Monday, January 9, 2012


Hi friends!
Sorry, I've been MIA...
I've had so many posts in EDIT--and I haven't even finished.
Life has been busy.
Wow, God opened my eyes last week and I've been going NON-STOP ever since.
I'm going to give a quick spill now (while Kie is napping) and then hopefully this week I can upload some pictures from New Year's Eve (late, but better than never) and give a full account on somethings going on.

First off, DEBT!
God has put it in my heart to STOP and eliminate our debt.
Like I've talked about before, I married a man that has some minimal debt.
I am OCD about DEBT and paying things off.
But Justin, who owns a lot of things--has some debt.

Not anything outrageous--and as a single man-with no wife and children--he would of easily been able to pay it off.

BUT now that he accumulated ME and Kie--and I use to be some what high maintenance before becoming a mom...(WHO ME?!) therefore his debt went on the back burner.
Of course, *HIS* debt is now mine too.

Anyway, I've been pulling out our finances, our bills and trying to come up with a budget.
I've been wanting to eliminate ALL our debt in two years--besides our mortgage.

We just have two measly credit card bills (ok not entirely measly)
but I want to tackle ALL of it.
AND it's hard.
Especially in a world where we live in SO MUCH EXCESS!

My usual beauty regime--getting my hair colored every few months--getting my semi-expensive makeup, getting my manicure and pedicures.
The occasional massage (seriously these were VERY RARE--like every 6-7 months)
My gym membership (it was a family one)
And of course, buying the occasional clothes/purses and things I felt I needed.

WELL--that all stopped months ago.
I've not colored my hair in a year...
I refuse to buy ANYTHING new (clothes wise)--Because I have plenty.

And when it comes to eating out...
Well, it has ceased (as of this past week).
This means Justin and I take turns cooking.

I have been using my extra time to work...
and I've been even looking for another job to do on the side.
Unfortunately not much fits in our schedule since Justin works so much.

We are eager to get out of debt--so we can move on to the next phase in life.
I am ready to ADD to our family but I do not want to have ANY debt before we do.

We have no student loans or car payments...
and for that I'm so grateful.
MY next big thing I want to eliminate is our cable.
Of course, I may be putting up a fight with Justin for that.

I just believe we could do without it for a year or two.
And besides--that's over $100 a month!
And without would make us even more PRODUCTIVE.
(Or it could lead to adding to our family quicker with all that extra time on our hands...hehe)

SO, I don't know.
Anyone have any tips on tackling debt?
In fact, most of my plans and actions are all thanks to Dave Ramsey!!!

I just look forward to the day we are debt free--and when we have a lot in our savings, a big emergency fund and we are able to bless others by giving!

God has a lot to say about debt in the Bible.
And He has been showing me how important and wonderful it would be to have the stresses of MONEY out of our marriage.

To wonderful friends and family--we are still wanting to SEE our friends and family--and have fun and fellowship!

So we have come up with an idea for Friday nights to be a DINNER IN and Game night!
One of our couple friends is doing the Financial Peace University so we decided Fridays will be the night we meet at our houses, make dinner, share tips and encouragement and play games!
That way we have something to look forward to all week--and when the weekend comes we won't feel pressured or sad we aren't going out to eat or spending money to have fun!

So, that's where I've been.
I've been busy working on my writing...
I've been budgeting.
I've been cutting extra bills...

Please feel free to share any of your tips or successes!!
I'd love to hear them!!

Until next time,

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