Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting Into Gear

Just thought I'd share my latest article at the Examiner on New Years.

I do plan on posting my personal resolutions this year--there's a few.

And sharing our NYE and New Year's Day events.
ALSO--my family's plans for 2012.
We have a lot of things we want to attempt!

More house remodeling to come! Yippie!
And of course, our dream is to find some land to build on.

That may not be achieved in 2012--but we are always looking!
Lake front property that is!

Regardless, none of these "plans" are set in stone unless we seek God's will.
So ultimately, my main goal this New Year is to seek God daily-and to go for HIS plan for our lives.

I'm excited to see where He takes us!

God is SO good.



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