Monday, January 5, 2015

Off hiatus

As per usual, I have more posts in draft then what I have published. 

Blogging for me, has definitely died off.
It's not that I don't have something to say (when do I not?) but finding time to sit and put it into something coherent for others to read is the issue. I definitely prefer my IG account to keep a day-to-day update on life. (come find me @mommak918)

That said,
hellooooooo NEW YEAR!

I'm so glad to see 2014 GONE.

It was a year of challenges and mistakes, growth and self realization and lots of other things.
It wasn't the worst year by far, but last year started off badly. So I felt like I got off on the wrong foot.
I was sick with bronchitis, I had my first panic attack in YEARS...and I got sicker and sicker until I had (gallbladder) surgery in July and it was only until late August that things got better (health-wise).

It wasn't all bad, from August on to December life was pretty wonderful.
We had tons of fall fun, pumpkin patches, UT football games, times out on the lake fishing, lots of family time, date nights out, trips to Atlanta, ACL fun & Kiddie Limits, seeing theatre plays, birthday parties, Cowboy football games, Thanksgiving and lots more! Definitely more good then bad...but, nonetheless, 2015 is already looking up (least how we started vs. last year's!)

This Christmas we got to spend it with the entire family in Atlanta. There was nearly 30 of us!
It was wild but it was nice to have everyone together. Being around family is great, but it's also bittersweet. We realize these precious days are numbered. We have been blessed for years to spend it with grandparents who are healthy and sound, but as years past, we realize that those years were more blessed than we knew. I don't want to divulge much else, but that if you have grandparents or elderly family still around--give them hugs and kisses now :*)

As for this past NEW YEAR, we had a wonderful one!
Justin cooked a huge meal of lobster, crab legs and steak. After dinner, we then spent the rest of the evening outside around a big fire with sparklers and wearing lots of comfy layers. It was so cold out! I loved spending it with my three guys. It was such a relaxing and sweet night. Btw, we didn't even stay up till midnight. Ha! Justin and I got in bed not much after we put the kids down :)

The next day Justin spoiled us by cooking all three meals and cleaning up around the house. We also packed up Christmas and I started to spring clean. I like to start early.  As much as I love Christmas, I love a fresh new start from the New Year.
I've been decluttering, purging and re-organizing.
One of my typical goals of a new year is to live with less.

I do like my stuff, but I also love having less stuff so it takes less time away from what's important! Less stuff means less to clean! :)

That's another reason I'm getting to sit right now and blog some. I have been working hard the last few days to get things in order and now that I'm nearly done, I'm able to breath easy and do some things I enjoy.

Now that everyone is caught up to speed, I will do my best to post on my goals for this year.
I've got lots of ideas and house projects for this year.

I can't wait to see what 2015 has to bring!
God bless!

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