Tuesday, July 12, 2011

momma's spare midnight minute

hello blog world!
Feels like forever since I've posted! So this may run long and I may just ramble...forgive me!

A lot has happened and a lot is rumbling through my crazy brain.

First off-we're back--safe and sound from our first family vacation!!
It went GREAT! It was such an amazing time!  Initially I had my doubts because the drive was a long one--and I was worried how Kie would be in a car for so long.  And how Justin would be as well.  Seriously-the man doesn't sit in a car longer than 2 hours if he can help it.  Needless to say, he has only been to Atlanta a few times (my hometown-6 hours away.)  **Not really because of the distance but more so because of his work schedule.

So we headed out Friday after lunch--Justin got off early and as a sweet surprise he brought me home a Coach purse.  It's a colorful one with all sorts of light breezy, beachy colors.  He said it's my "beach purse"  to remind me of our first family vacation together :)  He really can be so very thoughtful and romantic when he wants to be.

We got to Louisiana and stopped in Lake Charles for the first night--and drove the remainder of the way Saturday.  So from Saturday to Saturday we spent every waking minute on the beach.

Kie LOVED the sand and the sea so much.  He even did a face plant the first day and didn't even flinch with the sand in his eyes.  He is such a boy.
It was also such a blessing to spend with all our family.  There was a whopping twenty-five family members on vacation with us.  Which provide ample, loving babysitting when needed.

We all had our own condos and every night we'd switch out cooking dinner for everyone.
Some nights we'd go across the street to hit up the Oyster Bar, Peg Leg Pete's-for a delicious po-boy and a pina-colada.  Or Justin and I would get to take the ruckus down the the boardwalk to look at the little shops or hit up some of the fun bars like Land Shark Landing--one of Jimmy Buffet's bars.

Pensacola is a lot of fun because there is also a lot to do and a lot of history there.  We were just down the beach from Ft. Picken's (a civil war Union Fort) and from the Naval and Marine base where my 3 lovely uncles were stationed.

It's also fun to have my Marine uncles with us because they know all the fun spots--and the ins and outs of the town.
Not only was the beach life great but we also got to watch the Blue Angels practice all week for their air show.  I have loved them since I've been a little girl.  And just like his mother--Kie adored them as well.  He wasn't a bit scared of the super loud F-18's.
Another fun thing about watching the jets was watching it with my Uncle Matt.  He personally flew the F-18's.  So he if full of a lot of information about the planes and the stress it takes to fly a plane that can pull so many G's.
 And spending Independence Day with fireworks popping over the water all down the beach was a spectacular sight to see!!  All the guys had their own fireworks so we personally had our own show along with the fireworks exploding over the boardwalk.  It was probably one of the best 4th of July's I've ever had.

Needless to say, we got spoiled laying on the beach, soaking up the sun, enjoying cold beverages and a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y fresh seafood every day.
AND every time I get back from the beach I wonder WHY I'm not living there?!
 Then Justin quickly reminds me of hurricane season and quickly bursts my little dream bubble over my head! Ha!

I guess if I lived at the beach I wouldn't appreciate it NEAR as much.
 (I doubt that--but I'll keep saying that to keep me sane!)

Now here we are, BACK in Texas....very far from the white sands and blue waters of Florida.
I definitely had the beach blues for a few days--but now I'm feeling better and ready to tackle our next few projects.

Like always--we have house things going on.  It doesn't help that Justin has a million car projects--and we have a very WILD 8 month old.  We also have mini vacations and family coming in every weekend until September.  So things won't be slowing down for the Knuth's.

SPEAKING OF--Kie is now 8 months!  He is so wild now and his personality shows more and more each day.  We STILL are nursing--and that is still his staple source of food.  But he also eats a lot of everything as well.  He is crawling super fast and climbs any and everything (be it people or whatever)!

He still just has his two teeth and they are so precious when he smiles.  Every time I go and check on him during his "nap time".  He greets me with his sweet toothy grin.  He is usually climbing or standing in his crib when I go in there.  I guess he doesn't realize that mommy wants him to NAP.
But I can't be upset when he looks at me.
Ahhhhh, motherhood is BLISS!
 If you're not a mom yet and reading this--go have some babies!!  Of course it isn't for the faint of heart--it is hard job!
And if you're selfish--and prefer to stay the center of your own world then don't have kids...BUT if you want to feel so, so, SOOOO much love and joy--and truly see God's love and blessings--then have your own or bless another and adopt!

Sorry for that spill--but I thank God everyday for allowing me to be a mother.  Truth be told--I wasn't ready for a baby when I initially found out we were expecting.  But God changed my heart-changed me-and by golly changed my entire world for the better when Kie entered this world.

Ok, sorry again--I realize this is my blog but I cannot stay on track.

--Back to the present.

I have a lot of pictures to post and share--so I will do that at another time.

I STILL have not announced my news.  And WILL do that.
It's not something crazy--just some future plans that are semi in the works.
Also, I have a prayer request.  I have an opportunity that I went seeking for and now the door is open *yet* I don't know if I'm truly ready to actually step over the threshold.
SO I'm praying to see if it's the right fit for me and my family--and if so, then I will share that as well too!

Alright I'm off to wrestle to bed my overly active brain.


1.) Before and After shots of my house projects
2.) BEFORE pictures of my house projects (a lot is still in the works.)
3.) Announcement
4.) More details on my prayer request
5.) My recent online purchases that I may or may not should of bought. (But it's just so EASY to buy when you're online! Darn you Pay Pal!)
6.) Mini vacation and big vacation revealed

-In no particular order-

Hope everyone is doing great and life is treating you well.  God bless!


Sunset cruise with my love and family!

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  1. So glad that yall had a great time!!! Love Love reading your blogs! Move back to Atlanta! :)


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