Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CG Run: Week 3

So I never got to post about last week's run...
and a small update on this week.
Last Thursday I was suppose to run 3 miles.
Not much for most I know...
But remember I'm NEW to this.
Anyway, I start off in my neighborhood and I'm feeling good...
Cruising around the random streets (I still get lost).
And I come up to a street behind my house and one of the neighbor's is getting their house
remodeled and decorated by a TV show! (They don't put their network sign everywhere like you think until the reveal day.) I guess because it draws MORE attention to them as is.
Anyway...these people NEEDED the remodel.
It was the worse house in the neighborhood.
And not because it was decrepitated...
but merely because these people HAVE the stuff.
Like, it over flows out into their yard...

My plan is I'm going to run by tomorrow and take a picture if the TV crew is still there.
What's funny is these shows claim they do the makeovers in two days.
But it's Tuesday and they are still there.
So from Thursday to Tuesday...
Not two days, from what I last counted.
my 3 miles turned into 2 miles
and I ended up walking by the house a few times.
So my run turned into a walk.

AND this past weekend I missed an awesome run with the team. 
They got free massages and breakfast after the long run!!

However, I was in Dallas celebrating my nephew's FIRST birthday.
So really, I didn't miss out.

Oh and you better believe I packed my running shoes and sports bra.....

Though, I never put em on.
Once again SHAME on me.

Needless to say, I was apprehensive about going to run yesterday after being so lazy over the weekend.
I needed to do at least 4 miles.
And I DID!
I actually felt really good...
I felt strong...
and my breathing was somewhat normal.
And I ran it in about 40 minutes.
I mean, that's not a world record...
but I wasn't running with anyone so it's hard for me to pace.
I could of gone faster maybe.

However, my knee did hurt after the first 80 yards.
It's something I've grown to deal with...
Yet what hurt me worse was after an hour or two after the run.
The pain seemed to go up my femur and to my hip bone.

I was in pain most of the night.
It's gone today but I decided against running this morning.
Tomorrow I have boot camp and then it's back to see my doctor to see what my MRI revealed.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm worried to hear what he has to say.
I've never been a person to take things easy and I definitely push myself when sometimes I need to stop.
(Not during running but during boot camp and other training).
So I wonder if I've done more damage training then not training??

Anyway, I'm done being a little girl.
It's just my knee.
Not something serious and life threatening.


And I'm lucky to have both legs to begin with!
So here's to my last workout before hearing what the doctor has to say.

Until next time,

PS-SO many pictures to share.
I am uploading them this evening!

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