Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nearly 3 weeks

Short update!

In less than 3 weeks I'm OFFICIALLY (by Doc's scales) down 20 lbs! (gotta love the breast feeding!)

I've got about 30 to go! (which is fine because it took me about 9-10 months to gain it!) 

I am giving myself a year to get my muscle tone back.
And I have an additional 3 weeks of no exercising/no driving/no...anything.....

stinking c-section!

sorry for bad resolution! It's a webcam shot

Today is my parent's 25th wedding anniversary!
 Happy Anniversary to them!
I love you both so very much and SO very grateful for my amazing parents.  I would be lost and hopeless without them.  I hope and pray to be half as good of parents as they are!

Onto other random rambles,

I am having Thanksgiving at home with just me, Baby and Justin--since Kie is too young to be around many people still and I can't be in a car for so many hours just yet.

SO that means I will be cooking my FIRST Thanksgiving dinner (with a lot of help from Justin!) and it's our first married-with-baby Turkey day as well!


Baby Kie seriously talks all the time! Not just crying but literally gurgles, grunts and makes noises. Even our pediatrician was amazed how vocal he is... (just like momma!)

Kie also loves to be held and nursed....24/7--if he has it his way. Which he often does!
which just means...I get nothing done around the house.  It drives me insane at times...but I'm learning to cope!  I guess the dirty dishes and dust will always be there tomorrow.

Well I'd post more but I'm multi-tasking now with baby on me nursing!

Until the next free moment!

HK & Kie

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