Saturday, August 24, 2013

week in Atlanta and then some

One would think a week in 'the country' would mean a little less hustle and bustle? No?

Well, my week in the sweet little corner of Northeast Texas was anything but slow and relaxing. It was good, don't get me wrong...but it was BUSY!

If you know my mother, then you know she rarely sits down. She has more energy than most women her age. She just MOVES.
So, we moved, A LOT! 

For all my friends that I love so much in the area, I apologize that I did not get in touch with y'all. But, I truly was busy and going until 9-10pm most nights.  My kids never even got into bed for their normal bedtimes.  

Anywho, let's start from the beginning.

Last weekend, before we left--my Mom was in Austin for a teacher's conference.  So for a rare occasion, we got to drive to Atlanta together from Austin.

We left Friday morning but not before Justin got to take us out Thursday night on the boat for some wake boarding and for dinner at Hula Hut. I still love HH! (even if it's a bit touristy)

Friday we got on the road for the long 6 hour drive and got into Atlanta in time for a evening swim with the boys and to have pizza with my extended family.

Saturday we spent the day with my grandparents at their home and then ended the night grilling burgers at my parents with my family and my cousin, Joshua, who was in town from Austin as well. He had a cycle race that weekend and ended up placing.  So, it was a bit of a celebration!

As for the week, it's a bit of a blur.  I got to visit my great uncle in the hospital who is going through radiation and chemo for cancer. I got to visit my papa a lot. I got my teeth cleaned and two cavities filled. (This is what happens when you're a dentist daughter) We also ended up going to the doctor twice (lucky for me it's my uncle) and having two different "house calls" for Kie.

Turns out, he has some bad allergic reaction to the mosquitoes in Atlanta. lol
Poor boy looked pretty rough for a good 5 days!

Justin even got to come down for the followingweekend--and we did some swimming and went out to Caddo.
I also got to see my sweet friend, Julie--and have a fun girl's night out!

In short tho, the week kinda FLEW by!
And same could be said for this past week---

Seriously, so much happens in a week!
It was my niece's SWEET 5th birthday and we got to spend a little time with her in Dallas before we drove back to Atlanta. It was so nice to see that sweet little girl.
And to think, she's the ONLY little girl we have among all our little boys!
She is a special one ;)

ALSO--This past week my cousin, Kaitlin, had her baby, Winslow---(Joshua's sister--mentioned above)
This has been something we have been anxiously waiting on!
She was over 40 weeks and READY for him to come!
Well, he made his debut finally and it was so worth it,
He is precious! And has her beautiful 'cat eyes'!
All went well with Baby and momma,
Winslow was a healthy 8lbs 1oz and 22" LONG little man!

love this picture of them!
Kait, Winslow and proud Papa Seth!
As for the rest of this week
I've been back at it with CG---
which means 5am wake ups and I'm trying my best to reel in my bad eating...
and yes, I WAS SO BAD in Atlanta.
I could NOT say no to fried fish and my Dad's cooking.
However, I was lucky I got to workout with my friend (and former Naval lady) Meagan--and that girl worked me out good while I was there.
On Wednesday, Justin and I had our first Sunday school meeting/training.
It was a bit long and Kix did NOT like being away from me in the nursery which makes leaving him that much harder.
BUT, I think he will get use to it sooner or later.

As for the next trainings, Justin and I may stagger them or go on different dates--
We do start our first Sunday school class tomorrow..
and I'm anxious and excited!

I spent this week calling the kiddos in my class--and inviting them to promotion Sunday.
I wrote out little cards, did their birthday charts/calendar for the year--and have done some Bible verse charts and got to do a few bulletins for the class.

It got me in the mode for our homeschooling lessons and so I started putting together some of our lesson charts and 'plans' for Kie.
We will be starting a pre-K curriculum next week.
Nothing fancy, but getting a bit of formal training in the ams.

Speaking of school,
Justin has been working VERY hard on my home school classroom.
He worked on it some while we were in Atlanta.
Lots of progress has been made--and we had the electrician come this past week to wire everything up!

enough rambling.
I'll post lots of pictures soon!

I've gotta wrap this up so I can get in bed and be ready for twenty little four year olds tomorrow!

until next time,

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