Monday, June 27, 2011

This weekend...

I have mastered two things,
1.) I can successfully put a diaper on a baby that is in motion....
(i.e, crawling away from me frantically)
2.) Wakeboarding!
It was so much fun!  I was very nervous because I have witnessed A LOT of people get hurt--and even someone go to the ER due to wakeboarding.  Even my husband tore his ACL and had to have massive surgery to get his knee redone (and still isn't the same).

I kept thinking how I was going to tear at the seams (my c-section seam) and die---and Kie would be motherless.  
I tried one time....
and didn't get up. 
 I was ready to get back in the boat and say "No thanks, I'm a wimp! My hands are hurting, the boat nearly pulled my arms out of socket and I'm going to drink all the lake water!"
::I was just thinking that, didn't say it::

But Justin, being the best cheerleader and supporter there is, convinced me to give it another go--and I'm so glad I did....because it only took that one time to get up and I continued to get up on each ride!

It was so thrilling!  I had such a major adrenaline rush.  I was able to switch to riding to the side as soon as I popped up and I felt like it was almost a natural thing for me to do.
I mean, I knew I was a lake rat--but I had no idea how natural it was for me to board.
We stayed on the lake all day--and I rode for a few hours.
I did take one good fall and being so flexible I managed to flip and hit myself in the head with my board.
But since my adrenaline was going so much I didn't even care.
I'm really excited I have a new board--and I can't wait to get some new bindings and get back out on the lake.
I do want to say tho, I continued to pray the whole time I was behind the boat.  Because I knew it would only take one bad fall to really hurt myself--so I'm definitely giving God the glory for allowing me to do well.
Wakeboarding has helped me find my athletic side again.
Anyway-- we have been spending the day shopping and packing.
  Justin pulled out all his scuba gear and showing me the ropes.
The man seriously spend thousands on his top notch gear.  It's like he's some secret Navy seal with all his fancy stuff.
 That's another thing on my list of things I want to do. 
 I definitely want to get my scuba diving certification.
ALSO Monday night is one of my best friend's BIRTHDAY! I'm ready for a night out with my man and our friends. Kie will be in bed asleep and Uncle Carter will be over to watch. 
 We are going to this new restaurant I've yet to go to called The Upper Decks.
I'm sure it will be a good night. Well I'm off to treat my sunburn--I laid out on the front of our boat and now resemble a lobster. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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