Saturday, October 4, 2014

Life lately, it's Fall!

I haven't posted the ins and outs of life lately.
Things have been going well since Fall began!
I love Fall. It's by far my favorite season.
Football starts, the weather gets cooler, we spend more time outdoors...jeans and scarves. You know, the usual stuff people like about Fall.

I also have Kie in MDO, on Tuesday and Thursdays. It runs from 9-2pm. It is perfect time because it's not too early, and gives me just enough time to spend some quality time with Kix and get a lot done. Having one baby, means most everything gets done. Kie loves going to his 'school'. Plus it's so close we can walk to it. We haven't yet because it's still been too warm but once the weather dips into the 70s and lower we will be walking.

At home, Kix plays nicely alone and I don't have to play referee.
 Boys will be boys and there's lot of rough and tumbles between those two when they're together.

That said, I get dinner started usually (prepped) and clean the house while Kix naps. Before that we usually run errands and do 3.6 miles around Town lake, by far my the best part of the day (besides picking Kie up from school). You can't beat a cool breeze off the lake and beautiful mother nature!
Kix definitely misses having Kie in the double stroller but I bring toys and snacks to entertain.

I have a love for Town lake because I forget I'm in the city. It's just so much nature all around. But it does have the urban sneaks and peeks. I also like that I don't have to deal with cars and traffic. You have miles and miles of beautiful, no car trail.

Which brings to my new update. Since I'm not lifting weights for awhile, I am resuming my running. I am not going to be doing long, long distances like I was a few years ago. But, just build myself up to a few miles. 

I have a knee that aches on occasion from a bad ski accident so I am going to be nice to my knee. If it hurts, I'll stop running and get back to cycling or introduce more yoga.

I do enjoy running and have missed it because I love that runner's high you get. It's very addicting.
I got it yesterday night after a short but fast run, and I was like 'Oh yes, this is why I like this!' 

Anyway, last week (or was it two?) was my birthday. I am now 28. I still feel 22, but I am guessing I'm nearing 30.
I am not worried about aging.
If God let's me get old, then I welcome it.
Being a mom with two little boys, 3 and under means I get gray hair and wrinkle lines.
I will take it! I am blessed and grateful for them.
So with my nearing 30, and not 20....I vow to keep being healthier. And working on making better choices. (Less chips and salsa and more veggies!)

That said, today officially feels like Fall. It is cool out, I have all my pumpkins and mums everywhere. And the screen door is open :)

Justin was a real sweetheart and did ALL my chores for me this morning before work.
So I'm able to sit down and write a bit.
Also, we are waiting on my parent's to get in. Another reason I love this time of year.

They are here for the UT game (oh Baylor don't beat us up too bad!) and that means J and I get a date night!

Anyway, my little break is running here is some pictures! Enjoy.

Until next time,
best daddy :)

Dancing at Casa Maria's
AH, swoon. This man still makes my heart flutter.
Running wild!
So beautiful out

loving our Fall flowers
Pumpkins galore
cool Fall evening

Justin welded us a place to put up Kie and Kix's art work

Art by Kie!

We love our pumpkins!

J has the best green thumb

Feeling so grateful for everything these days :)
Suish from Central Market with Kix. Double avocado roll
Starting October off with my coffee in my pumpkin mug
Saw Dr. Lisa this month. Loving Clear Point Wellness

Gluten free cookie dough, the best!
Kix, the Cat

Saw my beautiful friend, Cait 

Morning hair, measuring his pumpkin

Gorgeous Fall day in Austin
New trees Justin got for me :)
Yummy Sketti
Sleeping baby after church
Walking with Brittany at Town Lake
B & Lily Pad
Parent Night out, spent it at Broken Spoke!
James White, owner and founder of the Broken Spoke

Me and George Strait, hanging out at the Honky Tonk

Dinner at Hyde Park 
Birthday presents from my boys with SPIDERS. I'm a boy mom.

Before the monsoon hit Austin

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