOT take for granted.

Also, I know these days are fleeting and one day I may not be able to.
But for now. I do.

I push myself.
I may not be the fastest.
I may come in dead last.
But, I push myself.

On that note...
this is my last week of boot camp before we take a week break.
Then we will resume another 4weeks.
It goes in cycles.

And for those that are curious--we do HIIT, light weight training with some low-impact endurance sprinkled in.
Think of lots of circuit training that keeps your heart rate up--and steady--and add in some fast sprints and a few longer, slow runs. 
We do this for an hour. 
Short but efficient! Which is exactly what a mommy needs!

As for this past weekend...
it was wonderful.

My dad came into town and I love seeing him.
It's no secret I'm a Daddy's girl.

Friday night we went to eat at a Tex-Mex place less than a mile away I forgot about (love urban-living).
There was the great authentic mariachi band.
We listened to them for awhile and Kie danced.
Then he ran over to the violinist to tip him. lol
Kie loves violins!

My dream is for Kie to play violin.
We were gifted a child-sized violin by my aunt and it's waiting for him in his closet when he is old enough.

Saturday, Justin, Dad and Kie did man things during the day (you know running to Lowes, Home Depot, Land Rover, an Art Store) while me and Kix had the house to ourselves.

They also set up Kie's new trampoline
And before you start to judge, it's a little one.
It has netting and extra padding all around.  It's also lowered to the ground and enclosed. Basically, it's extremely hard to hurt yourself in it. 
And believe me, Kie has tried.
(Btw, you can get one at Sam's Club, if interested.)

We also set up Kie's big boy bed.
I have been buying Kie's bedding over the past few weeks and it's so cute all together.
I'll post pictures soon! (We are also about to repaint his room, so I'll wait until then.)

That night we went out to eat at Texas Land and Cattle and afterwards we went for a nice walk around Audiotorium Shores and to play at the splash pad at the Liz Carpenter Fountain.
I love it because it lights up different colors at night!

Sunday we had an early breakfast at Kerbey Lane (egg white California omelette--my fav) and we went to church.  After church we hit up Zilker's Botanical Gardens.

It was so beautiful but OH so hot! Lol.
I think I may of sweat off 5lbs :)

But, we wore out Kie and he had lots of fun looking for dinosaurs in the Pre-historic Gardens. And I personally loved the Japanese gardens...
Overall, a beautiful weekend full of lots of fun and love.

As for this week, I've been busy with the kiddos.
Kie has been 'studying' about ocean-animals since we are heading the beach soon.
We also have been going to Whole Foods and Central Market getting lots of fresh, organic produce.
I let Kie pick out a few things.  He has been picking watermelons and grapes! I think he could live off those if I let him! 

I've been doing decent on the clean eating. Not perfect. But, I'd say about 80-90% of my diet is clean.
I still splurge with my coffee and creamer (it's my next thing to phase out)
but otherwise, eating has been going well.
There is the rare occasion when I think of how nice it would be to have a Diet Dr. Pepper or a breakfast taco, but I resist and I'm always grateful when that urge passes.

I definitely feel I have more energy and that my skin seems to be clearing up.
I am still hanging around 4lbs pre-pregnancy weight but I'm sure in time it will come off.
My goal is to get back into my pre-Kix jeans before September!
(Mind you, my shape has changed some--so though my weight is getting close I'm still two jean sizes away!)

Well, I'm about to get to cleaning the house while Justin has Kie outside.
They're cleaning up my flower beds! lol

Until next time,

Kie loves for Kix to sit in his lap

Kix loves to practice standing up on Kie

Kie at Texas Land and Cattle

De-cluttered the living room 
both men reading their magazines
Kix likes what he sees!
LOVE my city!
This is my view from boot camp :)
Father's Day walk 
Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughn

Love ALL of these guys! I'm a blessed gal!
At the Pre-Historic Park, look what we spotted!
Texarkana is only 375 miles from Austin!
 the Botanical Gardens 
Handsome daddy and babies 
LOVE my Kie Kie! Exploring in the gardens 
Love my little (social) butterfly!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Before/After Pictures

I said I was going to wait until I lost my last 5lbs before posting some before/after pictures...but, I figured if you've been reading my blog long enough then you've been pretty patient with me.
I'm now about 3-4lbs from pre-Kix weight.

However, this being my SECOND pregnancy, my body may be starting to weigh less but it's still not shaped the same as it was pre-Kix days....and definitely not the way it was pre-Kie days!

I have about another 10-15lbs to go before I'm happy with what the scales says...
but more so, I'm ready to be building muscle and to have definition. I love feeling stronger!
Thank goodness for boot camp!

Alright, these pictures are hard to post--however, I'm still a work in remember that :)
And also, these pictures are literally days after the birth of my second baby.

Be easy on me!

Until next time,

1-2 weeks post-op/post delivery
present-35lbs down from the above picture

I still am a work in progress!

*Note: I gained around 50lbs during pregnancy. I lost close to 10lbs in the days after delivery.

Current: I'm shy a few pounds of pre-pregnancy weight. 
Which brings my weight loss total from delivery date around 45lbs.

Confusing much?!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

THE SCALE MOVED...and updates!

The scale moved!

It's seriously not that big of a deal--but, it's been nice to see it moving after a few weeks of NOT moving.

Of course of all days that it drops the most was when I had a milkshake?
That baffles me...

I got a small one at Sonic the other day and went home to check the calories on Myfitnesspal (come find me yall Fitmomma918) after it was completely, HELLO it was nearly 1,000 calories!

I was astounded!
So, that night once the babies were in bed...I jumped on my stationary bike and rode for what seemed like hours.
It was just one hour.
And I burned 400 calories.
I still was FAR from burning off that darn milkshake.

*I haven't had ice cream or a milkshake in maybe two months. Which is a long time for me. lol

But, to my pleasant surprise I woke to find the scale had jumped DOWN.
Why does it do that?
Was I under eating the past few weeks? 
I seriously doubt it.
But, to make sure--I weighed myself a few times and even took a picture of the scale and sent it to my friend.
So that way I knew my eyes were seeing right.

I'm now about 5lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.
However, it's kinda an iffy number because when we got pregnant I was bouncing around 5lbs or so.
So, technically I COULD say I'm 10lbs from pre-pregnancy weight--depending on where you wanna start.

I am saying 5lbs so I won't get discouraged.
However, I still have lots to lose after that.

I'm still considered 'overweight' by my BMI.
So, I'm aiming to lose more...
but I am taking it one day at a time.

Also, in other news---
I skipped boot camp yesterday.
Bad decision.

But do you wanna hear my excuse?
Because most people have 'good' excuses for skipping workouts ;)
Well, the night before Kix was up ALL night.
It's like he knows I need to be up at 5am and wants to help out by waking me every hour.
I was so worn out by 4AM I turned off my alarm and slept in till 6:00am.

It was a bad decision because the whole day I felt I didn't accomplish much.
My workouts start the day on an energetic, positive note.
I wake up... still half asleep, fumbling around to get dressed, grab a Clif bar and head to the car with a yoga mat, weights and water in hand.
I turn on KLove, say my morning prayers and watch the sun come over the lake and the city.

Seriously, it can't get much better than prayers with Jesus in the quiet hours.

Then, an hour later I'm covered in sweat, regretting my Clif bar--and trying not to puke on my kids.
--J meets me at Auditorium Shores...and I get the kiddos.
We head home where I shower and start my day all before 8am.

I am more productive. I get an endorphin rush and I have a clear mind.
I love how God made exercise for us.
He made it so that we can have a natural high
No need for drugs!

ANYWAY--today has been a fabulous day with the boys...
I was extra blessed today with an HOUR (YES AN HOUR YALL!) of alone time.
Justin came home at 5:30 and let me go to the gym.
Mind you, my husband is never home at 5:30. He works 14-16 hour days typically.

So this hour alone was amazing.
I felt like a new woman.
I opted for a trail versus the gym.
I wanted to lift weights but when I got there and realized how beautiful it was out--besides it being a billion degrees--I decided to try for a run.

It was cathartic.
I haven't RAN by myself sans two kids in months.

so yes today was great.
And tomorrow will also be great because it's boot camp day and I need to have my hiney put in line.

well, I'm gonna leave yall with some pictures from the past weekends...

Kie has been going to swim lessons every week--I need to upload the go-pro videos of him swimming underwater...that lil guy is a fish!
And we have been spending a few days on the lake!

PS- I promise to do a BEFORE/AFTER's just un-nerving to post the said BEFORE pic. But, I will share once I lose these last 5 pounds! Nearly there :)

Also, stayed tuned for house pics!

until next time,
Sneak Peek of the house (I have been moving around my furniture)
sweet Meme & Kix
I always wanted a family so I could have these on my car...ha! Guess which one is me!
out on the boat--Kix man snacking away on a teething cookie
Kie fishing in the 'Alphabet Sea'
One of my favorite games in my mom's Kindergarten class.
-Magnets and paper clips--and you got yourself some fun!
Kie helped me cut and make the fish
Kie working at the Home Depot Kiddie Class...
he made an awesome wooden lawnmower a few weeks back :)

Happy 7 Months, Kix!

I never got to my SEVEN month post on Kix Knuth.
Seriously, that baby boy is growing! 

Just a few things Mr. J. Kix is up to these days...

First off, HE CRAWLS!
He started crawling a few weeks shy of his 7 month birthday.
So, at 6 months he was crawling.

Like I've said before....the baby is rarely put down unless I'm taking his picture....SO HOW is he crawling?

He also is now trying to stand. He pulls himself up on the shelf, the couch or me.
He started that a few days ago.
He also goes from tummy to knees, to sitting up seemlessly.
Oh me.
I am so not use to this because Kie didn't start crawling till 9 months and wasn't walking until after his 1st birthday. So, this is all new too me.

I rarely get things done unless it's the dead of night because I have to watch two kids go two different ways.
They are both into everything now!
Kix gets lodged under things a lot, like the shelves or the couch/chairs.

Kie and Kix still are best buds.
However, Kie has been getting a bit rougher with him.
Mainly because Kix is now being a bit more assertive.
Kix crawls over and grabs toys, or grabs Kie by the hair or shirt for his attention.
It's pretty amusing.

I think Kie thinks Kix is able to roll with the punches. Literally and figuratively. 
Kix is also very LOUD.
He constantly is talking and screeching.
Pretty much every night there is a scream contest at dinner.

I don't know if Kix is all wound up and excited to have Justin home...
or what the deal is, but Kie and Kix just start screeching.

We're a loud bunch!

Kix is also the baby, baby.
He loves to be held.
Needs to be cuddled often
and he likes to be held to sleep.

He did start sleeping well on his own this month and sometimes like his own space...but not to the extent that Kie does.

My boys are a lot of fun, wild, loud and it's never dull when they're up together.
I definitely predict Kix to be the wilder one of the two.
I love his fun little personality and how loving he can be.

When I nurse, he rubs my arm back and forth or places his sweet little chubby hand on my face.

He also have THE BIGGEST blue eyes and longest beautiful eyelashes...
He also has the cutest, fattest cheeks and precious dimples.
On top of all the cuteness, he also is GREAT at crying.
Like, when he cries he has massive crocodile tears.

Kie never cried.
Or when he did, there were no tears and it was short lived.
Kix, on the other hand, loves to cry to tell you what's up and that "I NEED TO BE HELD RIGHT NOW!"

Most days, I dream of having octopus arms ;)

Also, Kix is still wearing size 3 diapers and his weight has leveled off.
He is 19 lbs (probably slimmed up because all the moving) and he is still breastfed.
He doesn't eat a lot of solids.
In fact, he may eat solids every 3-4 days max.
He isn't big into solids still.
But, his favorite if he had to pick would be mushed sweet potato, mango and millet.

He also has two bottom teeth and no new ones yet.
Thank goodness for me!

His favorite things: 
standing, screeching in church, being held, making funny faces and noises, blowing raspberries, splashing in the tub, his brother and his silly daddy.
Of course, he loves me but I am probably not as fun as the above people and things ;)

However, Momma is the one who can stop him crying faster than anyone ;)

Anyway, that's my 7 month post on my sweet little squishy Kix man.
Stay tuned for more coming soon!
oh and be prepared for picture overload!


playing with brother 
always holding hands 

already into cars! checking on the transmission 

Standing up!

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