Friday, September 28, 2012

Post Baby Concerns & Wishes

As much as I love being pregnant,
experiencing all the kicks, movements and just watching this massive stomach grow...
And not to mention, the countless kisses Kie gives my stomach and the bear hugs he gives his "brud-doo".....

There are things I am looking forward to post-delivery
As a mom whose experienced a c-section,
I must say from my own account,
it wasn't easy.

Maybe I was just the kind of gal that doesn't do well with massive surgeries.
Maybe it was because I labored for 16 hours beforehand...
pushed for 3...
and then wound up with a c-section.
Maybe that's what made it harder?

healing took awhile.
And even 3 months out of surgery I was back in the ER--I thought I was dying.
 I had countless sonos, tests and x-rays done to figure out the excruisating pain I was experiencing.
The only thing they could determine was that maybe scar tissue was the problem...
Or that I had been over-doing it.

Then there was 6 months down the road,
and I still had no feeling in my lower stomach.

And by 8 months, I was wondering if I'd ever feel everything again?

However, I am happy to say I did regain my feelings and nerves...
It just takes time.
A little over a year or so.

I have no doubt recovery this time will be hard because I will have TWO babies now.
And now that one is a toddler--(which means he's WAY harder to handle)
then I have my work cut out for me.

I may just lose my sanity.

I know I'll have to give myself some time.
No pushing a stroller 4-5 miles two weeks out of surgery (yea I may of been stir crazy last time).
And I am aiming to give myself till first of January (if all goes well with everything)
Before I really begin a workout.

I know I'll be nursing around the clock,
sleeping very little,
and on top of that dealing with a toddler that is wild and crazy.
And this is all things I'll have to do a lone.

Yes, last time I had the blessings of having Uncle Carter live in Austin--
he would come over once a week to let me shower or take a break.
But this time I'm all on my own.

Some are blessed to have their moms there or live close by. (Blessed women!)
My mom will be here for the intial delivery but she has a career and her job is important--
and she's 6 hours away.

And with a husband with NO paternity leave--
and who has to provide for us--
also means he won't be taking off much.
Maybe just the days I'm in the hospital.

I just am hoping he can cut back his hours so I can maybe have a helping hand by the end of the day....

AND with that--
I do look forward to the slow,
and possibly depressing road back to getting fit again.

With this pregnancy (and still the next 4 weeks I have left)
I am bigger than ever.

I am carrying a LOT of weight on my 5'3" frame. (I round up)

I am ready to not be so big,
so tired,
so huge...
and I'm ready to workout.

I miss the endorphins.
I miss the sweating.
*Not pregnancy sweating where everything makes ya sweat*
I miss running.
I miss lifting weights.

I miss working out.
I miss being strong.
Actually tho, this pregnany I do think I'm stronger.
I still have abs (I can flex my stomach and you can see definition...somewhat lol)
and I lift a 30 lb toddler everyday numerous times.

I also spend a little time every week researching workouts and exercises I can do post-surgery.

And of course, I want to document it ALL!

The good, the bad AND the ugly.
And yes, also from experience,
I know it is UGLY.

Mommas who know,
know it takes awhile for things to feel....
normal again.

I mean, your body goes through a lot after a delivery.
I guess I'm just ready for the AFTER healing part of delivery.

Don't get me wrong.
Pregnancy has been really great
and relatively easy until now.

I find myself surprised by how much I can do and get done being this b i g WITH a toddler.
However, I do look forward to the days I can run again with Kie,
where I can fit down the slide with him at the park...
or when I'm able to carry him easier 
or have him fit in my lap better...

Those days will be here soon enough,
I just know it may take  EFFORT on my end to get back to that point.
Nonetheless, I do like challenges...
and this may be my biggest one yet to come.

Ok, enough of that...
Here's a few more phone shots from the past weeks.
Oh and I have to give an update on Kie's potty training in a post soon.

I'm amazed at how easy it is for him.
Seriously, whoever said boys are the hardest to train didn't have boys-OR they didn't make their husbands show em how to do so.
(I didnt do a thing!)

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!


Kie listening to the Mariachi band
Dancing to the music 
 Kie giving "the look" to the waitress, lol
watching cartoons
My two loves 
 night out
my couch cuddle bug

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