Monday, January 30, 2012

One step forward & one step back

Hey lovely readers!

How is everyone's weekend?

Unfortunately for me, Kie and I have been sick.
You know, the sore throat, running/stuffy nose and cough...
Turns out, Kie has RSV--and needed breathing treatments.
My sickness, has now resulted in the stomach flu...or something fun like that.
Needless to say, it's been a painful few days.

Luckily we got sick on Friday--and since then Justin has been the world's best nurse (minus getting to administer pain medication!)

Anywho, Friday started out great enough.
CG boot camp was awesome!
The workout was killer, did some high intense training intervals...
And then Ally (the founder of CG & our head trainer) took everyone to Whole Foods for a free breakfast!

So I called Justin and he met me at Whole Foods (which is conveniently by his work) and he gave me Kie man and so Kie got to meet all my fellow "contenders".  It was a lot of fun and everyone thought Kie was adorable.

That afternoon Kie and started to get a little under the weather---
So we spent Friday and Saturday drinking Emergenc-e and taking vitamins.
(I took the vitamins) Kie just drank lots of fluids and had the humidifier on all day.

Justin was seriously the best nurse.  We baked 4 dozen cookies, a pan of brownies and he made a stuffed chicken with veggies and cranberry stuffing. (This was all before the stomach bug!)
 He also let me "sleep in" till 8:30.
And he did my much-needed pedicure.

And every hour or two he would make me a hot tea to drink for my throat.
He's been THE best...and it's been so nice to have him here ALL weekend with no work.
Also, of course he's been keeping the house spotless and sanitized!

So obviously, I didn't get to run this weekend.
And this weekend was my LAST long run before the race.
I was suppose to run 11 miles...and I've been looking forward to it all week.

I still don't know if I should try to run this week or not.
Either way I'm behind schedule since this weekend I'm suppose to be tapering off.

I think I'll try to get my 11 miles in by Friday--and if I can't well, I guess I will just have to start my short runs.

SO that's my step back.

On a HAPPY note...

Justin and I paid off two debts we had.
One was for my wedding band...(yes he was still paying on it)
And the other was a small credit card.

It wasn't much, a little over 2k. But we were able to come up with the 2K to pay it off and get rid of those annoying monthly payments--which also means, we have TWO closed credit cards.

Now we have ONE BIG credit card to pay off...
But this one will take awhile.
All the while we're slowly saving and adding to Kie's savings ....
And of course to our vacation fund.
I'm SO excited to be only using cash now.

It is like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders.
And I just want to document our journey as we go.

Speaking of, UGH all those Spring catalogues that are being sent to my house weekly and of course seeing all the cute new clothes out IS tempting and humbling.
But, I have TWO closets full...
and countless drawers full too of clothes to wear.

And I don't NEED anything.
It's really OK to wear the same stuff (as I do most times anyway).
I just need to learn to layer items and add accessories and such.

Well this momma has gotta go.
I'm really feeling bad.
Between the chills I get, the nausea, the coughing...
And constant gagging...

I don't know how we're going to make it through the week.
It makes me understand better mommies who may be pregnant and have toddlers....
AH (no we're not pregnant!)
But being a sick momma taking care of a SICK baby is not fun.

Hope everyone else is doing well!


Justin & Kie being silly

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Truckin On' Thursdays!

Hey lovely readers!

Just wanted to say hi, and give ya a small update--

I did want to mention I'm still trying to run.
I say "trying" because I only run ONCE a week now.

I'm such a slacker.
I feel awful about it, honestly I do.
I beat myself up over the oddest things.

However, regardless of the amount of times I run--I did manage to crank out a very slow paced 9 miles.

It was faster than my 8.5 miles--
My times do include two water breaks, one time tying my shoe--and the occasional stop to adjust my music....

Overall it wasn't that bad.

I even went back to my orthopedic doctor yesterday & he helped stretch me out. He said I have tendonitis in my knee--(it was a lot fancier of a name) but basically that's what it is.

He informed me (and so did my yoga instructor that morning) that my right hamstring is severely LESS flexible than my left.

So I have to stretch it out really well in order to keep my knee from hurting too much.
I don't know...
Obviously I did not go to medical school.

I still am debating the half marathon because I'm just an anxious person.
I've not run NEAR as much as I needed to...
And I've only completed 9 out of 13.2 miles.
And the race is like...TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!

My brother (who happens to run marathons like they are 5ks) thinks I can do it.
Pretty encouraging to hear that from him...
He is pretty awesome...
I do love that boy.

ALSO--sending some more love out ....
THIS to to my husband,
who by the way,
is still working.
Yes, left at 6:00 am to go to work (after cleaning the house)
and still is WORKING...and it's going on 10:30pm with no signs of stopping!

He always works hard--but he is putting in SO much extra effort to pay off our debt!
He inspires me DAILY to work harder.
In fact, my writing job...
though I LOVE IT..
Just isn't cutting it.
(Pay wise)
I mean, not that many people are into reading Christian material it seems.
I'm just being frank.
OR maybe I just haven't gotten an audience yet.

I'm going to try and find another writing job (to go with my current one) to hopefully help out more.
**My husband, being so very traditional....doesn't want me to work one bit.
But it breaks my heart to see him work like this.
So I gotta do something more to help out.

He just prefers to work...
Guess that's the hard working German side of him.

He is pretty excited to see our gap in debt get smaller and smaller though.
And I might add, when we went to the doctor yesterday--they had to return us some money (isn't that fun!?) and she needed to put it back on one of our credit cards--

WELL, that card is getting paid off and CLOSED tomorrow!
So we had to inform her we no longer had the card.
The accountant was SO confused.
She kept asking over and over if we were getting a new one?

And we were like, no we're paying our cards off--and closing them. We're DONE using credit cards!
Needless to say, it didn't seem like she hears that very often!

Anyway, it was a small *yippie* feeling for us.

Even though I sometimes get upset that I'm not getting my hair done (Lord knows it needs it!) and I'm not getting manicures and pedicures...or spending money on clothes or makeup (or walking into Target or Nordstrom Rack). Nor am I eating out when I have the craving for something...Or getting a Starbucks coffee...or buying Kie EVERY cute boy thing I run across...

I am a lot more excited to one day have no more debt--and we can put out money to a lot of wonderful things!

Like Kie's increasing savings (which he can only find out about once he's 18!)
And our savings...
And our retirement...
And our "vacation money"...

Right now I have a big huge jar in the kitchen that is gathering money for our trip to Breckenridge!
Just in the past week we have gotten change and whatever odd and in cash we have laying around--and we have over $234!

Not too bad for a week!

we're just being a lot smarter about money and actually DIRECTING where it goes...
Just thought I'd share...
because no, it's not always fun...
but ONE day it will be worth it.

Hope everyone is doing GREAT!

Lots of love!
Clean baby! 
Looking just like Dad--in his beanie 
All boy!

can't see me!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy [Hairy] Wednesday!

Hey friends! Hope everyone is enjoying their MIDDLE OF THE WEEKDAY!?
Ps, do you think it's time for Kie to get a hair cut?
My husband want it cut, but I feel like once I cut his baby hair he won't be a baby any longer!
Besides, his hair doesn't grow in his eyes, it's more mullet-like.

this week has been great! I've got a new organizing system going--and it has kept me pretty organized..(like getting the house cleaned, dinner/lunch menu, managing my writing & editing and of course the normal mom and wife duties..)

Also there has been lots of rain in the Austin-area...
Great for our lakes, not so great for traffic.

However, I want the rain to come so our drought won't get any worse this coming spring/summer.

So how's your week going?

Until next time,


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

everyWHERE Wednesday

-My brain is everywhere at least...hehehe!

Bonjour mes amis!
**Right now I wish I could show you what's going on in my house....
Kie is crying outside of the office door---
And no, I'm not ignoring him to blog.
Justin is actually trying to play with him before he goes to his Bible study...
but since Kie is a true blue Mommy's boy,
He rather have me, then Daddy on some days.
But they need father/son time. So I must resist the urge to fling open the door and grab him!

Ok, back to business...

So this will be a bit of a rambling post like most I do..
Small update on my running progress...
I really have been, it's getting worse and worse.
I make excuses why I don't run more--
and my husband's work schedule has been crazy these past few weeks.
Therefore, finding time when he gets off work for ME to go run is nearly impossible-UNLESS I don't mind running with a mining lamp on my head...(Ha!)

Like, last night he didn't finish work till nearly 11:30pm.
His work day started at 6:30am.
And yes, he schedules and overbooks himself because it's his own business, but he needs to learn to take a breather.
He works himself into the ground.
Like my friend said, at least he's not the opposite! He's seriously the hardest working man I know. I'm SO proud to be his wife. I just wish I had HALF his talent and his determination...
(More on all his talents later)

Anyway, as for my running--I'm becoming discouraged because I run only twice a week (MAYBE).
I did run my farthest Saturday--8.5 miles.
The pace was pretty awful because I admit, I walked some.
I noticed after mile 6, my feet felt like I had blisters.
Though luckily my knee didn't really give me much of a problem.
Once I got home, rested feet felt better!
And to my surprise, I had no blisters...
Must of been my socks.

Also--this weekend we started giving one of the bathrooms an overdue facelift!
It was pretty awful to start with (guess that's what you get living in an old house)
It is nearly done!
It's nothing extreme--like we originally wanted...But since we don't plan on living here forever we did what we needed to do to sell it down the road....
I just have to paint one last coat on the cabinets.
And seeing that my hands are full during the day with Kie--
and he only naps if I nurse him (yes we still nurse!)
then my only time to paint and do most of my work (editing and writing) is the wee hours of the night or morning.

ALL that being said..
Life has been a bit of an adjustment!
We are also still working on SAVING money and applying Dave Ramsey's tactics...
So I'm excited to announce we have NOT went out to eat in over two weeks!

Two weeks!?
Is that ALL?
And I'm celebrating?!

Yes, just two weeks...and yes, I'm celebrating.
Not that we went out a WHOLE lot...but the weekends usually meant two dinners out.
Friday nights were filled with Taco Cabana/Pei Wei or something we picked up...
So now I've been cooking EVERY meal!
Yep, including making Justin a lunch for work.
His favorite is egg salad or tuna salad sandwiches.

On weekends, Justin and I trade off cooking.
He is a GREAT cook!
Breakfast is his speciality!
(And any German meal you may desire)

My goal was originally to make it a month before dinning out.
However, my dad is coming into town this weekend for his 55th birthday-SO since it's a special occasion, and I'm a Daddy's Girl by every account--we will celebrate by going out.
Of course, I did offer to make a full course meal here at home...but my parents love eating out in Austin--(Seriously Austin is rated one of the top cities to dine in--ahhh I miss you Austin food) SO it will be our treat.

Oh, so Daddy J and I have been doing a lot of hot tubbing...
The nights have been cold and beautiful out.
It's the NO business area.
We don't speak work, business, finance...we just sit, relax, "date" and watch the stars.
It's so nice...It's like our little bit of time to focus on us. Because it's easy to get caught up in the grind of day to day....

I am ready for spring and warmer weather, but I will definitely miss the nights out on the deck.
(Baby monitor is ALWAYS with us of course!)

Speakinf of Kie, I may add...
he is hilarious and WILD!
A day doesn't go by that he gets into SOMETHING!
Every week I get something thrown into the toilet.
Today was one of his books...

And I always have to be careful to make sure none of my things are in the diaper Genie when I go empty it out, because he loves throwing my makeup, iPod and Chapstick into it.

Ahhh, my precious little boy...
He is giving me a preview of what the TWOS will look like.

Btw, when he is outside it's a whole other ball game!
He is fearless!
At parks he climbs up slides backwards...
He plays with "BIG KIDS" (two years and over)
And he loves to dig in the dirt...
Oh and he RUNS and runs and RUNS!
He loves to be chased!

Of course our backyard is cleaner than most parks (in terms of doggy poo and such)
so I prefer he plays here.... incase he eats a rock I know it hasn't been pooped on or stepped on by something unpleasant.
But, I hate skipping a play date, so we visit Zilker Park at least once a week.

Alright, I'm wrapping this up...
Kie and Daddy are outside and I'm going to join them before J heads to church.

Until next time,


Ps, Enjoy my very random pictures.....

Some from NEW YEARS--yes, I'm slacking!
part of the backyard...
On cool nights we love to sit around the fire pit.

Our sweets table--cupcakes and S'mores! 

helping to get ready 

Daddy's sill 2012 glasses

Yea, ignore my crazy bow...Mommy was having fun that night
we couldn't get Kie to wear the cutest little top this was the best we got.
Love that baby face.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi Friends!

So I wanted to share a few small victories...
First off, today is the DAY most people give up their resolutions?
Have you?

Well, since I started later--I haven't.


This week started another round of CG BOOT CAMP!
After the 3 week break they gave us for Christmas--I realize HOW out of shape I can get.
Luckily, due to some running I did on break I wasn't as behind as I could of been.
(Small Victory!)

As my week of budgeting and not spending---I've been successful for the last week!
We haven't went out to eat--and I've not run to the grocery store for a splurge.
See, my weekly runs to grab something chocolate (since I don't keep it in the house)
easily racked up...(few dollars here and there you don't notice!)

AND SINCE I've not been running to satisfy my sweet tooth...I've dropped a bit of weight!
Yes, it's just been a week but I've lost almost two pounds!

Less money on groceries--means LESS snacking...
And less snacking means a slightly smaller tummy!

I have tried sharing with my mom that we're trying to be more frugal..
She seems to think I'm crazy and NOT going to enjoy life.
BUT I am more excited to tackle this debt and then live life up living in FREEDOM!

I can't tell you how pumped I am to finally be ridding ourselves of these chains!

However, we ARE going on a vacation we had planned for nearly a year--
We have already started a budget for it...
And it's to see Justin's mom
(My mother-in-law)
In Breckenridge...
for a week.

Luckily we cashed in our frequent flyer miles--so our flight was free...
and since we have a timeshare then our hotel/condo is free too...
So really, the only thing we have to pay for is food/rentals and whatever else we want to do for fun...

But, more on that later...

ANYWAY--I just wanted to share some small victories..
And encourage YOU to keep up those resolutions!

Well, this momma is going to go clean house and clear out some clutter...
Hope everyone is having a blessed week thus far!

Until next time,

Monday, January 9, 2012


Hi friends!
Sorry, I've been MIA...
I've had so many posts in EDIT--and I haven't even finished.
Life has been busy.
Wow, God opened my eyes last week and I've been going NON-STOP ever since.
I'm going to give a quick spill now (while Kie is napping) and then hopefully this week I can upload some pictures from New Year's Eve (late, but better than never) and give a full account on somethings going on.

First off, DEBT!
God has put it in my heart to STOP and eliminate our debt.
Like I've talked about before, I married a man that has some minimal debt.
I am OCD about DEBT and paying things off.
But Justin, who owns a lot of things--has some debt.

Not anything outrageous--and as a single man-with no wife and children--he would of easily been able to pay it off.

BUT now that he accumulated ME and Kie--and I use to be some what high maintenance before becoming a mom...(WHO ME?!) therefore his debt went on the back burner.
Of course, *HIS* debt is now mine too.

Anyway, I've been pulling out our finances, our bills and trying to come up with a budget.
I've been wanting to eliminate ALL our debt in two years--besides our mortgage.

We just have two measly credit card bills (ok not entirely measly)
but I want to tackle ALL of it.
AND it's hard.
Especially in a world where we live in SO MUCH EXCESS!

My usual beauty regime--getting my hair colored every few months--getting my semi-expensive makeup, getting my manicure and pedicures.
The occasional massage (seriously these were VERY RARE--like every 6-7 months)
My gym membership (it was a family one)
And of course, buying the occasional clothes/purses and things I felt I needed.

WELL--that all stopped months ago.
I've not colored my hair in a year...
I refuse to buy ANYTHING new (clothes wise)--Because I have plenty.

And when it comes to eating out...
Well, it has ceased (as of this past week).
This means Justin and I take turns cooking.

I have been using my extra time to work...
and I've been even looking for another job to do on the side.
Unfortunately not much fits in our schedule since Justin works so much.

We are eager to get out of debt--so we can move on to the next phase in life.
I am ready to ADD to our family but I do not want to have ANY debt before we do.

We have no student loans or car payments...
and for that I'm so grateful.
MY next big thing I want to eliminate is our cable.
Of course, I may be putting up a fight with Justin for that.

I just believe we could do without it for a year or two.
And besides--that's over $100 a month!
And without would make us even more PRODUCTIVE.
(Or it could lead to adding to our family quicker with all that extra time on our hands...hehe)

SO, I don't know.
Anyone have any tips on tackling debt?
In fact, most of my plans and actions are all thanks to Dave Ramsey!!!

I just look forward to the day we are debt free--and when we have a lot in our savings, a big emergency fund and we are able to bless others by giving!

God has a lot to say about debt in the Bible.
And He has been showing me how important and wonderful it would be to have the stresses of MONEY out of our marriage.

To wonderful friends and family--we are still wanting to SEE our friends and family--and have fun and fellowship!

So we have come up with an idea for Friday nights to be a DINNER IN and Game night!
One of our couple friends is doing the Financial Peace University so we decided Fridays will be the night we meet at our houses, make dinner, share tips and encouragement and play games!
That way we have something to look forward to all week--and when the weekend comes we won't feel pressured or sad we aren't going out to eat or spending money to have fun!

So, that's where I've been.
I've been busy working on my writing...
I've been budgeting.
I've been cutting extra bills...

Please feel free to share any of your tips or successes!!
I'd love to hear them!!

Until next time,

Monday, January 2, 2012

CG Run: Week 5

I probably skipped a week here and there...but I'm here to bring you up to speed.
I'm still running.
But not near as much as I should.
Last Tuesday I ran 5 miles in an hour.

Skipped my speed workout during the middle of the week (bad Halley!)

I did my Resolution Run Saturday--another 5 miles in under an hour.
And here we are starting week 6.
5 miles in an hour isn't bad--but it's not good either.

It's better than what my run coach expects from me though.

Today I really need to run but seeing that my husband is working late (till 9:30-10pm) means I won't be able to.
Just a thought for any readers that are childless....
there's little to no excuse to not have time to workout or run.

I never realized how much time I had on my hands until I had a baby.
All that to say, I only have one child--so I still have more flexibility then mother's with multiples.

So this week I aim to run at least twice this week--and this weekend I am going to run the farthest I've ever attempted to in one time--8 miles.

I hope I can do it under an hour and 40 minutes.
A total of 100 minutes.
Once again, I realize these times aren't good for pro RUNNERS---
But I'm a novice,
so I'm just guessing what I could do it under--or around.

ALSO--100 minutes is A LOT OF TIME to take away from Justin and Kie.
And since Justin is working this weekend--it means I will probably start my run around 5:30 am--so I can just meet Justin afterwards at his work to get the baby.

Surely if I start by 5:30 am I can be done by 8am?
I'm giving myself some extra time in case my body isn't fully awake at 5:30.

-Alas, there's only 6 weeks left until the half marathon.
My knee still isn't doing good.
Especially after my 5 milers.
I have to generally take 2 days off after I run.

I go back to my doctor at the end of January--he will give me a final say on my knee and if it's a good idea to push it 13.1 miles.

I really don't want to hurt myself for good or a longer time by pushing it.
Basically he said last time maybe I'm just not cut out to run.
But me, being stubborn--just doesn't like that answer. 

Alright, enough ramblings.
I will be posting my resolutions soon!
I'm so excited about this year!
I'm going to start everyday on my knees thanking God.
He's been so good...
and I want to fully commit myself to Him.
Lord knows I've wasted enough life and time to myself...

How's your 2012 looking so far?


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