Sunday, September 30, 2012

Potty Training Champ

 Maybe I'm not the normal kind of mom.
But, potty training has made me sad.

Let me start from the beginning...
Kie learned about the potty pretty early.
I'm going to guess, around 15 months or so? (maybe earlier, not entirely sure)

His dad taught him how to pee-pee in his sand bucket.
Don't ask WHERE they got this idea!
So before every bath time, or anytime he got undressed--
Kie wanted to use his bucket.
He would hold it up himself,
use it..
then dump it in the big potty.

Well, during our remodel fiasco---we took a hiatus on the potty training.
When we started back up late August...Kie started using the toilet.
He used his kids potty (the one I got for him to USE--as a STOOL!)
so he used his potty as a stool to stand up and PEE in the big potty.

He would be so excited!
Well, as a lax mom--I wasn't enforcing the potty training.
I mean, I just didn't care to.
It doesnt bother me to change his diapers...
and to be honest, seeing cute baby butts in diapers is cute to me.
I love how it pads it...
the swish-swish sound it makes when Kie runs...
yep, diapers to me...
are precious.

Of course, it makes PERFECT sense to have him trained before his brother arrived...
but, at this point in my pregnancy...
potty training is NOT on my mind.

Luckily, I have a smart son.
Who INSISTS on tee-teeing in the potty,
He says "BIG POTTY! BIG POTTY" and we make a mad dash for the bathroom.
  ::Alright, so I waddle::
He stands on his stool, pulls open both lid and seat and goes! (During this time I'm pulling down said pants/jeans and diaper)

After he is done,
he wiggles his lil body, closes the lids (he's a gentleman) and flushes!
And the hardest part is flushing, since we have the button toilets.

Then we wash hands and we're done!
(The only thing we haven't DONE is the poo.)
I'll explain.

Well, my son is like clock-work.
He poos every AM--
he sleeps in a diaper.
I change him when he wakes.
Put a new one back on, 
he poops...
and then he either wears a diaper (since I'm lazy) or nothing.

But we decided this weekend--after him telling us he needed to use the "BIG POTTY!" that it was time for underwear.

my lil man is wearing big boy undies now.

I think I'll still be relaxed about the diaper thing, because I don't mind them.
And he'll DEFINITELY be sleeping in diapers and napping in them...
but during the day he'll wear his undies!

Today he wore them and NO ACCIDENTS!
Tho, I am afraid of poo time.
I think he'll keep the normal routine of wearing an AM diaper until his deed is done
and then we'll switch to one of his many cool SUPER HERO undies.

Yep, I'm sad.
Washing and putting away such tiny little undies was a bit bittersweet.

But, he still is pretty cute in his tiny little underwear.
With his tiny little hiney.

I got TONS of underwear pictures...He was posing in them!

Btw, my husband FIRST put the pair on his head--and told Kie they were a hat.
Soooo for the longest time Kie was confused why I was wanting to put them on his BUTT instead of his head....
Kie kept pointing at them saying "A hat, a hat?" 
So Justin had to explain they were BIG boy undies... and indeed, not a hat.

AHh, my husband ;)

Anyway, since 
this IS the Internet--I won't be posting all the underwear pictures.
Never know about people!
BUT here's one I can share-- of his BATMAN undies.

Too cute....
too cute :)

Until next time,


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