Friday, September 7, 2012

Come On' Momma!

Just a few pictures of my two favorite men.
Seriously, WHY is Kie getting so big?
He looks like a lil boy in these pictures!
And his dad, well he looks like a young boy in these pictures too!
I love having a son, a lot has to do because of the joy it gives to my husband.
Of course, a little girl would easily be the apple of Justin's eye--and she would have him WRAPPED around her finger!
But for now, watching Justin and Mini J (Kie) play together just brings me so much happiness.
I'm super blessed...
and I'm super blessed to have this great husband and son.

Thank you, God!

Kie has a new thing he says to me...
and it's super cute.
He does the hand motion of "come on"
And says in the cutest voice,

::He does this when he wants to go to the next room, out the door, outside...anywhere he's going and wants to make sure I'm close behind::

Wherever we are, he leads the way and says it to me.
Always whipping his little arm around in a half circle motion.
Running off, checking behind to see if I'm following.

Love that lil dude.
Happy Friday, Friends! 

see the little boy in my husband? lol

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