Sunday, July 24, 2011

life without

This past week has been an interesting week...
we went a WEEK without TV! 
Initially I was so sad because I was missing all my shows.
(Goodbye Teen Mom, Housewives--and countless other shows--Modern Family and the Middle...)
But after the first day I realized how MUCH I got done without the tube being on.
Kie and I went on tons of 'day trips'--we had better quality play time and nights home with Justin were great.
We worked together as a team on the living room--dinners were spent catching up and relaxing.
We even enjoyed our patio and deck more because we sat outside to eat. (All our furniture is also outside!)

We also spent a few days without A/C...
That time wasn't AS enjoyable as the no TV deal.
But luckily we have friends and family that let me and Kie come over for his afternoon naps when it was hottest.
And the nights weren't so bad because we made a pallet on the floor all together and slept with fans.
It was as though we were camping :)
Luckily the no A/C situation was short lived.
Our A/C unit just needed a minor fix...

And we also went a week (and counting) without a living room.
Our living room is the HUB of our house.
It's where we eat, play, hangout and it is Kie's playground.
He can't be in there at all because there is no floor.
Yep, NONE!
So we've roped off that part of the house (the biggest part of our house)
and have cornered Kie into just his room--the guest room and on occasion he gets to be in our room.

It's weird how much you use or need things when they are gone.
Obviously the A/C --out of the 3-was missed the most.

Life has been a whirlwind for us these past few weeks.
The progress that has been made is astounding.
I realize I'm babbling--I just have been waiting for SO long to get rid of our dark-dingy, gross brown living room.

I will show you some before pictures on the next post ---
I can't wait to reveal the finished product.

Alright---I'm wrapping this up.
We are in the midst of laying down real, hard wood floors (not the laminate kind.)
You know the solid-fall-and-hit-your-head-going-to-make-a-bruise-flooring....
Yes, not ideal to babies that are pulling themselves up on every piece of furniture....
But luckily I bought him the whole foam lettered flooring you see at daycares or nurseries in church.
They are super soft and comfy for babies on the move.

Ok-I'm off to finish the floors (let's pray we lay them all down today)
And I'm going to be painting baseboards...
and starting my wall decor project as well.

I thank God everyday I have a house.
Be it an old house that needs a lot of TLC.
Just makes life more fun...
And makes us both appreciate our little home more.

Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday.

Until next time,

looking out the window

Mario and Kie playing at the Austin Children's Museum

still learning to play together

Kie man on the move

He never sits still.


Mario working on his legs.

3 sweet babies on the go

love these sweet boys


bubble blower

happy baby

love this cutie

mommy's best friend

my wreath I made

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