Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi Friends!

So I wanted to share a few small victories...
First off, today is the DAY most people give up their resolutions?
Have you?

Well, since I started later--I haven't.


This week started another round of CG BOOT CAMP!
After the 3 week break they gave us for Christmas--I realize HOW out of shape I can get.
Luckily, due to some running I did on break I wasn't as behind as I could of been.
(Small Victory!)

As my week of budgeting and not spending---I've been successful for the last week!
We haven't went out to eat--and I've not run to the grocery store for a splurge.
See, my weekly runs to grab something chocolate (since I don't keep it in the house)
easily racked up...(few dollars here and there you don't notice!)

AND SINCE I've not been running to satisfy my sweet tooth...I've dropped a bit of weight!
Yes, it's just been a week but I've lost almost two pounds!

Less money on groceries--means LESS snacking...
And less snacking means a slightly smaller tummy!

I have tried sharing with my mom that we're trying to be more frugal..
She seems to think I'm crazy and NOT going to enjoy life.
BUT I am more excited to tackle this debt and then live life up living in FREEDOM!

I can't tell you how pumped I am to finally be ridding ourselves of these chains!

However, we ARE going on a vacation we had planned for nearly a year--
We have already started a budget for it...
And it's to see Justin's mom
(My mother-in-law)
In Breckenridge...
for a week.

Luckily we cashed in our frequent flyer miles--so our flight was free...
and since we have a timeshare then our hotel/condo is free too...
So really, the only thing we have to pay for is food/rentals and whatever else we want to do for fun...

But, more on that later...

ANYWAY--I just wanted to share some small victories..
And encourage YOU to keep up those resolutions!

Well, this momma is going to go clean house and clear out some clutter...
Hope everyone is having a blessed week thus far!

Until next time,

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