Monday, June 28, 2010

Crazy what a year does!

Summer is here! It's officially too hot to do much outside and 4th of July is right around the corner.

Every summer I usually take some time to reflect on where I've come from since the previous summer. Each summer for me--is a pivotal moment or life changing event that usually shapes my life. But this summer had to be THE SUMMER of my life. Or so, in my short 23 years--this summer has topped them all.

Let's go back to the summer of 2009. In 2009, I finished up my last semester at UT that spring. I was sad but ready to see what my future held. I was unsure if grad school was for me, or doing mission work. I knew desperately I needed a change. I wasn't exactly happy that I needed to finish up my two last French credits at ACC. (Austin Community College)...but it had to be done. So I spent the first semester at ACC on Rio Grande. Luckily, I had a wonderful professor--I learned a lot and made lots of friends. Though my summer days were nice (after class) I'd spend the day laying out by the pool at Gregory gym, or spent the nights out on the town with friends, I was also growing tired of the mundanity of life in Austin. What I was needing was a passion,something to spark my heart or interest since school was no longer there to keep me 'alive.'

Most of my friends had left, Carter was working out of town, and I was lonely. I was in a failing long distance relationship with a guy that wasn't exactly on my level of many things, mainly being maturity....and the fact I was a broke college kid and having to pay for all my own dates with him made our relationship crumble on top of itself.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind doing the 50/50 thing. But, I was an unemployed college girl and I had to cough up what would be my grocery or gas money from my dad to take myself and the former boyfriend out for a dinner or movie.

The relationship was on it's last leg due to lack of calling, lack of seeing one another, and there was no effort on his end.

So, a 22 year old girl with the world at her fingers (kind of!) did what any girl would do.

I had fun!

The Dallas Cowboy's training camp was coming up and my whole family came down to San Antonio for it. Plus, having Carter and my cousin Colt working it helped me and my cousin Erika get in good with The Boys.

I had a blast hanging around the NFL team and finally, for the first time ALL summer I was living!

*Summer school is horrible!!* And it was slowly taking my life away!

Anyway, that week was a wake up call. Plus, I had received NO phone calls in a couple of weeks from the former bf so I knew I must move on!

Low and behold, when I returned to Austin I got my great gig at ESPN.

While in the midst of my high from getting a nice job and hanging out with the Cowboys....I had been receiving a few texts from a guy I knew through a mutual friend.

Nothing serious, nothing too crazy. Just casual texts asking what my plans were for the week. I had given my number to this fellow when he friended me on Facebook and gave me HIS number.

Such a sly move! Instead of asking for mine, he gave me his! And out of curiosity and boredom I texted him to brag about my adventures with The Cowboys!

Needless to say, he wasn't impressed! I turned down this guy a few times because I extended my stay in San Antonio and I got a raincheck for another time.

So once I was back in reality--aka, Austin...I texted him to see if he'd like to join me in celebrating my new job.

We met up at our favorite bar. We had been hanging out in groups there for the past few weeks, and saying hello....but that was about it.

We met up, and I nearly forgot what he looked like. But I spotted him. He was wearing a white baseball cap, white graphic shirt and nice jeans. He had a huge smile--and from the first drink we shared to the last--we had nonstop talking.

He talked my ear off, telling me personal stories about himself to his family....and I knew then and there this guy was different. We had no lull in our conversation, not the usual "get to know you" dumb questions. Instead it was compelling stories of love, life and tragedy. This man had quite a history and he had literally went through heck and back---and made it alive. (He lost his father at a young age.)

Why'd he feel so compelled to tell me so much!? I'm basically a stranger!

Tho I think my black cocktail dress, animal print heels and glasses--definitely were items he was into :)

The night winded down and he walked me to my car--in which I had parked a few blocks away. He had parked right by the bar. So I told him I'd take him back to his car.

After pulling up and parking next to his SUV...we exchanged byes---goodnights, and then a kiss. One kiss that led to a lOOoooOOooong kiss.

And though I realized earlier this guy was special, it was THAT chemistry that definitely proved he was more than just a cute guy with cute dimples.

I'll never forget that first kiss.


sooo perhaps last Summer was THE summer that changed my life--because it was in that hot summer that I met my husband and father of our sweet unborn baby :)

Though this summer we got married and expecting our child---it was last summer that got us here.

And I'm so glad and thankful how life turned out.

I am married to the man that I love with all my heart, soul and body. The man I'd die for, the man I live for, the man I laugh and cry with. He is talented, smart, witty, funny, responsible, caring, patient and kind.

He fixes things around the house, fixes cars, boats, and even my heart.

He cooks, he cleans, he does the laundry....there's not much he can't do!

I've married a man that is as good as my own father, in the ways he cares for me, is generous and giving to me and protects me.

I may not always be the perfect wife, but I am reminded daily of the love I have for Justin and the love he has for me.

And I want to strive everyday to be a great woman for him and for our family!

well I'll wrap this up now! Just amazes me what one year can do in your life. And I hope for many, many wonderful years and memories to come!



Also, a large difference from THIS summer to last summer=

Last summer I spent it frolicking around in bikinis, size 2 skirts (size 4 jeans) and little tops....

Now, I'm NOT frolicking at all....walking if I'm lucky and wearing elastic, no pants and big tent dresses.

So from sexy single hood to mommy hood ;)

ah well...<3 <3 my world is better now than it's ever been!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So, I can't sleep. I've been waking up every hour or so. Walk into the kitchen, check time, use the potty, climb back in bed. I swore when I woke up at 1:00 am, it was nearly 6am. (the time I need to be up at!)

But no, it was merely 1 am, hours and hours away from the time I need to be awake. I would watch infomercials but the door in the hall from our bedroom is gone (we're replacing) and I dont want to wake Justin. I feel bad enough as it is with the lights on because I know they are seeping into our bedroom. I was also going to go in the spare room to lay down. Perhaps a change of scenery would do me good. But, there's a dead roach on the floor. (House was recently sprayed, so all the gross bugs come out to die!) Why can't they die outside? And the other spare room scares me at night. (Too many things in it and it distracts me)

Anyway, so here I am...sitting on the couch with mounds of pillows around.

I also thought eating some toast with jelly would help. Perhaps I was hungry and that was keeping me awake? But, low and behold...two slices of toast with strawberry jelly has me dying from indigestion. Even more pain and reason NOT to be able to sleep.

So, today I'm sure at work...during my 9 hour day I'll be kicking myself that I didn't get my sleep. Currently my body is mocking me by making me by yawning.

UGH---and poor Justin, every time I'd roll over, wake up, use the bathroom, I know I was waking him up too. Maybe my body doesnt need the sleep today. I don't know...hope it just doesnt torture me during the day with excessive yawning and the massive urge to sleep on the ground. (I've done that numerous times!) Just hope no one at work catches you. ANYWAY--I'm going to meditate...

::I know I'm sleepy, I know I'm sleepy, I know I can sleeep, I know I can sleeeep..::

Well, until next time---

Sleeplessly Yours,

Halley Knuth

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

THIS Father's Day

So Father's Day is this Sunday and I'm excited because tho we're not OFFICIALLY parents, we are nearly parents. And since I'm still working (I wont be once baby is here) I decided to go big this Father's Day for Justin. I bought him a GRILL! (Now you may be wondering why I'm announcing this now before the BIG day but Justin is in NYC for the week and I know he won't be reading this!)

On top of all that, I decided to SPRING CLEAN the house while he's gone this week--organize our office and I started a family tree and I even found and cleaned out old pictures of his father, Bodo Knuth. (He passed away in 1988 when Justin was a little boy).

So I am going to frame some and put the rest in a photo album. (They've been buried away for years in the garage along with a million other unorganized photos!) So anyway, I'm excited...I hope he likes it.

Also--I worked myself pretty hard yesterday and still have tons to do--I couldn't sleep last night and I have to work all day today, sooooo I'm unfortunately sick.

And It's a scorching 95 I'm feeling sickly. Well really sick to be honest. I feel like I may puke any second now.

Well I'm going to try to relax some in my down time (before it gets busy again) and maybe tonight I'll rest more than work.

Until next time!


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