Friday, July 29, 2011

weekend warrior!!

The title of this blog is a bit wonky....
but basically we have a TO-DO LIST 10 miles long.
And in order to get through it all we gotta be weekend warriors!

Quit frankly I can't take the living room being out of order one more DAY!

Our floors are done,
the baseboards in,
the walls are done
but we still have painting-caulking-tiling
sanding-more painting and some additional flooring to do in our hallway.

I don't see us getting done by Monday.
This weekend was the weekend we were going to be working on the yard.
BUT I doubt we'll be doing that.

I just wish we could clone my husband.

Ow ow! How nice would that be?!

Not only could I get everything done on my Honey-Do List....

but I could have a non-tired husband for some husband/wife fun?! xoxox

(Did I just go there?!) Yes I did. 

I'm a married woman ;) I cant say that.  Anyway--I can't wait to show you the reveal.
I'm going to say by NEXT weekend we should be set.
Btw, we are also throwing a party in a few weeks--so I have to have things done!

Also-I must brag on my sweet baby--who is growing up EVERYDAY! (Where's my pause button?)
So my sweet Kie man, loves LOVES to clap and wave.  E X C E P T. . . . . . . 

He claps and says "da da da da" over and over.
Yes, every single time he claps he says his daddy's name.

Oh me oh my!

Hello, Kie baby!? Mommy is home with you all day! Care to make my heart flutter by saying "ma ma" instead?  It is ADORABLE. But it would be so sweet and nice if he just said my name?


Just honest.   Alright I gotta go-we're gearing up to head to the museum today.

Until next time,


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