Thursday, December 30, 2010

Halley's Highlights of 2010

Wow, tomorrow is the END of 2010!
 Like I've said before...
"It's crazy what a year can do!"

2010 was by far THE best year of our lives.
  And I am posting why it has been....our top 10 moments!

1. I graduated from the University of Texas
with my bachelor's of science in radio-television and film.

2. Justin and I went on our first real vacation together in Breckenridge.
It was amazing and it showed us both that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.
Justin and I both love the outdoors and snow.  And we both have family in Colorado so it was the 
perfect vacation of fun, snow, romance and family.

3.  We got engaged!

 It was on the lake--one of our favorite places of them all! And so very romantic.  It was in a lagoon area --there was a full moon and swans swimming around.  I felt like Ariel the mermaid (when she was with Eric and she had legs) I was wondering when Sebastian would pop up to start singing "Kiss the Girl."

4.  We got pregnant!

4. We got MARRIED in Cabo San Lucas!

5.  We went to Kaitlin and Seth's wedding
--and Justin got to meet a lot of my extended family. Plus, it was a beautiful event full of so much love.

6. We found out we were having a BOY! AND--we had our baby shower!
We were so excited! (Thus began decorating the nursery!)

7. We went to the Cowboy's training camp and celebrated my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary!

8. We went to Nikki and Colt's wedding!
Another beautiful event full of love, family and fun!

By far the most important day this year!!
And what a crazy, CRAZY experience it was!

Life altering experience!

We're soooo in love with our sweet little son!!!

We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a family!
(I had to add those two together!)

Alright, that's 
Halley's Highlights of 2010!

Tomorrow night we're having great friends over for board games and fun!
Can't wait to post about it AND my New Year's resolutions!
Please share your resolutions with me! I'd love to hear em!


(Me and Justin last New Year's---Downtown at the Long Center!)

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