Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week Review

Well our Thanksgiving was great (minus Texas losing).  Justin and I had our own little family Thanksgiving. Mainly because my doctor told me it's too soon for me to be in the car to go home 6 hours--my incision still is not healed.  And also Kie is so small so we didn't want him around so many people/family until he's got his 6 weeks shots.

We made EVERYTHING for our own Thanksgiving! Dressing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, turkey, pumpkin pie, etc!  I was super impressed, considering we both never cooked our own holiday meal.  We didn't skip out--even with it being just the two of us.  It was so delicious and I ate leftovers for days!! 

This year, like most years...I have so much to be thankful for.

Especially for my sweet, patient, generous, hard-working, handsome husband. Together we're a great team.  He always refers to us as a team and I think it's a great way to understand how a marriage should work.  And since I'm a very sports associated person this analogy works out great.

Justin is my best friend and rock. He works very hard for us.  And like I've always mentioned before, he's the hardest working, least lazy man I know.  He works over 80 hours a week, comes home to help me around the house and stays up at night to help me with the baby and gets everything I want and need (for baby included.)

And since I've been banned from driving....Justin has been my errand man too.

I'm so grateful for him. God really does have His hand in things, doesn't He?

I'm also so grateful for my amazing family.  I've got some wonderful parents.  They've been down to Austin every weekend since Kie has been born.  And having grandmother here to help me out and show me the ropes, has really helped! Plus Kie loves his grandmother and his Big Daddy.

Since Thanksgiving we have been getting everything out for Christmas! Our tree is up and decorated (pictures to come soon).  Presents under the tree and Christmas shopping nearly done.  I have gag gifts to do and figure out.  Every year our family does gag gifts with little poems.  They can be silly gifts like a bag full of cat hair to something nice.  But usually the poems that go before the present are the funniest because you're trying to guess what the gift is.  And also, the gifts are tailored to each person.  So it's fun to see what your family thinks is fitting for you.

As for daily life around here
.... has been consisting of feedings for baby every two hours (which means little sleep for momma).  Lots of dirty diapers and new changes of clothes :) But I love it.  Being a mommy is hard at times--mainly just the lack of sleep.  But just holding my baby, kissing and cuddling him all day is so nice.  And I'm so thankful Justin works so hard so that I can be a SAHM.
Usually at nights, Kie eats around 6:30-7pm. Then he eats again at 9:30-10pm. And Justin will take the first "shift".  He will sleep with Kie until he wakes up for his next feeding...around 12am.  If we get off schedule sometimes during the day, then I usually know I have around 2 hours between feedings.  (Unless he is really hungry or didn't feed well previously).  After Justin's shift he retires to bed, where I then start the night shift of sleeping on the couch with the baby.

Kie has his own little bed that I lay on the couch and he nurses with me--then I TRY to put him down.  Sometimes successful, sometimes not.  We usually get up again at 2am, then 4-4:30am...and feed until Dad gets up at 6!

so yes, very little sleep but it's worth it.

Right now my sweet little angel is sleeping on the couch in his precious little infant gown.  Ahh! Babies with diapers on and cute little clothes just melt my heart. 

Usually Kie has to be held at all times.  He loves being nestled!  I hope he is going to be a big cuddle bug because his dad isn't so much and it would be nice to have someone to snuggle with.  

Also yesterday me and Kie took a very long walk --Kie in the stroller--to Borders, to get some books.
I got the Love Dare and Love & Respect.  Both Christian books.  Just because here lately with so much time spent with the baby...I need to remember my husband as well.  So I got the books to help me keep him first as well.  

I'll be posting how the books are and how the Love Dare is going.
I'm just on Day 1 and already I'm worried I won't do good! --It's about saying nothing negative for the day.  And often times I find myself complaining so I need to work on this!  I really like all the verses they put in the book. I need to study these verses and brand them into my brain so I can pull them out to remind me to bite my tongue at times.
Here's a good one I'll leave you with!

"See that no one repays another with evil for evil, but always seeks after that which is good for one another." (1 Thessalonians 5:15)

I love this verse, because often times when someone wrongs you or hurts you (disappoints you etc.) then we tend to say or do something hurtful, disrespectful or defensive in return.  I know I do this a lot!  And I really need to just keep quiet if I have nothing nice to say.  I know I am going to need to pray a lot to be better about this.

Anyway I'm going to try and get something to eat quickly before Kie is up for his next feeding.

Lots of Love,


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nearly 3 weeks

Short update!

In less than 3 weeks I'm OFFICIALLY (by Doc's scales) down 20 lbs! (gotta love the breast feeding!)

I've got about 30 to go! (which is fine because it took me about 9-10 months to gain it!) 

I am giving myself a year to get my muscle tone back.
And I have an additional 3 weeks of no exercising/no driving/no...anything.....

stinking c-section!

sorry for bad resolution! It's a webcam shot

Today is my parent's 25th wedding anniversary!
 Happy Anniversary to them!
I love you both so very much and SO very grateful for my amazing parents.  I would be lost and hopeless without them.  I hope and pray to be half as good of parents as they are!

Onto other random rambles,

I am having Thanksgiving at home with just me, Baby and Justin--since Kie is too young to be around many people still and I can't be in a car for so many hours just yet.

SO that means I will be cooking my FIRST Thanksgiving dinner (with a lot of help from Justin!) and it's our first married-with-baby Turkey day as well!


Baby Kie seriously talks all the time! Not just crying but literally gurgles, grunts and makes noises. Even our pediatrician was amazed how vocal he is... (just like momma!)

Kie also loves to be held and nursed....24/7--if he has it his way. Which he often does!
which just means...I get nothing done around the house.  It drives me insane at times...but I'm learning to cope!  I guess the dirty dishes and dust will always be there tomorrow.

Well I'd post more but I'm multi-tasking now with baby on me nursing!

Until the next free moment!

HK & Kie

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shutterfly's Holiday Promotion!!

So I had to share this great promotion with Shutterfly with my readers because this IS the season to share with friends and family how life has been going for you this year!

Plus Shutterfly has some great stuff for presents!  I had used their site to make some original Valentine gifts a year or two ago.  I made this really cute keepsake box with a picture on the front.  I loved it!  I am wanting to make something for Justin's mom with a picture of our sweet baby.  Maybe a mug or even a book of photos?

Or even this adorable Christmas ornament! Perfect for new additions ;) Or family pets!
Ah! I think I found the rest of our Christmas presents!
I am going to use the promotion for some baby announcements!
I'm excited to pick out the details for them!
There are some really cute options!
I'm still debating if we should just do regular baby announcements or do our Christmas cards?
What do yall suggest?
I'm including all the links to make your own gifts, cards or calendars!

·         Christmas cards to http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-cards
·         holiday photo cards to http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery   
·         upload pictures to http://www.shutterfly.com/upload-pictures
·         calendars to http://www.shutterfly.com/calendars  
·         Hanukkah cards to http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/hanukkah-cards
·         Choose your favorite product from our Cards & Stationery page

I will post our HOLIDAY Baby announcements once I create them! 

Hope yall enjoy Shutterfly as much as I do.

It's great for last minute gifts

Until next time,

happy creating ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life now minus belly

Happy 2 weeks baby Kie!
(no I won't be wishing him a 'happy how many weeks' every week, but I am just amazed how time is flying by!) Slow down!!! I want my baby to forever stay a baby!

The picture above was one of my last pregnancy photos.  It was on Justin's birthday (just a few days before Kie arrived!)  

I am going to post after body pictures soon (for motivation). BEWARE! ;)

Though I really won't be able to fully exercise for 3 months! (No ab workouts at least until then.)

ANYWAY, in 14 days I've lost 17 lbs.  Strictly breast feeding!

Whoo hoo! That's a lil over a lb a day!

I do miss my big round belly, it looked so good compared to my deflated (no muscle) belly.

So me and Kie have had a productive day.

My OCD crazy self had to clean the entire house (minus cleaning floors/vacuuming since that is a bit more strenuous.)

And no, my wonderful husband doesn't expect me to clean.  But I am crazy about being organized and CLEAN!  I sleep better knowing my house is put together and smelling of Pin-Sol and Pledge.  No worries, I make sure baby is far away from cleaning fumes! 

Also, last night Baby Kie slept alone from 1:40am to 5:30 am! He slept in his pack n' play beside our bed--and not in our arms!-- So that meant, the first time in 2 weeks me and Justin got to share a bed together! I missed cuddling with him :) And on these cold nights I've been missing having a warm body near me.  Yes Baby is usually with me or Justin, but I am usually sleeping sitting up on couch or in recliner.

Well, I am actually cooking dinner --Shrimp Gumbo-- tonight for the first night since we had Kie. 

So I gotta get to that!

Until next time,

Momma and Baby

Daddy saying Happy 2 weeks!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Due Date!

Today was Kie's OFFICIAL due date!

Kie is 13 days old and 7lbs, 10 oz!

It is so crazy he's been with us for nearly 2 weeks!  Mommy hood is a BIG adjustment.  Everyday I learn and learn what works and what doesn't.

We had to go to the doctor for a rash we got so that's why I know how big baby is.
He's gained 1 lb, 5 oz since last week.  Which means momma's milk is doing good.

Thank you Lord for letting our baby be a good eater and allowing my body to work well.

Anyway not much to post these days besides having little sleep, poopy diapers and LOTS AND LOTS of time nursing.

:) But I couldn't be happier.

I am soooo excited tho to soon be able to workout.
I go next week to MY doctor and he'll let us know if I'm healing good.  And if so, I can resume (slowly) working out Dec. 15th!

Yesterday we did take a walk around the block in the stroller.  I was worn out.  But Baby Kie loved it.  

Anyway, momma has baby laying on her chest...and I'm going to try putting him down so I can get some laundry done!

Until next time,

Lots of love and kisses from Baby Kie


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In one week...

In one week I've learned....

How painful c-section recovery is (tho I've heard stories that some people recover just fine!) I personally think this is more pain then the laboring AND pushing without an epidural.

In one week I've learned...

Tho I had gestational diabetes, my baby boy was tiny! 6lbs 10 oz! So not teeny tiny, but he wasn't a whopping 10 pounder.  And even with him being so small, I still couldn't have him naturally.  Which makes me grateful to be born in America in modern times.  Because in a 3rd world country or 100 years ago, Kie or me may not of been here.

In one week I've learned....

How much sleep deprivation can wreck havoc on your emotions! (Mommies to be, sleep now!)

In one week I've learned....

Not everything can get done, nor can it be perfect.

In one week I've learned...

How my body can change drastically! Oh hello deflated tire around the waist and hello "new breast implants!"

In one week I've learned...

How rewarding and CHALLENGING breast feeding is!  It takes work and it isn't a skip in the park, but I feel so accomplished knowing I can feed and satisfy (most times) my son.

In one week I've learned...

No matter the changes (clothes & diapers) and me changing, I cannot get away from the smell of milk or pee pee! 

--Tho my baby smells amazing, just like a baby should!--

In one week I've learned...

How insignificant most things were in my life PRIOR to being a mommy. The things I worried about, cared about or spent my time thinking about just seem silly now.

In one week I've learned....

That babies cry regardless if everything is fine.  Even if his belly is full, clothes and diaper changed, sometimes babies just will cry.  They are a bundle of nerves, and he's getting adjusted to life outside the womb and to their awesome new lungs!

In one week I've learned...

What my mother was trying to tell me for 24 years.  I never knew why she did a lot of things or said a lot of things to me...and now I get it.    

In one week I've learned....

I will ALWAYS be learning.  No matter the books, the classes, the advice....it's a learning process.
I have tried crying and praying (though both make me feel better) I know everyday I will learn.

In one week I've learned...

How I lost all my modesty!  After having a million nurses and two doctors help me labor, getting an epidural 4 times (two times didn't work) having a c-section, needing assistance to get dress, use the bathroom and bathe myself....And now breastfeeding (which makes me feel like an Aborigines woman on the Discovery Channel) I've lost my modesty.  I know it will come back--but for now, the loose and free native look is what I'm sporting.



 Baby Kie is a week old! Tho time crept by prior to him being here, it has flown by now.  (Even those nights I lie awake watching him breathe just to make sure he's ok.)

7 Things I love & learned about Kie this Week

1. He snorts.  I don't know which parent he got the snorting from but it's the cutest thing in the world.

2. He can teetee out of his diaper!  It's an amazing feat.  He changes clothes about as many times as he changes his diaper.

3.  He dreams.  Sometimes they must be scary, and I wonder what a week year old baby dreams of that is scary :( 

4. When he is with me, he is always trying to nurse.  Be it my arm/neck or shoulder.  And if he isn't nursing he's crying or asleep. No in between. 

5. He burps like his daddy! (or should I say mommy?)  

6. He talks! He is already like his momma!  He seriously talks.  Ok, so it's this weird noise he makes when he sucks on his pacifer or hand.  But, it's his way of talking.  He does it when he's happy or mad.  And he loves to tell his Daddy about the things he did for the day.

7.  He is really, really strong! He already moves his head around and supports his neck like a 2-3 month old.  He also holds his own pacifer and he insists on pushing me and kicking off me when I hold him.  He thinks I'm a trampoline!  He is one strong baby.  Justin thinks it's the half German in him.  

I'm also so grateful he's so strong because he was able to keep up with me during the 2 hours of pushing in labor.  If he wasn't so strong then we may of had more issues.


Lots of love,


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Labor of Love: Kie's Birth Story

I am finally getting the chance to write about the crazy week and most importantly Kie's birth story.
As of right now, I'm one exhausted mommy.  And I do believe I won't be blogging as much as I'd like because I am trying to get adjusted to things, but do hope to report at least ONCE a week.

Baby Kie's Birth Story

It all started last Tuesday, the 3rd.  I was ONE productive momma.  I ran a million errands, putting up Halloween decorations and also looking for great Halloween 'steals'.  I went to Target, Wal-Mart, Goodwill, Half Price Books and even the bank.  I went looking for baby costumes for the next year.  But found nothing.  I did find a few Elmo Halloween baby books and even stocked up on some classic baby books (that I planned on gifting to Kie for Christmas). Tuesday afternoon was great.  House was cleaned from topped to bottom, I went grocery shopping and even made a yummy homemade chili for me and Justin.  

Justin got home for our dinner and I was feeling accomplished and great because all was done with my errands and with the house (laundry done, sheets changed, floors mopped and vacuumed!) I was so energetic!  I did happen to notice later that evening I was semi 'leaking'.  I thought that I was perhaps having issues with my bladder, so I dismissed it. But after another hour or so of this leaking, I decided maybe I should call a nurse.  The nurse informed me the doctor wanted to make sure this wasn't my amnio fluids leaking since two weeks ago I had a similar problem, so they told me to come to the hospital.  It was around 8:30 pm.

I decided I desperately needed a shower and shave my legs because MAYBE this could be the night.  Though I highly doubted it because I wasn't experiencing any contractions.  So Daddy Justin tidied up the already clean house, I showered, shaved my legs and even blow dried my hair.  (And even put a bit of makeup on, tho it would not matter soon.)

We got to the hospital around 10:30 pm or so and the doctor on call came in, took a look and said I was "without a doubt in labor."  Turns out I was 4 cm dilated!!!!!!!

Wow! I was so OVERJOYED that I already dilated to 4 CM without feeling any pain.
I had been having contractions for awhile and even during that day but nothing that didn't keep me from running around like a chicken with her head cut off.

So around 11 pm I called my parents to let them know we were having a baby!
Doctor predicted Kie would be here by morning :)

They whisked me away to my labor and delivery room and I changed into my fancy maternity gown. 

At 2 am they gave me some pitocin to speed up my contractions and help my cervix.  Man I was thinking how easy labor was.  11pm at 4 cm and now it was 2am and I was still feeling great!  Justin slept while I dosed off here and there but mainly I stayed awake just excited that I was going to SOON see my baby!

Around 4:30 am, my happy and excited world turned.  I was in immense pain and hurting, my contractions put me in a fetal position.  My nice clean hair and makeuped face was now pouring with sweat and tears.  I went from 4cm to 6 1/2 .  And I labored until 6am and requested my epidural.  It took a million tries to get it in, but it finally worked.  Thank you God for modern medicine!  (And thank you Lord for sweet nurses that let me squeeze them half to death.)  

Once the epidural set in, so did my shakes.  I was having a reaction to the epidural but it was a lot better than the pain that I was feeling.  

Soon my best friend Rachel Lee was there and so was Carter and Chelsea.  I was chatty and excited. 
Doctor informed me I would start pushing at 11am.  I got to 10 cm way quicker than they thought and they predicted I'd have Kie in my arms before noon!

They dismissed my company because time was coming to push.   And the epidural was making me nauseated so I was ready to get things started.   I knew all would be over soon!

I started pushing and didn't stop for two hours.  My epidural even stopped working and I continued to labor and push in immense pain.  My body was wearing out on me and I was losing hope quickly because the baby was not moving down.  

I pushed and pushed and pushed.  Two doctors came in and countless nurses to help me with different methods to push the baby out.  I tried holding on to rails, putting my legs in straps, and even pulling a tied sheet.  I was put on oxygen because Kie's heart rate went low and I was under distress.  I knew they'd soon be doing an episonomy.  My body was giving out on me and the stress was too much.

But I read the doctor's faces.  I was not having this baby vaginally.

They told me there was no way Kie could fit.  My pelvic bones were too small and crushing my son.  
I had given it my all and now I was realizing all my pushing was just hurting my unborn son.

They whisked me away to the OR.  I was having a cesarean.

They had to give me another epidural for the surgery since mine had stopped working.  I got the shakes bad once again and they had to mix in some other medicine to help with my low blood sugars. 
Soon I was on the table, tapped up, strapped up and bounded down. 

Now maybe I was going to meet my son!

Justin comforted me and he was so great.  He held my oxygen mask on me and talked to me about miniature ponies (I always wanted one) and puppies.  

The surgery and epidurals were making me sick to my stomach, but soon I heard my baby's cry!

They rushed Kie to his little baby station and started cleaning him.  I couldn't see him!  I heard the doctor's talking and knew something wasn't right.  The informed me he was going to another NICU downtown for further tests.  He was under extreme stress and had swelling and blood build up in his head.  ALL because my pelvic bones were too small and he was crushed against them!

My heart broke into a million pieces.  They wheeled my baby out and Justin followed.

I was left in the OR to be sewn up.  

They took me to the recovery room a half hour later.  I stayed there, baby-less for an hour.

The doctors informed me Kie looked fine but they'd had to take him for further tests.  They wheeled his incubator up to me for one minute.  He was all bundled and I couldn't touch him even if I wanted.  

That was Wednesday.

Wednesday I stayed in the hospital and also all day Thursday and Friday...trying to heal and recover.  

My heart was shattered.  I hadn't even touched my baby.

Justin spent that day and Thursday back and forth between me and Kie.  Kie's swelling in his head had went down and his vitals were looking good.  But since he had such a traumatic birth and all the blood loss in his head they needed to keep him under care. 

I of course wanted the best for him.  But I was trapped at another hospital miles away.  Helpless and still numb from all the medicine.

Thankfully my mom spent the nights with me and Justin spent the nights w/Kie.

Justin would film Kie and take pictures of him for me.  I looked forward to them but soon they started to make me cry.  I was in a depression and being next door to the nursery wasn't helping.  I didn't want to see other mothers with their babies.  I was stranded in my room, after having such a hard birth without a child.

Of course I was so thankful Kie was healthy and alive....but I still was depressed.

Friday, my doctor told me he was releasing me early because he knew I was worse off (emotionally) staying away from Kie.  I was released!! Thank the Lord!

Though I was in pain my heart was starting to heal just knowing I'd soon see my son!
Mom got me to St. David's as fast as she could.  Justin met us downstairs and wheeled me to the NICU.

I heard his crying and I started crying too.  I finally saw him! My sweet baby!

I was jealous of the nurse that was seemed so comfortable with the baby. But soon it was my turn to hold him!

Oh my heart exploded!  How could this sweet baby come from me?
So many emotions flooded me! From feeling guilty that I was gone away from him for 3 days. From pushing in labor and unknowingly hurting my son.

Ahhh....still my heart and head are filled with so many feelings.

That was Friday.  That night Kie was released to come home with us!!

Since then, we have been adjusting to being home! Being a family of 3, and me being a mother.

Breast feeding was hard after having the baby use to a bottle in the NICU....but we're getting there.
And we've been SO blessed and grateful that my mom was here to help us! She's been an angel and I pray to the sweet and merciful Lord that I'm half as good of mom as she is.

Unfortunately she left today! So tonight is our first night on our own!

My sweet baby is wonderful! He still has some bruises on his head but otherwise he is perfect! He has seen the doctor and all is well! He even is still at his birth weight! Thank goodness my milk is in and he feeds well!

Kie is one wonderful blessing and I thank God for him countless times a day.

I never, ever knew the love that would take over me.  The world has changed. My view of life has changed.  I was happy before, but now I'm so full of love and happiness.

I will post more pictures of Kie later! But for now I got a lil man that I gotta feed.

He is sleeping soundly on his Daddy's chest!

Until then--forever in love,

HK and Baby Kie

first day home :)
baby Kie in the NICU

apple of Daddy's eye
my sweet angel

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bonjour November

We made it through the weekend, no baby!

Justin's birthday was Thursday and we spent it at home, eating a delicious meal.  Mahi mahi, asparagus, and chipotle sweet potato fries and then a coconut, cream cheese cake!  It was super good.

In fact, I think I ate the majority of it :(

Then Friday we had a wonderful get together with some good friends.  We all met at Red's Porch for dinner.  There was around 8-9 couples there, and my brother showed up for a bit.  Then we went to G&S for the guys to all play pool.  Justin and I took pictures in the photo booth (like we did nearly a year ago).  They're pretty funny.  I guess next year we will have Kie in them!

Sunday we didn't go to church.  As much as I wanted to, I am having problems sleeping and I spend the majority of the day time trying to cat nap.  Just not sleeping these days.  And I'm not that comfortable either.

So yesterday we watched the Rangers play (envious that my family was there!) and unfortunately they lost. And I passed out some candy to our very few trick or treaters.  I sent the candy with Justin to work today because I did not want to eat on it all day.

Today I was surprised by my best friend-Rachel Lee knocking on my door!  She was here for an interview and we had a nice lunch and visit.  So nice to see her.  I'm crossing my fingers she gets a nursing position herein Austin!  God's will, will be done :)

Just a small update.  

Tomorrow is officially 38 weeks, and my doctor's appointment is Thursday.....so we'll see if we make it or not.  And if we do I pray I've made some progress. 

I know there are a lot of "ways to induce".  But I'm not really wanting to try.  As much as I'm ready for him to be here, I rather him just come when God and he wants to.  Yes, I still walk (when I'm not exhausted).  And I do enjoy my Mexican food, but otherwise...this gal is not going to be chugging castor oil and pineapple.

I've had all the pre-labor signs....so it's just a matter of time and waiting.
And for me being a control freak, it's been hard to just let things go and be.

Well, Justin and I are going to take our little walk around the neighborhood before the Ranger games gets too far along.  And I will post Thursday if doctor informs me on anything new.

Until then--I will be waiting on Baby, waiting on cooler weather and thanking God for my blessings.

Lots of Love,

and still baking baby Kie

Me, Amanda, Nic, Shon, Matt

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