Thursday, January 26, 2012

Truckin On' Thursdays!

Hey lovely readers!

Just wanted to say hi, and give ya a small update--

I did want to mention I'm still trying to run.
I say "trying" because I only run ONCE a week now.

I'm such a slacker.
I feel awful about it, honestly I do.
I beat myself up over the oddest things.

However, regardless of the amount of times I run--I did manage to crank out a very slow paced 9 miles.

It was faster than my 8.5 miles--
My times do include two water breaks, one time tying my shoe--and the occasional stop to adjust my music....

Overall it wasn't that bad.

I even went back to my orthopedic doctor yesterday & he helped stretch me out. He said I have tendonitis in my knee--(it was a lot fancier of a name) but basically that's what it is.

He informed me (and so did my yoga instructor that morning) that my right hamstring is severely LESS flexible than my left.

So I have to stretch it out really well in order to keep my knee from hurting too much.
I don't know...
Obviously I did not go to medical school.

I still am debating the half marathon because I'm just an anxious person.
I've not run NEAR as much as I needed to...
And I've only completed 9 out of 13.2 miles.
And the race is like...TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!

My brother (who happens to run marathons like they are 5ks) thinks I can do it.
Pretty encouraging to hear that from him...
He is pretty awesome...
I do love that boy.

ALSO--sending some more love out ....
THIS to to my husband,
who by the way,
is still working.
Yes, left at 6:00 am to go to work (after cleaning the house)
and still is WORKING...and it's going on 10:30pm with no signs of stopping!

He always works hard--but he is putting in SO much extra effort to pay off our debt!
He inspires me DAILY to work harder.
In fact, my writing job...
though I LOVE IT..
Just isn't cutting it.
(Pay wise)
I mean, not that many people are into reading Christian material it seems.
I'm just being frank.
OR maybe I just haven't gotten an audience yet.

I'm going to try and find another writing job (to go with my current one) to hopefully help out more.
**My husband, being so very traditional....doesn't want me to work one bit.
But it breaks my heart to see him work like this.
So I gotta do something more to help out.

He just prefers to work...
Guess that's the hard working German side of him.

He is pretty excited to see our gap in debt get smaller and smaller though.
And I might add, when we went to the doctor yesterday--they had to return us some money (isn't that fun!?) and she needed to put it back on one of our credit cards--

WELL, that card is getting paid off and CLOSED tomorrow!
So we had to inform her we no longer had the card.
The accountant was SO confused.
She kept asking over and over if we were getting a new one?

And we were like, no we're paying our cards off--and closing them. We're DONE using credit cards!
Needless to say, it didn't seem like she hears that very often!

Anyway, it was a small *yippie* feeling for us.

Even though I sometimes get upset that I'm not getting my hair done (Lord knows it needs it!) and I'm not getting manicures and pedicures...or spending money on clothes or makeup (or walking into Target or Nordstrom Rack). Nor am I eating out when I have the craving for something...Or getting a Starbucks coffee...or buying Kie EVERY cute boy thing I run across...

I am a lot more excited to one day have no more debt--and we can put out money to a lot of wonderful things!

Like Kie's increasing savings (which he can only find out about once he's 18!)
And our savings...
And our retirement...
And our "vacation money"...

Right now I have a big huge jar in the kitchen that is gathering money for our trip to Breckenridge!
Just in the past week we have gotten change and whatever odd and in cash we have laying around--and we have over $234!

Not too bad for a week!

we're just being a lot smarter about money and actually DIRECTING where it goes...
Just thought I'd share...
because no, it's not always fun...
but ONE day it will be worth it.

Hope everyone is doing GREAT!

Lots of love!
Clean baby! 
Looking just like Dad--in his beanie 
All boy!

can't see me!

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