Wednesday, December 7, 2011

sneaky sneak peek!

So I just had to share these precious photos of my handsome man, Mr. Timothy Kie.

And a big round of applause goes to 
Cristi Allday Hoyt!
She was so fantastic to help us get some pictures done before Christmas!!
Cristi met us BRIGHT and early the day after Thanksgiving...
(when the rest of the world was still asleep in a food coma!) 
And Cristi was so great with Kie!
Of course she is a natural, since she is a sweet momma to Harper.
She had such a soothing voice, lots of fun toys and funny faces and noises to help Kie get comfortable in front of the camera.

Also, she was great at spotting good locations to capture us!
We had a small disadvantage because it was super foggy the morning of our session--yet she was able to work around Mother Nature!

Cristi also helped ME feel comfortable around the camera.
Preferably, I rather be BEHIND it--but Cristi was relaxed and it help me ease up some as well.
Cristi kept things fun and light. She always had a smile on her face!
It was the easiest photo session I've ever been to...
(you know I'm always having my photo taken, ahh the life of a model!)
I just wanted to share a few! The rest are up for the #1 spot on the CHRISTMAS CARD!

I'm excited because I've already got a little collection of cards we have received!
Have you sent your Christmas cards out yet?!

I can't wait to showcase the rest of Cristi's work!!! 
stay tuned!

Until next time,

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  1. " Bonjour Yall! I'm Halley (aka HK) I'm a Christian, a wife and a momma to two sweet boys! I'm a lover of vacations--especially times at the beach. I love spending weekends on the lake, I enjoy a good workout. I live in a constant remodel...I love having a good margarita. Spending time with family and friends--I'm extremely competitive. And I never say no to a dare! This is my little corner where I spill it all. A little of this and a little bit of that AND everything in between!"

    First off.... "Bonjour Yall!" A fucking Froggy Redneck?!?! Plus, WTF are you trying to say?


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