Sunday, August 21, 2011

oh self portraits

 I rarely have pictures of myself since I'm the one behind the camera.  Nevertheless, I decided to have a little fun in front of the web cam.  I was home and ready to go on our mini vacay--and Justin was running late from work so I killed some time... enjoy!!  Because I took it back to the good ole days of MYSPACE.  I decided to do the cutesy faces all the cool kids do.
Luckily in the end Kie decided to join me and makes the pictures a lot better.  
You'll be able to tell when he had enough of our mother/son photo opt!
You know I'm from the ATL Yall!

over the shoulder
nom nom nom
I'd prefer if you let me nibble on your fingers, mom!

move over ma, trying to type here.
Kie mastered his Blue Steel face

Come back for the next post about our awesome family getaway in a hidden oasis! 

Until next time,

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