Thursday, December 30, 2010

Halley's Highlights of 2010

Wow, tomorrow is the END of 2010!
 Like I've said before...
"It's crazy what a year can do!"

2010 was by far THE best year of our lives.
  And I am posting why it has been....our top 10 moments!

1. I graduated from the University of Texas
with my bachelor's of science in radio-television and film.

2. Justin and I went on our first real vacation together in Breckenridge.
It was amazing and it showed us both that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.
Justin and I both love the outdoors and snow.  And we both have family in Colorado so it was the 
perfect vacation of fun, snow, romance and family.

3.  We got engaged!

 It was on the lake--one of our favorite places of them all! And so very romantic.  It was in a lagoon area --there was a full moon and swans swimming around.  I felt like Ariel the mermaid (when she was with Eric and she had legs) I was wondering when Sebastian would pop up to start singing "Kiss the Girl."

4.  We got pregnant!

4. We got MARRIED in Cabo San Lucas!

5.  We went to Kaitlin and Seth's wedding
--and Justin got to meet a lot of my extended family. Plus, it was a beautiful event full of so much love.

6. We found out we were having a BOY! AND--we had our baby shower!
We were so excited! (Thus began decorating the nursery!)

7. We went to the Cowboy's training camp and celebrated my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary!

8. We went to Nikki and Colt's wedding!
Another beautiful event full of love, family and fun!

By far the most important day this year!!
And what a crazy, CRAZY experience it was!

Life altering experience!

We're soooo in love with our sweet little son!!!

We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a family!
(I had to add those two together!)

Alright, that's 
Halley's Highlights of 2010!

Tomorrow night we're having great friends over for board games and fun!
Can't wait to post about it AND my New Year's resolutions!
Please share your resolutions with me! I'd love to hear em!


(Me and Justin last New Year's---Downtown at the Long Center!)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas and Last Week of 2010

Christmas was a crazy whirlwind!  

I never realized how special and wonderful the holidays could be once you have your own child!

(I'm able to blog right now because my sweet husband is holding our precious baby in the recliner right now.)

I got to spend a week in Atlanta with my family before Christmas.  Kie and I were spoiled! So many aunts, grandparents and cousins wanting to help out and hold the baby allowed some ME time.  I was able to get my hair cut, colored...a much needed mani/pedi and even a massage! I was in Heaven! (It was also part of my Christmas present from my wonderful parents.) Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed that time with family & friends.

Also everyone thinks Kie looks just like his daddy.  Which he does.  He's a spitting image of his father!  I'm sure people question what I had to do with him--other than the 16 hours of labor ha!

Once Justin got into town (he had to stay in Austin until right before Christmas due to work) we had our first date night. It was needed and actually pretty romantic.  Though, I was paranoid about being away from Kie so long.  I made sure to pump two bottles for him and he was in great hands with his grandparents.  

Justin and I went to Jefferson for dinner at Lamaches and then for a drink at Auntie Skinner's.  And as much as I TRIED to be the fun girl I use to be...but it's hard getting out of mommy mode.  

I have literally changed SO much.  My thoughts are strictly of my son.  And yes, I still try to pamper my husband.  But it's so easy to get caught up on the baby.  So I was trying to make that night strictly about Justin. 

(To mommies-to-be, or women wanting a baby--beware!  Your spouse may be your world NOW but once a baby is in it, it's hard to pull yourself away from your baby and give time to your partner and for yourself!)  

I'm sure once Kie is older I will feel better about being away from him....but I don't know.  Even when he's in the same room with me, I can't keep my eyes off him.  Anyway, the night went so great....and it was really special to have the night to ourselves and to focus on all the great changes that have happened from last Christmas to the current one.  I miss dating' my husband.  

Back to Christmas....
Justin spoiled me this year.  Even though we talked about not having a big Christmas.  I guess this is our last year really to splurge on one another since the next Christmases will be all about Kie, since this year he wasn't so aware of Santa and such.

Though really this Christmas was all about Kie...
He was the center of attention at all our families homes!
He also got some great presents from his grandparents and from Santa.

Anyway, I'm AMAZED how fast this year has flown by!

Last December I graduated from the University of Texas!
This December married with a baby!

I'm hoping I can find time to make a post of Halley's HIGHLIGHTS of 2010....
but for now I gotta run!

Aunt Kait and Kie
Big Daddy and Kie

Grandmother and Kie
date night!

Friday, December 17, 2010

In a blink

Growing up so fast!
Life is going by so fast! Forgive me for not blogging.  I rarely have the time to brush my hair much less get on the computer these days.  Anyway, things have been going great.

Kie is growing so fast!  I want him to stay young forever.  Tho, I am excited to watch him grow.  He is learning so much, I can see it all in his little face.  (So many new facial expressions, responding to different stimulating things and of course staying awake and so alert during the day!) So mommy has been a good mommy and is SPENDING time with  that means laundry/dishes and showers get put on the back burner.

Last week Justin and I had our own Christmas because this year we are going to Atlanta.  I will be leaving a week early to spend time with my family and for them to all meet Kie.  Justin and my brother will be leaving later this week once they get off work.
--  Dad is picking me up this Saturday (tomorrow) and we are driving to Dallas to meet my new nephew David Archer and for him to meet his new cousin, Kie. Also for Kie to meet his big cousin Amelia! (2 years old) It's an exciting year for our family.  Two new Princess Amelia means we have three babies in our family.  And what is better than a baby? Nothing!

So anyways me and Justin exchanged gifts last weekend because this weekend I'm leaving and he is working.  I got some great gifts and I know he liked his.  Especially his new cowboy boots.  And, I may add...he looks great in them!  I never saw the day that my Californian, wake-boarding, scub-diving, jumping out of plane man would be wearing big ole TEXAS boots.  He looks like he may have turned Texan officially.

Last Sunday was also a big day for us because we ventured to church.  Our first church service with Kie.  He actually went to the service because he is too young for the nursery (not 6 weeks yet.)  He was so cute in his little outfit, sleeping in his car seat.  He stayed awake for a lot of the service and then when we sang "Silent Night" he appropriately fell asleep soo sweet!

After church we were  excited to go to our Sunday School party at Penney and Jerry's.   We hadn't been to church since Kie was born and it was so nice to see everyone!  And it was a White Elephant party so watching everyone open their gifts and steal them was hilarious.

Justin's chewed gum fridge magnets were a hit. (Or so he thought!)  The guys had to get guy gifts, girls get girl gifts. (Under $5).  So when Justin spotted this gag gift he knew he had to buy it for the party.  Embarrassingly enough, when all the presents were passed out and exchanged...everyone wanted to know where the odd chewed gum magnets came from.  Justin proudly raised his hand!

The party was filled with all the holiday fixings and great desserts and even better company.  I feel so blessed to finally find a great church home.

Here are some pictures from the event.  Which are all from Jerry Malcolm's camera. (Thanks Jerry!)
Party Pics!

Justin and I feel very blessed and gracious.  Life is so peaceful now.  Being a true family, with a son has opened our eyes and hearts so much to many things.  Our lives have meaning and a wonderful purpose.

Justin proves daily how great of an example of a man he is to our son.  Though Kie may be too young to notice now, I'm excited for him to learn from his father.  His dedication and patience is such a great reminder to me on a daily basis how blessed I truly am.  (Sappy, I know!)  But I can't help but just reflect on the positive things this time of season.

Also, all my praying and studying of great books like Love and Respect and doing the The Love Dare has showed me the way I need to love, in the way Christ loves the church.

I'm by NO means perfect and I guess that's why I am so grateful, because an imperfect person like myself is able to have true JOY due to God's love and mercy which  is an amazing feeling.

Anyway--this week Justin and I have been cherishing our time together--and with Kie before this weekend rounds out. Tonight we're going to dinner together (and of course w/baby) and then to 37th street to look at the famous light display.  Then I'm heading to Dallas tomorrow!

It's going to be a great Christmas with so much family.  I can't wait! (Especially can't wait to see you Kait and Seth!) I also can't wait to see what Santa will bring Baby (because he has been one good lil boy--regardless of the nights he keeps me up!)

Gotta wrap this up because there's lots of packing to be done while Kie is don't realize the AMOUNT of things you need for a baby until you have to go somewhere.  Diapers, wipes, blankets, spit-up blankets, onesies, nice clothes, socks, beanies, car seat, stroller, toys, boppy, breast pump, bottles, towels...etc!  So much for such a little man!

Hopefully I'll find some time to blog some while I'm home in Atlanta. IF not, there will be a post AFTER Christmas.

Lots of love and Happy Holidays!!!


Baby Kie playing with his Christmas gift from his Oma

Kie is little small for his bouncy toy, but he still wanted to try it out!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas is upon us!

I feel Christmas is in the air!  Our house is officially ALL decorated...lights on the house, Santa's and snowmen everywhere, Poinsettia's galore, tree up and presents underneath!  Last Thursday we had our friends over for Christmas cookies, pizza (yea for no cleaning dishes!) and watching The Office.  Of course my husband was working until the sun went down--catching time with him during the work week is basically non-existent.  It's ok, I have gotten use to it.  Besides, it gives me and Kie time to play most of the day and wait till last minute to finish up dinner and cleaning house before Dad is home.

Friday night Justin and I had a quite night in with Baby--and Saturday we had Haley, Dan and Scarlett (the little 4 year old I use to nanny) come over.  They hadn't met Kie and it was so nice to see them.  I definitely felt like the Brust family as a second family for me.  And to see Scarlett such a big 4 year old, compared to tiny Kie was fun.  They also had lots of goodies for him!

Then later that night we had our friends Shon and Nicholette come over.  They had yet to meet Kie too, due to Shon being sick.  Shon and Nic are Kie's adopted Uncle and Aunt!  They have been looking forward to meeting baby since the day we found out we were pregnant.

Nicholette was a natural with Kie and held him the entire night!  At first it was hard to let someone else hold Kie for so long, but I got use to it.  It was nice to sit on the couch and enjoy our friend's company in our own home.  They also brought Kie some precious festive outfits from Baby Gap (pictures to come!) and some delicious wine.  And usually I rather pass a glass of wine (especially since I'm nursing) but also because I'm very picky about wines.  But this one was just perfect!  I want to get a case or two for Christmas to bring home.  It's called Raza Argentina, it's a Dolce sparkling white wine.  It's so good and so light! Justin also made delicious, big Texas burgers with Swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms!  Way better than any burger at any given restaurant.  

Sunday, Justin spent it Christmas shopping.  So me and Kie stayed home and watched Christmas movies on TV while he was out running errands.  Also Amanda came over to see me while her husband and mine worked.

Basically we've just been entertaining our friends that come over this past week--and I'm excited to see some more friends tonight, Justin's friend, Brett and his wife.  Justin use to wakeboard a lot with Brett.  I love having people over during the holiday season because our house is decorated and smelling of Pine Spruce trees and mistletoe (thanks to great candles from Hobby Lobby!)

Also life with baby is great!  Generally days consist of early morning feedings starting around 4am till 6 am.  Then we generally take a nap around 6:30am (when Daddy leaves for work).  And we sleep till nearly 8am (this is when momma gets her sleep in).  And from then on the day consists of lots of feedings (cluster feeds--every 2 hours) and dirty diapers.  And of course changes of clothes! (We have so many that I want him to wear that it's ok!)  Then we usually take a 30-60 minute walk to a store or grocery store for items we need for dinner or just to look around.  Of course we are all bundled up and we love riding around in the stroller, as long as Momma doesn't stop and look at something too long.  If we're moving we're doing good!  Then we return home to do a feeding before Daddy gets home and maybe take a quick nap so mom can clean house/throw on some makeup...and perhaps change her top because chances are there is milk, spit up or maybe a bit of teetee on it.  And if mom is really lucky she may get dinner started.  

I feel like I'm a single mom from about 12-1am to 6:30-7pm.  Not to say my husband isn't helpful with Kie.  He goes ABOVE and BEYOND.  But, I like for him to sleep at night because he works ALL day long.  So Justin will take the first night shift with Kie (meaning he'll get up with him until his feeding to change diaper/hold him) but after that I TRY not to let the baby wake him and I have him the rest of the night.  There are SOME nights when I let Justin get up for another one of the diaper changes.  But once Justin leaves at 6:30 am or so for work, I have Baby until he gets home which is well after 6pm.  And if he works on side work then sometimes the nights go to 8-8:30 pm.  Which leaves VERY little mommy and daddy time.  

Either way, motherhood is a blessing!  And I love and respect how hard J it's ok that he is gone during the work week...we always make up for time on the weekends.  Being a mommy means you work full time and over time.  Luckily it's a job that comes with lots of love, slobbery smiles and coo's!  And I feel so fortunate my little man is such a lover baby.  He loves cuddling with his mommy.  I definitely am a person that is NOT at all lazy (I always have the house spotless, clothes cleaned/folded/baby bathed and even will walk all over Austin in a stroller just to keep busy) I'm a self claimed busy body-- BUT the thing I love MOST in my days is when I get a chance to lay down in our big bed with Kie curled up with me.  I wish I could lay there forever, but the OCD side kicks in and makes me get up to dust/clean...

Maybe that will subside soon and I'll be able to cherish those moments of big blue eye balls and flailing baby arms instead of dashing to do dirty dishes and dust!

Also we sent off ALL our Christmas cards this week--excited for friends and family to see our lil Angel!  

Oh yes, last night (funny moment) when we put Kie to bed...he laid in his pack & play talking/cooing for an hour.  Since he was so loud and talkative we had to take him out of our room since Justin couldn't sleep.  That makes the second night we've had to remove our BABY from our room for being so talkative (not crying!).  Of course, me being Mother Hen, went to sleep with him in another room.  I just think it's so funny that he's such a talker! 

Speaking of, I'm going to go rescue my lil man from his pack and play and love on him some before we go on our daily walking adventure!  Today we're checking out Christmas lights in the surrounding neighborhoods.

PS, this blog was started a few days ago---just takes me so much time to blog these days.  

Until the next sparing moments....

lots of love!

Mad at mommy

Grumpy I stuffed him in his car seat!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Feeling blessed

I'm just feeling extra thankful and thought I'd share!

Also, today I feel so good because I went for a long walk with Baby and we got some great stocking stuffers!

God has really been working in my heart lately about a lot of things and I feel so happy and grateful that my heart feels like it may burst.  Everyday my love grows more and more for Him, my husband and of course my baby!  I feel so very blessed to be a mommy.  I never knew how satisfied and fulfilled I could feel taking care of Kie.

I wish I could package this feeling and give it to people!

Well I'm going to go read some in my book (Love & Respect) while Kie is napping.

And then to start baking for my friends to come over tonight, Amanda and Warren! I love them!

Such a funny picture, Kie fell asleep in a ball on the couch.  Wearing his sweet infant gown.

Does it seem my husband have the biggest hands in the world?


Until next time <3

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week Review

Well our Thanksgiving was great (minus Texas losing).  Justin and I had our own little family Thanksgiving. Mainly because my doctor told me it's too soon for me to be in the car to go home 6 hours--my incision still is not healed.  And also Kie is so small so we didn't want him around so many people/family until he's got his 6 weeks shots.

We made EVERYTHING for our own Thanksgiving! Dressing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, turkey, pumpkin pie, etc!  I was super impressed, considering we both never cooked our own holiday meal.  We didn't skip out--even with it being just the two of us.  It was so delicious and I ate leftovers for days!! 

This year, like most years...I have so much to be thankful for.

Especially for my sweet, patient, generous, hard-working, handsome husband. Together we're a great team.  He always refers to us as a team and I think it's a great way to understand how a marriage should work.  And since I'm a very sports associated person this analogy works out great.

Justin is my best friend and rock. He works very hard for us.  And like I've always mentioned before, he's the hardest working, least lazy man I know.  He works over 80 hours a week, comes home to help me around the house and stays up at night to help me with the baby and gets everything I want and need (for baby included.)

And since I've been banned from driving....Justin has been my errand man too.

I'm so grateful for him. God really does have His hand in things, doesn't He?

I'm also so grateful for my amazing family.  I've got some wonderful parents.  They've been down to Austin every weekend since Kie has been born.  And having grandmother here to help me out and show me the ropes, has really helped! Plus Kie loves his grandmother and his Big Daddy.

Since Thanksgiving we have been getting everything out for Christmas! Our tree is up and decorated (pictures to come soon).  Presents under the tree and Christmas shopping nearly done.  I have gag gifts to do and figure out.  Every year our family does gag gifts with little poems.  They can be silly gifts like a bag full of cat hair to something nice.  But usually the poems that go before the present are the funniest because you're trying to guess what the gift is.  And also, the gifts are tailored to each person.  So it's fun to see what your family thinks is fitting for you.

As for daily life around here
.... has been consisting of feedings for baby every two hours (which means little sleep for momma).  Lots of dirty diapers and new changes of clothes :) But I love it.  Being a mommy is hard at times--mainly just the lack of sleep.  But just holding my baby, kissing and cuddling him all day is so nice.  And I'm so thankful Justin works so hard so that I can be a SAHM.
Usually at nights, Kie eats around 6:30-7pm. Then he eats again at 9:30-10pm. And Justin will take the first "shift".  He will sleep with Kie until he wakes up for his next feeding...around 12am.  If we get off schedule sometimes during the day, then I usually know I have around 2 hours between feedings.  (Unless he is really hungry or didn't feed well previously).  After Justin's shift he retires to bed, where I then start the night shift of sleeping on the couch with the baby.

Kie has his own little bed that I lay on the couch and he nurses with me--then I TRY to put him down.  Sometimes successful, sometimes not.  We usually get up again at 2am, then 4-4:30am...and feed until Dad gets up at 6!

so yes, very little sleep but it's worth it.

Right now my sweet little angel is sleeping on the couch in his precious little infant gown.  Ahh! Babies with diapers on and cute little clothes just melt my heart. 

Usually Kie has to be held at all times.  He loves being nestled!  I hope he is going to be a big cuddle bug because his dad isn't so much and it would be nice to have someone to snuggle with.  

Also yesterday me and Kie took a very long walk --Kie in the stroller--to Borders, to get some books.
I got the Love Dare and Love & Respect.  Both Christian books.  Just because here lately with so much time spent with the baby...I need to remember my husband as well.  So I got the books to help me keep him first as well.  

I'll be posting how the books are and how the Love Dare is going.
I'm just on Day 1 and already I'm worried I won't do good! --It's about saying nothing negative for the day.  And often times I find myself complaining so I need to work on this!  I really like all the verses they put in the book. I need to study these verses and brand them into my brain so I can pull them out to remind me to bite my tongue at times.
Here's a good one I'll leave you with!

"See that no one repays another with evil for evil, but always seeks after that which is good for one another." (1 Thessalonians 5:15)

I love this verse, because often times when someone wrongs you or hurts you (disappoints you etc.) then we tend to say or do something hurtful, disrespectful or defensive in return.  I know I do this a lot!  And I really need to just keep quiet if I have nothing nice to say.  I know I am going to need to pray a lot to be better about this.

Anyway I'm going to try and get something to eat quickly before Kie is up for his next feeding.

Lots of Love,


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nearly 3 weeks

Short update!

In less than 3 weeks I'm OFFICIALLY (by Doc's scales) down 20 lbs! (gotta love the breast feeding!)

I've got about 30 to go! (which is fine because it took me about 9-10 months to gain it!) 

I am giving myself a year to get my muscle tone back.
And I have an additional 3 weeks of no exercising/no driving/no...anything.....

stinking c-section!

sorry for bad resolution! It's a webcam shot

Today is my parent's 25th wedding anniversary!
 Happy Anniversary to them!
I love you both so very much and SO very grateful for my amazing parents.  I would be lost and hopeless without them.  I hope and pray to be half as good of parents as they are!

Onto other random rambles,

I am having Thanksgiving at home with just me, Baby and Justin--since Kie is too young to be around many people still and I can't be in a car for so many hours just yet.

SO that means I will be cooking my FIRST Thanksgiving dinner (with a lot of help from Justin!) and it's our first married-with-baby Turkey day as well!


Baby Kie seriously talks all the time! Not just crying but literally gurgles, grunts and makes noises. Even our pediatrician was amazed how vocal he is... (just like momma!)

Kie also loves to be held and nursed....24/7--if he has it his way. Which he often does!
which just means...I get nothing done around the house.  It drives me insane at times...but I'm learning to cope!  I guess the dirty dishes and dust will always be there tomorrow.

Well I'd post more but I'm multi-tasking now with baby on me nursing!

Until the next free moment!

HK & Kie

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shutterfly's Holiday Promotion!!

So I had to share this great promotion with Shutterfly with my readers because this IS the season to share with friends and family how life has been going for you this year!

Plus Shutterfly has some great stuff for presents!  I had used their site to make some original Valentine gifts a year or two ago.  I made this really cute keepsake box with a picture on the front.  I loved it!  I am wanting to make something for Justin's mom with a picture of our sweet baby.  Maybe a mug or even a book of photos?

Or even this adorable Christmas ornament! Perfect for new additions ;) Or family pets!
Ah! I think I found the rest of our Christmas presents!
I am going to use the promotion for some baby announcements!
I'm excited to pick out the details for them!
There are some really cute options!
I'm still debating if we should just do regular baby announcements or do our Christmas cards?
What do yall suggest?
I'm including all the links to make your own gifts, cards or calendars!

·         Christmas cards to
·         holiday photo cards to   
·         upload pictures to
·         calendars to  
·         Hanukkah cards to
·         Choose your favorite product from our Cards & Stationery page

I will post our HOLIDAY Baby announcements once I create them! 

Hope yall enjoy Shutterfly as much as I do.

It's great for last minute gifts

Until next time,

happy creating ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life now minus belly

Happy 2 weeks baby Kie!
(no I won't be wishing him a 'happy how many weeks' every week, but I am just amazed how time is flying by!) Slow down!!! I want my baby to forever stay a baby!

The picture above was one of my last pregnancy photos.  It was on Justin's birthday (just a few days before Kie arrived!)  

I am going to post after body pictures soon (for motivation). BEWARE! ;)

Though I really won't be able to fully exercise for 3 months! (No ab workouts at least until then.)

ANYWAY, in 14 days I've lost 17 lbs.  Strictly breast feeding!

Whoo hoo! That's a lil over a lb a day!

I do miss my big round belly, it looked so good compared to my deflated (no muscle) belly.

So me and Kie have had a productive day.

My OCD crazy self had to clean the entire house (minus cleaning floors/vacuuming since that is a bit more strenuous.)

And no, my wonderful husband doesn't expect me to clean.  But I am crazy about being organized and CLEAN!  I sleep better knowing my house is put together and smelling of Pin-Sol and Pledge.  No worries, I make sure baby is far away from cleaning fumes! 

Also, last night Baby Kie slept alone from 1:40am to 5:30 am! He slept in his pack n' play beside our bed--and not in our arms!-- So that meant, the first time in 2 weeks me and Justin got to share a bed together! I missed cuddling with him :) And on these cold nights I've been missing having a warm body near me.  Yes Baby is usually with me or Justin, but I am usually sleeping sitting up on couch or in recliner.

Well, I am actually cooking dinner --Shrimp Gumbo-- tonight for the first night since we had Kie. 

So I gotta get to that!

Until next time,

Momma and Baby

Daddy saying Happy 2 weeks!

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