Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home DIY projects

Have I mentioned how talented my husband is?

I know you don't wanna read a lot of mushy stuff but, I can't help but be proud of my husband's talents! 

The man can make and fix about anything!
Seriously! And to me, that is an admirable trait! (Hey, Jesus was a carpenter! lol)

I could have a billion and one posts over the things Justin has made over the years...but, for now I'll just share the two most recent ;) 

I mentioned in my previous post that Justin was working on my home school classroom.

Well, during the week we were in Atlanta, Justin got the walls up, the windows and doors in and everything sealed. We had the electrician come in (I pretty much made Justin hire someone since he really doesn't have the time) and we are waiting to get the insulation and drywall done soon.
 Then we can start fitting it for closets and storage space for all our school stuff/toys/crafts/books and more!

The room is a decent size---and has two sets of French doors, two windows and a door that leads to Justin's workshop.

I'm hoping the kids will like that it's off the house so that it truly feels like they're stepping into school once they're in the room! :)

I'm pretty excited about it!
I have one wall that is completely open and blank that I plan on using for a white board and a 'bulletin board' setup.

However, we still have a ways to go--and we aren't aiming to really be finished with it until the following Fall season. (We pay everything in cash--so if there is wiggle room we throw that money into our 'class' fund).

As for OTHER DIY projects,
Justin just made us a new address spot!

He drilled the rock out, cut and put the steel on the back of the numbers and drilled/glued them in place on the rock. He wanted it to have a 3D effect.

 I think it looks pretty good!

As for the other few projects, 
they've been minor ones.
A few months back I wanted to paint our door a red color.
I know a red door signifies something good, and uhhh not really sure
but I wanted something prettier than our plain Jane white door.
PLUS, it was looking rough.
I wish I had a before picture, but I don't.

Anyway, the new color is a deep red wine color.

Justin also made me the new front door hangy thing.
The letter K actually came from Hobby Lobby--
but Justin got some yellow and white chevron fabric, and made me the scrunchie-like hanger part of it.
You can't tell it's chevron really...but regardless, I love it!
Our plain, white door is now cute and colorful!

Oh, and notice that gold knocker?
Well, this picture doesn't show it--but it's engraved with our last name on it 'KNUTH' (Ka-Newt)--and the knocker is actually from Justin's DAD's house in Berlin, Germany.

It was one of only a few items that actually made it overseas after WWII.
So, it's pretty special to us :) (Btw, Justin's father's home was burned after the war to hide some of Hitler's SS info.)

ANYWAY--that's just a few things that are being done around here.
We have a LOT of future projects that are currently in progress...
Like, right now my flower beds are being tended to,
and I'm about to go outside and see if I can help clean some weeds.

I'm ready for MUMS and fall flowers soon!
Most of my summer flowers have done ok, but it's been hot and a lot had died...

stay tuned!
Baby posts, HOT MOM posts and more coming soon!
hope everyone is having a great weekend!


I love my little peacock I got at Emerald Gardens (my uncle's nursery on Hwy 71) He rocks and bends over to eat!
Also, Notice I need to clean my flower beds!?
new pics coming soon!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

week in Atlanta and then some

One would think a week in 'the country' would mean a little less hustle and bustle? No?

Well, my week in the sweet little corner of Northeast Texas was anything but slow and relaxing. It was good, don't get me wrong...but it was BUSY!

If you know my mother, then you know she rarely sits down. She has more energy than most women her age. She just MOVES.
So, we moved, A LOT! 

For all my friends that I love so much in the area, I apologize that I did not get in touch with y'all. But, I truly was busy and going until 9-10pm most nights.  My kids never even got into bed for their normal bedtimes.  

Anywho, let's start from the beginning.

Last weekend, before we left--my Mom was in Austin for a teacher's conference.  So for a rare occasion, we got to drive to Atlanta together from Austin.

We left Friday morning but not before Justin got to take us out Thursday night on the boat for some wake boarding and for dinner at Hula Hut. I still love HH! (even if it's a bit touristy)

Friday we got on the road for the long 6 hour drive and got into Atlanta in time for a evening swim with the boys and to have pizza with my extended family.

Saturday we spent the day with my grandparents at their home and then ended the night grilling burgers at my parents with my family and my cousin, Joshua, who was in town from Austin as well. He had a cycle race that weekend and ended up placing.  So, it was a bit of a celebration!

As for the week, it's a bit of a blur.  I got to visit my great uncle in the hospital who is going through radiation and chemo for cancer. I got to visit my papa a lot. I got my teeth cleaned and two cavities filled. (This is what happens when you're a dentist daughter) We also ended up going to the doctor twice (lucky for me it's my uncle) and having two different "house calls" for Kie.

Turns out, he has some bad allergic reaction to the mosquitoes in Atlanta. lol
Poor boy looked pretty rough for a good 5 days!

Justin even got to come down for the followingweekend--and we did some swimming and went out to Caddo.
I also got to see my sweet friend, Julie--and have a fun girl's night out!

In short tho, the week kinda FLEW by!
And same could be said for this past week---

Seriously, so much happens in a week!
It was my niece's SWEET 5th birthday and we got to spend a little time with her in Dallas before we drove back to Atlanta. It was so nice to see that sweet little girl.
And to think, she's the ONLY little girl we have among all our little boys!
She is a special one ;)

ALSO--This past week my cousin, Kaitlin, had her baby, Winslow---(Joshua's sister--mentioned above)
This has been something we have been anxiously waiting on!
She was over 40 weeks and READY for him to come!
Well, he made his debut finally and it was so worth it,
He is precious! And has her beautiful 'cat eyes'!
All went well with Baby and momma,
Winslow was a healthy 8lbs 1oz and 22" LONG little man!

love this picture of them!
Kait, Winslow and proud Papa Seth!
As for the rest of this week
I've been back at it with CG---
which means 5am wake ups and I'm trying my best to reel in my bad eating...
and yes, I WAS SO BAD in Atlanta.
I could NOT say no to fried fish and my Dad's cooking.
However, I was lucky I got to workout with my friend (and former Naval lady) Meagan--and that girl worked me out good while I was there.
On Wednesday, Justin and I had our first Sunday school meeting/training.
It was a bit long and Kix did NOT like being away from me in the nursery which makes leaving him that much harder.
BUT, I think he will get use to it sooner or later.

As for the next trainings, Justin and I may stagger them or go on different dates--
We do start our first Sunday school class tomorrow..
and I'm anxious and excited!

I spent this week calling the kiddos in my class--and inviting them to promotion Sunday.
I wrote out little cards, did their birthday charts/calendar for the year--and have done some Bible verse charts and got to do a few bulletins for the class.

It got me in the mode for our homeschooling lessons and so I started putting together some of our lesson charts and 'plans' for Kie.
We will be starting a pre-K curriculum next week.
Nothing fancy, but getting a bit of formal training in the ams.

Speaking of school,
Justin has been working VERY hard on my home school classroom.
He worked on it some while we were in Atlanta.
Lots of progress has been made--and we had the electrician come this past week to wire everything up!

enough rambling.
I'll post lots of pictures soon!

I've gotta wrap this up so I can get in bed and be ready for twenty little four year olds tomorrow!

until next time,

Monday, August 5, 2013

This and that...and GLUTTONY!

This past week I rarely saw J.
He was gone before I woke and got in close to midnight or so most evenings from work.
He is my "German workhorse"and never slows down.*
*I'm not looking for pity when I say Justin works a lot. He enjoys his work. We're blessed that he is in demand---and that he has work!

 I just like for my readers to understand that my normal life consists of a husband that isn't home much. So when he is HOME, I love it so!
For real, the wives that have husbands over seas, or working oil fields, railroads---or wives that have husbands that serve in the military, police force, troopers, firefighters, medics...those gals, they not only don't see their husbands---they also have to worry about them! God bless those strong women!

Anyway, I was looking forward to the weekend because after a long week I was ready for some help! lol
Because, let's be honest...
I love my husband and I like to spend time with him, but I more so needed a break.
On long days, when I'm tired and I'm tired of being disciplinarian all day or referee...I tell J that I need a 'mental break'. 

For a mental break, J takes the kids to Home Depot, or the auto parts store or just to run errands--sometimes I just clean the house. OR, I just sit and read for a few minutes alone.
Which is my ultimate fave. I appreciate those 'mental breaks!'

Regardless of not having J around much, it was a good week.
Me and the kiddos stayed busy.
Kie locked us in his room. (I'll tell that story on another post)
I read a good book called 'Among Murderers and Madness' about some crazy, CRAZY creepy things that happened in Atlanta in the early 90's... (more on this later).
And we played TONS outside on the trampoline.
The trampoline is in the shade (and enclosed by a net and padding) and we put two big fans on it so that the air is circulating and cool.
Kix jumps too! 
He holds on the side of the net and jumps.

As for this past weekend we ventured to IKEA.
That store, is a nightmare, to say the least. You cannot browse everything with kids.
All the carts, the people, the stuff!! I just wanted to zip in and out!
(They do have a daycare for kids there, but I'm not big on leaving my babies with people I don't know.)

Kie thought he could push Kix around in the umbrella stroller--and had a small freak out when I told him he couldn't. He truly thinks he is BIG.

In fact, when I went to grab him out of the car this morning after boot camp
he said,
"I have two feet to walk with." 
Aka, Mom I don't need you to hold me.

Justin also got to have sometime on the lake--and he was able to do three-360 blinds.
In other words, he jumps the wake--and while in the air, he spins backwards (the blind) and grabs the handle. 

I know the wake board talk is weird coming from me--but it's my husband's passion so I love it too.

This past weekend, Kie also had some swim lessons and we took it easy before church.
Sunday, like I mentioned--we had our Sunday School class.
We were kinda floating between two classes until we're in our official room for Promotion Sunday when the kids are promoted and change classes.

ALSO--I mentioned, I'd be doing a 28 Day Nutrition Challenge.
I debated about doing it because part of the challenge I would be in Atlanta.
There's not many places for me to get some great organic produce or protein while in there, but more so, I LOVE TO EAT when I'm in Atlanta! lol

I'm going to be foregoing Taco Re'al, Zapatas, Big Pines, Chicken Express, My Dad's amazing cooking...but, Oh well! I like a challenge. 

So, if you happen to see me with hush puppies or fried catfish in my hand---you have my permission to slap it out of my hand! ;)

The challenge commences this Wednesday--so until then, I've been like a pig prepping for slaughter. I've been STUFFING MYSELF!

Last night a lone I tried to have every one of my vices.
We went to Central Market for the Green Hatch Chile Festival.
I got the hatch chile mac-n-cheese (pasta, cheese and hotness!)
I also got some Mexican food and then ended the night with chocolate covered orange zest and a chocolate raspberry tres leches cupcake!

My gluttony is pretty disgusting!
OH, and Justin also found my favorite wine!
The label has changed over the years (and since I've been pregnant more often than not the past few years) I haven't been able to find it! 

So, I have today and tomorrow to have all my bad foods--then it is to CLEAN/healthy eating! (Pale0-like diet)

OH and today was my first day back to CG.
I was 3rd to last in everything.

Jordan (our trainer) timed us on us a workout circuit--and then at the end of the 4 weeks he re-times us to see how we've improved. Basically, I have no where else to go but UP! lol

Alright, happy Mondays my friends!
And to my teacher friends---enjoy yall's last few days!
Praying for yall!
And especially for one (new-ish) teacher that is especially close to me!  LOVE YOU!

Kie is trapped in a high chair and Kix is trapped under it.
This is how I get things done. No shame!
Post swim-lessons.
I asked for a smile...this is what Kie does. Omgosh, the TWOS!
last weekend
Kie at IKEA
My artist

This guy puts away the food with just his two teeth!
mac n cheese, sweet potatos, watermelon
SO full!
Hey, got my fruit in ;)
chocolate raspberry tres leches 
Kix loves looking at himself, I don't blame him.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

prayers answered and blessings!

Ah so much to fill in!

Last I left off--we had our wonderful vacation in Florida.
The week we got back, I played hostess to my niece and her friend who were driving cross country (from California to Georgia!) We spent a week with the two girls and it was so nice getting to know my niece.  She was such a sweet girl and such a talented artist! We really got to bond a lot and the girls were so kind and offered to watch the boys one night so that Justin and I could grab dessert downtown at Second Bar and Kitchen,

I really do hope we get to visit with Lexie again soon! (To know more about why they're driving across country check out their blog here!

After that week, I had another week of sorting and unpacking our lives before my family came in for Kix's baby dedication.
That week alone was filled with some awesome things!
Friday night we went to another Express game and watched the fireworks (love those games and so do the boys!)
Saturday, mom and I spent the day shopping with Kix.
Later that evening, the whole family went to County Line in the Hill Country for great food and to catch a beautiful sunset over the hills.

As for Sunday--it was such a blessing to have my parents, our great friends and Joshua for such a special time!

My prayer is that Kix grows to walk with the Lord early on in life.
That he becomes a great man of God, a leader for Him and a light in this world.
I'm so excited to watch my boys grow in a church home that puts the children's ministry as priority!!

I just feel so very grateful to have such a great place that I can go and worship God so freely with so many other amazing Christian brothers and sisters!

As for our church, God has answered my prayers.
I've been wanting to serve more and get more involved with our church. 
God opened up a door.... Justin and I will be teaching Sunday School now with the 4 and 5 year olds!

We started this Sunday :) It was so much fun and I met so many amazing men and women of God.
I felt like it was such an ease and I love that my boys also have great nursery and Sunday school classes to grow in!

I'm also excited to see where God will take us this year. I just want Him to use us in anyway He sees fit!

And, it also melted my heart to see Justin with all the kids.
He may seem like a hard shell on the outside, but that man is so great with kids.
He gets on the floor and plays and plays!
He was so loving and kind with them.
I'm so happy God has blessed us so to be used by Him! 
Thank you God!

I also have some exciting work related news going on--
I recently am taking on a pretty big job--(from home) and it was an opportunity that just fell in my lap!
I definitely think God is the one that opened this door!

As for life this week, I'm gearing up to head out to Atlanta for a week with the boys! 
My Mom will be in Austin this Tuesday with her teachers for a conference then I head home with her Friday...for a week!

We have a lot going on this August (really this entire Fall season) so I'm anxious for us to get on a schedule.

Basically, this is our last little hoorah before I get busy with work, hosting family every other weekend, football season and boot camp resumes tomorrow and I'm also starting the 28 Nutrition Challenge this Wednesday!

We also are prepping for Promotion Sunday at the end of August---which means Justin and I will 'be on our own' in some sense with our new class! All in all, an exciting time!

Alright, well I'm wrapping this up because I have a 5am wake up call and I'm nervous because it's been A MONTH since I've done boot camp!

Pretty sure I will puke tomorrow! (
ps, stay tuned! I'm doing my HYDRO BODY FAT TEST Wednesday! And I'm getting back on the OPERATION HOT MOM train!

Be ready for my 'reality check' post!

Until next time,

I cut Kie's hair again! I think I'm getting pretty good at it! 

trying to capture a great sunset photo 

Love them all!  

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