Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In one week...

In one week I've learned....

How painful c-section recovery is (tho I've heard stories that some people recover just fine!) I personally think this is more pain then the laboring AND pushing without an epidural.

In one week I've learned...

Tho I had gestational diabetes, my baby boy was tiny! 6lbs 10 oz! So not teeny tiny, but he wasn't a whopping 10 pounder.  And even with him being so small, I still couldn't have him naturally.  Which makes me grateful to be born in America in modern times.  Because in a 3rd world country or 100 years ago, Kie or me may not of been here.

In one week I've learned....

How much sleep deprivation can wreck havoc on your emotions! (Mommies to be, sleep now!)

In one week I've learned....

Not everything can get done, nor can it be perfect.

In one week I've learned...

How my body can change drastically! Oh hello deflated tire around the waist and hello "new breast implants!"

In one week I've learned...

How rewarding and CHALLENGING breast feeding is!  It takes work and it isn't a skip in the park, but I feel so accomplished knowing I can feed and satisfy (most times) my son.

In one week I've learned...

No matter the changes (clothes & diapers) and me changing, I cannot get away from the smell of milk or pee pee! 

--Tho my baby smells amazing, just like a baby should!--

In one week I've learned...

How insignificant most things were in my life PRIOR to being a mommy. The things I worried about, cared about or spent my time thinking about just seem silly now.

In one week I've learned....

That babies cry regardless if everything is fine.  Even if his belly is full, clothes and diaper changed, sometimes babies just will cry.  They are a bundle of nerves, and he's getting adjusted to life outside the womb and to their awesome new lungs!

In one week I've learned...

What my mother was trying to tell me for 24 years.  I never knew why she did a lot of things or said a lot of things to me...and now I get it.    

In one week I've learned....

I will ALWAYS be learning.  No matter the books, the classes, the's a learning process.
I have tried crying and praying (though both make me feel better) I know everyday I will learn.

In one week I've learned...

How I lost all my modesty!  After having a million nurses and two doctors help me labor, getting an epidural 4 times (two times didn't work) having a c-section, needing assistance to get dress, use the bathroom and bathe myself....And now breastfeeding (which makes me feel like an Aborigines woman on the Discovery Channel) I've lost my modesty.  I know it will come back--but for now, the loose and free native look is what I'm sporting.



 Baby Kie is a week old! Tho time crept by prior to him being here, it has flown by now.  (Even those nights I lie awake watching him breathe just to make sure he's ok.)

7 Things I love & learned about Kie this Week

1. He snorts.  I don't know which parent he got the snorting from but it's the cutest thing in the world.

2. He can teetee out of his diaper!  It's an amazing feat.  He changes clothes about as many times as he changes his diaper.

3.  He dreams.  Sometimes they must be scary, and I wonder what a week year old baby dreams of that is scary :( 

4. When he is with me, he is always trying to nurse.  Be it my arm/neck or shoulder.  And if he isn't nursing he's crying or asleep. No in between. 

5. He burps like his daddy! (or should I say mommy?)  

6. He talks! He is already like his momma!  He seriously talks.  Ok, so it's this weird noise he makes when he sucks on his pacifer or hand.  But, it's his way of talking.  He does it when he's happy or mad.  And he loves to tell his Daddy about the things he did for the day.

7.  He is really, really strong! He already moves his head around and supports his neck like a 2-3 month old.  He also holds his own pacifer and he insists on pushing me and kicking off me when I hold him.  He thinks I'm a trampoline!  He is one strong baby.  Justin thinks it's the half German in him.  

I'm also so grateful he's so strong because he was able to keep up with me during the 2 hours of pushing in labor.  If he wasn't so strong then we may of had more issues.


Lots of love,



  1. Your writings of life make me a good way. love to you!


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