Monday, June 27, 2011

This weekend...

I have mastered two things,
1.) I can successfully put a diaper on a baby that is in motion....
(i.e, crawling away from me frantically)
2.) Wakeboarding!
It was so much fun!  I was very nervous because I have witnessed A LOT of people get hurt--and even someone go to the ER due to wakeboarding.  Even my husband tore his ACL and had to have massive surgery to get his knee redone (and still isn't the same).

I kept thinking how I was going to tear at the seams (my c-section seam) and die---and Kie would be motherless.  
I tried one time....
and didn't get up. 
 I was ready to get back in the boat and say "No thanks, I'm a wimp! My hands are hurting, the boat nearly pulled my arms out of socket and I'm going to drink all the lake water!"
::I was just thinking that, didn't say it::

But Justin, being the best cheerleader and supporter there is, convinced me to give it another go--and I'm so glad I did....because it only took that one time to get up and I continued to get up on each ride!

It was so thrilling!  I had such a major adrenaline rush.  I was able to switch to riding to the side as soon as I popped up and I felt like it was almost a natural thing for me to do.
I mean, I knew I was a lake rat--but I had no idea how natural it was for me to board.
We stayed on the lake all day--and I rode for a few hours.
I did take one good fall and being so flexible I managed to flip and hit myself in the head with my board.
But since my adrenaline was going so much I didn't even care.
I'm really excited I have a new board--and I can't wait to get some new bindings and get back out on the lake.
I do want to say tho, I continued to pray the whole time I was behind the boat.  Because I knew it would only take one bad fall to really hurt myself--so I'm definitely giving God the glory for allowing me to do well.
Wakeboarding has helped me find my athletic side again.
Anyway-- we have been spending the day shopping and packing.
  Justin pulled out all his scuba gear and showing me the ropes.
The man seriously spend thousands on his top notch gear.  It's like he's some secret Navy seal with all his fancy stuff.
 That's another thing on my list of things I want to do. 
 I definitely want to get my scuba diving certification.
ALSO Monday night is one of my best friend's BIRTHDAY! I'm ready for a night out with my man and our friends. Kie will be in bed asleep and Uncle Carter will be over to watch. 
 We are going to this new restaurant I've yet to go to called The Upper Decks.
I'm sure it will be a good night. Well I'm off to treat my sunburn--I laid out on the front of our boat and now resemble a lobster. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, June 24, 2011

stray thoughts Friday

I still have my announcement to make...but I don't think I'm making it just yet.  Mainly because I have a lot to write when I DO make it.  And this is more of my random thoughts that I wanted to get out of me.

So I have a lot of passions in life.  A LOT.
I wish I had time to do everything I'd like and LEARN everything I wish to learn.

A few goals I wish to do this season is learn to sew (better).  I can get a small job done but I won't say it will look good.  So I'm getting Justin to teach me.  He's so good at sewing! My husband is a very talented man. He went to school for upholstery---
But what I'd like to do is to sew pillows.

The more the merrier!  And I see them in Pier 1, Pottery Barn and at Home Goods and some are expensive--and I know I could custom make some that I'd love.  Plus now that Kie is such a good crawler--he enjoys crawling over pillows!  And one day he'll be making pillow forts like I use...and I think it's about time I learn.

Secondly,  I want to start playing the piano again.  I use to play and now I see WHY my mom wanted me to learn.  So we found me a keyboard!  I'm excited to pull out all my old hymns and CHRISTMAS songs. Of course I want to teach Kie one day too.

Also this year we can't wait to start camping more once the weather is cooler.  We have a lot of nice camping gear--and we love the outdoors.  And once the weather drops in the low 80's and 70's--The Knuth's will be moving outdoors on the weekend.

I also want to learn a new sport.  And I think wake boarding--if it doesn't kill me--will be my new one.  I loved playing sports in high school and in college.
I won't be joining a community team anytime soon so a sport I can enjoy with my family is more up my alley.

In fact tomorrow morning I go for my FIRST official wake boarding lesson.  I'm pretty excited and a wee bit nervous.

AND LASTLY--we have LESS than a week before we're on the road for FLORIDA.
Can't tell you how excited I am!  I'm ready to be with ALL of our amazing family.  Ready to lay out on the beach--getting a (safe as possible) tan.  Enjoying great drinks and great food.  Also every night we have assigned cooks--and one night me and my beautiful sister in law, Amanda-will be cooking!  I can't wait!  I really want to make some FRESH lump crab cakes for everyone with my famous aioli sauce.

 Also--I'm vowing to do more Bible studies--and getting more involved in our church.  God has changed our priorities a lot since we got pregnant and I think it's time we give more of our time to Him. Of all things I do--praising Him is what I need to focus on most.  God knows that when I'm closest to Him that all things in life seem to run more smoothly. Even when there are struggles or challenges--being near to Him gives me a peace that I cannot explain in words.

Well I gotta go, my sweet friend Allison is coming over. Which is another thing I am highly grateful for....AMAZING friends.  I have great friends that lift me up--and motivate me to be a better person--and I'm so grateful for them.

Anyone else have anything new they are wanting and willing to try?! I'd love to hear!  I'll be sure to post on how my lesson goes.  Happppppy Friday everyone!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

food freezing/nap time

Baby is napping (pretty sure he's getting another tooth) and I just froze some more pureed sweet potatoes for lil man.

Speaking of food for Kie--he eats everything now.  Ok, not everything like McDonald's, fried food or sushi.  But basically everything in between, it started last week while at my parent's home in Atlanta.

My dad, Kie's "Big Daddy", decided to take it upon himself to feed him anytime I wasn't watching.  Of course dad fed him healthy stuff from his own garden.  But he also gave him biscuits, tortillas, crackers, regular potatoes and every kind of fruit and veggie he had on hand.

Kie loved it! So when we got back into Austin this past weekend, Justin swore Kie put on a few pounds while we were gone.

I don't know about that--but he definitely is growing up fast.  I do love watching him eat because he enjoys it.  Plus his faces he makes are so funny!  I still nurse him 6-8 times a day and feed him solids along with nursing or for a snack.  I'm also still making his baby food, but he loves to try feeding himself.  Which results in a BIG mess.  But he's discovering and exploring and most importantly LEARNING! 

On a side note--I'm a little mad with Blogger because I finished up my TOP THINGS for baby and momma and it somehow deleted it!  So I am working on re-writing it again.  Of course, I can barely remember my own name most days so I am having a hard time remembering what all was on there.

Oh well!

On to other past news, this last Sunday was FATHER'S DAY!  It was a special weekend for us because it was Justin's FIRST Father's Day.  Kie got him a fun dad shirt (which said "You're the GREATEST DAD!") and a nice Swiss Army watch.  (Kie is so thoughtful and generous).  He also was planning to make breakfast for his DaDa in bed, but instead Kie had breakfast in bed.  His reason was he couldn't reach the counter tops yet. Hehehe.

Also we had Kie dedicated at our church on Sunday.  It was a special time with our sweet family and friends!  It will be a wonderful memory to watch (we filmed it) and remember together. 

The past week in Atlanta went good as well.  It was nice to see everyone--but being back home is always sweet, plus we both missed Justin!  He flew in late from Atlanta, Georgia on Friday.  So Saturday we spent it all day on the lake with our family.  

As for this week--we have A LOT to do before we leave for Florida next week.  Magically I need to lose 15 lbs and become a bronzed goddess.   I also have a lot of prepping and packing to do.  Being OCD and an organizational nerd I have lists everywhere to keep me on task.  Unfortunately I'm also ADD--and it's hard for me to keep on track.

I'm really looking forward to being with all my family (all 24 of us) and the other two babies (my niece and nephew).  
I'm sure the 11 hour ROAD TRIP will be an adventure for the three of us.  Bring it on!!! (We'll manage!) Plus who doesn't love an adventure?!

Well I'm going to go--the house isn't going to clean itself--I have toys to disinfect, blankets to wash and floors to clean! Kie is having a play date so we must prepare for little cute babies on the move!

ALSO--stay tuned for a big announcement coming soon!
(No, we're not expecting our 2nd one just yet!)

Until next time,

My best friend Rachel and Kie 
He crawls everywhere!

Kie's GREAT grandpa, Papa--singing to Kie

Granny and Kie

Meme and Kie

playing with the bags--doesn't care about what was inside it. 

Kie sleeping in momma's clothes in her bedroom in Atlanta

Kie and Brady playing

playing ball

Brady, Holli & Kie

swimming w/Zach at the Grandparent's

Big Daddy feeding Kie peaches

sweetest baby I know

Kie & Momma on Lake Austin

the love of my life

Our friends, Mom and Lil Man ready for his Dedication

in BIG church

candid shot

Father's Day & Baby Dedciation

Our pastor, Dr. Bowman & Kie

The two father's in my life and in Kie's!

love this chunky baby

Monday, June 13, 2011

in the ATL

hello hello hello :)

I have seriously started a half a dozen blogs and yet to finish them.  I do promise to post the TOP 10 Momma/Baby things soon.

But I wanted to do a quick update.  First off, I'm in ATLANTA (Texas).

I'm home with my parents--and of course Kie is here with me.  Life in the ATL--is a lot different than life in the ATX.

Atlanta is home, of course.  Slow paced and sweet--but a little Atlanta can go a long way.
I do love how the nights are quiet and life seems to slow down.
But, my life is NOT here.  It's in Austin.
I'm glad Kie will be able to escape from the city (during the summer time and holidays) to a different part of Texas.  Where you have to be creative to have fun, where everyone knows everyone and the county roads go on forever.
His momma is a country girl and he's got a bit of country in him regardless where we go.
This country gal just happened to fall head over heels for a California boy that traded in his surf board..

We're here for a week while Justin is in the OTHER Atlanta.  You know, the smaller, lesser known one...I think it's in the Midwest somewhere? Not sure. 
::I kid::
He's there for work :) His last class before he gets his masters in Land Rover.
So proud of my smart, hard working husband.

I swear, I'm ONE lucky lady.
Also, before he left he painted our living room a beautiful creamy, white color.  It was actually named Cancun sands.  Yippie no more DARK, living room!!!
And he put up our privacy fence ALL the way around our back yard.  Which means no more creepy neighbors--and momma can lay out and do WHATEVER I'd like in our massive backyard.  Like practicing cartwheels and handstands and laying out in my awesome bathing suits I wore in middle school.  (No lie, I loved my 90's bathing suits--I still rock them!!)

Anyway J did all of that work yesterday--while I was here!  He seriously can do more work in ONE DAY than most men can do in a month.  He's a hoss!
He just surprised me by sending me all the photos on my cell of the work he's done.  So I can't wait to get back to enjoy all the new home improvements.  Our sweet house is coming together!

Also on a HAPPY note, the DALLAS MAVERICKS WON! 
I'm so excited for the MAVS and Dirk.  I love, LOVE DIRK.  You know he's German....and I got a thing for those German men. Click me!
I've also been a AVID Mavs fan since 2000 or so, when I went to watch them when I was in 7th grade.  We went there for a cheerleading competition back before anyone liked them.
And also my brother is probably one of THE biggest Maverick fans I've ever met.  So not only was it a celebration because they won--but also because I knew how happy it made my brother, Clint.

Life has been going good for the Knuths.
Kie has recently graduated to his new CAR SEAT!  He loves it.  It is so nice and big.  He is super comfortable and we got it just in time for our road trip to Atlanta.  We also wanted a bigger one for our NEXT big road trip to FLORIDA.  (Just a few weeks away!)
Additionally we've been spending lots of time with Kie in the pool, which he loves.  As well, he has been swimming here at my parent's house.  And of course we spend every weekend we can on the lake.  Justin even got me a sweet new wakeboard.  I'll post a picture of it when I get back into Austin.  He's seriously the most generous man.  He always is thinking of me and getting me things I'd never even think of asking for.  He's just very adventurous and likes to stay active.  And so do I!  The more I push myself out of my comfort zone the better I feel and the more character it adds--and stories to tell!!  (I.e, one of our first dates was SKYDIVING!)  Yes, I've mentioned this before but if you know me you know I HATE heights and planes.  

Speaking of comfort zone, I went to a Zumba class tonight with my mom--and it was a lot of fun!  I've done it on our Wii and I've loved it--but never in real life.  And wow, you don't realize how much you're working.  I can't wait to go back to it!  In fact, I may start going to a Zumba class at our gym in Austin.

Well, I'm going to wrap this up. I'm getting up early tomorrow to take Kie out--and we have lunch plans with my granny (his GREAT grandmother.)  And plans to swim with our friend, Emily!   I'll also post a lot of pictures soon to catch up on life.

Thanks for reading!!
Until next time,


Daddy & Kie getting ready for some crawfish 
Uncle Shon's good cooking!

Me & Lil Man enjoying the crawfish boil

momma's baby is hot outside!

Playing in the pool w/friends

Nic & Kie

trying out the new carseat

loves those sweet potatoes

Play date with his buddy Mario!

playing TAG-- Mario is getting Kie!

learning to share

eating his peaches for breakfast

Uncle Carter feeding Kie

helping momma pack

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I forgot to mention...


Kie got his first tooth Sunday night!

We had some friends over for dinner and Kie went to bed---and then he woke up crying an hour or so later.  He acted like he kinda felt bad.  So I checked out his gums (with a clean finger) and LOW & BEHOLD but I nearly cut my finger on his sharp lil shark tooth!!!

I rubbed some Orajel on his little gums and gave him a half of a dose of Tylenol.  He fell asleep (nursed him some to soothe) and I went to tell my friends how SAD I was that my baby now has a TOOTHIE!

Ok, so like I said--that was Sunday evening....


Omgoodness gracious, why is my baby popping up teeth so fast!?

He barely eats solids....

He NEEDS to stay a baby.

No more teeth.  
He can just have two little front baby teeth...and that's it!

I texted Justin while he was at work and said
"Our baby has another tooth!"

 And he responded...

"That's too many, you need to pull one."

Of course he was kidding, but I knew he was thinking the same thing I was....


Alright, enough ranting...

Stay tuned because I'll be making two fun posts soon...One on my favorite products and reviews (I test and use a lot).  I am a bit of a product junkie.  

And another post of the mommy and baby items I used a lot when Kie was first born (and still use now.)  Some of the items surprised me!

ALRIGHT--I'm going to bed early tonight because I'm EXHAUSTED.  I've got another 5AM wake up and Camp Gladiator BOOT CAMP to attend.



Can't get a good picture of Kie's teeth yet because he gets mad when I try to look at them! MAYBE SOON THO!

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