Saturday, June 30, 2012

The love bug must of bit me

Hey lovely readers--
This post will be a lot more cheerier than the previous (and a bit random, bear with me!)
 It's amazing the roller coaster of emotions you experience when pregnant. Heck, just being a woman you experience a range of emotions!

One moment I'm ready to pull my hair out, the next I'm looking at my handsome husband like I'm a 16 year old girl with a high school crush!

And on that note, warning--right now I'm in a mushy, lovey mood...
I wanted to say how much I adore my husband.
Sure, he may annoy me on the occasion.  Doesn't every spouse?
And yes, sometimes when he asks me a question JUST because I asked him one. Which gets a little old.
(For instance: "Is your phone ringing?" -Me asking.  Justin, "Is YOUR phone ringing?')
::Now imagine that kind of questioning every time you ASK a question::
It gets old. But he thinks it's funny.

Now, back to the mushy.
Sometimes I look at my husband--mainly when he is working (which is all the time) and I'm amazed by his talents.
Seriously, he is so very talented. He can do almost anything. And he's a perfectionist.
His work shows his craftsmanship.
Kie & Papa J ready for swim lessons
He is diligent but speedy.
And he is so confident.

I have never met a man that is as skillful in SO many trades MORE than my husband.
He also has such a great athletic built.
Haha, I may be blushing when I write this--and I'm not trying to make anyone UNCOMFORTABLE when reading about my husband.
It's just amusing because PRIOR to my husband I dated guys that would deem themselves "gym rats".
Then I married the ONE man who NEVER works out.
And doesn't need to!

He's got a great, toned body naturally.
And when I think of my past and all the dudes that spent so much time in the gym or running makes me laugh--because I thought at the time it was so important.  Now, I've got a man--with a real man's body. He has great muscles and they're muscles that he actually USES not just ones he builds in a gym to fill out a shirt.

He does wake board every morning--
(He is on the lake at 5:30am everyday before work!)
And he has a physically grueling job...
plus, when he IS home...he never sits down.
He runs circles around me.

He is just blessed with good genes,
while I, on the other hand,
can look at a package of Oreos and immediately they jump to my hips!

Ok, enough shallow talk.

::Currently, our remodel/reno is BEHIND in schedule::
I've tried to be patient--and I'm working on it...
but when you're pregnant you have this URGE to nest and it's so hard to nest when everything is everywhere.

But, I won't go there for now.
This weekend has been great--J got me some more maternity clothes.
Even though I thought I could get through this pregnancy with what I had from my last--I realized I needed a few more things, plus I let some friends borrow some items and some have managed to go missing with all the moving we've been doing.

Maternity clothes have gotten SO cute. Even since I was last pregnant!
Kie & Mickey :) His new favorite friend
What is the sweetest is that Justin really likes to buy me clothes.
He always sits out of the dressing room and waits on me to come out in the outfits.
Seriously, can you make a better man than that?

Lately though, I have NOT been saving like I'd like.
With being out of a kitchen for a month PLUS---we have been eating out a lot.
Also--with being OUT of the house a lot means we have been shopping more.

Regardless, we have been paying down so much of our debt this past year that we are nearly debt free.
I cannot wait TO say we are officially debt free and no longer have a credit card.
We have slowed down paying the debt faster because we have been financing a renovation...
and we have a lot of doctor appointments and a future c-section to pay IN FULL in CASH.

I won't go there now--but let's just say that Obama's REFORM (prior to this recent Health Care Law) made it where our insurance no longer carries maternity.

Even though we DO have health insurance...Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas no longer carries maternity when you have a private business. --Basically, if you own your own business or a small business you're pretty much screwed when it comes to insurance.
Therefore, we are paying OUT OF POCKET for a very expensive c-section! And not to mention all the countless doctor appointments. We have already paid $7,000 for just the doctor appointments alone!

::I asked the Doctor if wouldn't mind doing a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck when he was finished with the surgery--since we were already paying for so much!::
He thought I was serious and began to lecture me.
Ohhhh Doctors, don't you have a sense of humor?!
I digress...

Anyway, the weekend has been great.
Lots of family time with my two sweet men... <3 Sometimes I can't get enough of those two.
AND tomorrow we will spend a better part of the day out on the Lake Austin with some of my favorite people!

Can't wait to see Justin wakeboard and I need some sun on my legs....
Hope everyone is having a blessed weekend!

Until next time,

Big Daddy & Kie out at dinner one night
Boat time! Kie & I on Lake Austin

Shhh, don't tell Dad I'm standing on his head

Thursday, June 21, 2012

toddler times

So, my toddler....
My precious, blue eyed lil man.

ADORABLE to look at.
PRECIOUS to watch while sleeping...
And even there are the times when he acts and behaves OH SO perfectly!

Mainly when others are around.
He performs.
he spins,
he dances,
he talks,
he hugs,
he kisses,
he does tricks,
he counts,
& spells his name.
::He can count to 3 & Spell K-I-E!::

He smiles,
says "tank yew"(thank you)
and "peas" (please)
when he wants something...
Or when you hand him a snack.

There is the toddler side I get to see...from time to time.
Oh, who am I kidding...
The toddler side, I see nearly everyday.

The wild child.
There's the disappearing act.
::When he goes into hiding, and no matter how much you call his name he stands completely still and quiet behind the curtain or door, or in the shower.  Refusing to answer to his mother's frantic calls.

The instances happen when I make a mistake to take folded laundry to be put up in it's proper place.
Kie is with me one second--GONE the next.
Of course I know he can't get anywhere that could be too scary--but it's those .0003 seconds that your brain runs into crazy thoughts like he drowned in the toilet or managed to undo the dead bolt and wandered into the street.

He loves giving me a heart-attack.
Of course he is not swimming in the toilet or running into traffic.
Instead he hides, like a Navy seal (do they hide? Idk) behind the door or curtain.
Not breathing or making a noise.
::Once again, I'm sure he is breathing but I cannot hear him for the life of me::
Finally I discover his hiding spot and he laughs at me.

Love you too, Son.

Oh, toddlers.
You're so cute because you look like a mini adult.
Your little bodies so small and still squishy.
The plump little arms and legs.
(Though they're slimming up so fast!)
The sweet, innocence in your eyes....
::I say this before you smack me in the face::
The love for your parents,
your grandparents,
your uncles & aunts,
the puppy or the kitty,
or the many strangers.....

Though you don't understand why sometimes people may ignore you.
I'm sure they would love you if the happened to look your way.
But, unlike your mom, some people don't notice babies or toddlers.
I'm sure it would be a sad way to live life not noticing other sweet babies and kids...
but there are those kinds of people in the world.
Sometimes they sit on the plane next to us,
And though you try desperately to say hi to them--
however, they have their earphones stuffed all the way to their eardrums.

Yes, those are the people you try your hardest to talk to.
And it breaks my heart because you don't understand why they won't listen.

Oh, sweet lil wild man :)
I want to put you in a bubble and keep you there.
Keep you innocent.
And precious.
And wild.
And original.

The more I think of it,
the more home-schooling seems to be the plans I'm toying.

To raise you where Christ is first in the curriculum.
Where you can study art & music,
develop any of your passions.
And we'll go from there,
I realize you can do this in public or private schools.
But for now, I think we may try homeschooling.
yes, it's still years away--and maybe once the second baby comes--
I may realize I need a break.
But, for now I want to protect my lil cherub.

Oh, toddler times....
You exhaust me.
But with every screeching (literally) second of it,
I learn something new.
I learn about myself.
How I need to be patient.
I learn how to be a better mother,
failure is the best lesson.
I learn what kind of woman I wish to be.
A better Christian, a better wife & a loving mother.

So forgive me sweet toddler when I fail.
When I lose my cool,
Or when I give up and hand you the 3rd or 4th popsicle for the day....

Just know, regardless of the time-outs (that I've yet to enforce) or the threatened spankings....
that I do love you.
And that I'll get this parenting a toddler thing down.
Especially before your brother becomes a toddler.

well, you're up from your nap....
and at least I'm smart enough not to try and blog while you're running around.

Until next time,


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kie will have a new BABY....


Coming mid October.
I am very surprise, but so very excited.
I really thought this was a girl since the pregnancies have been so different.
I also had SO many people tell me they also thought it was a girl as well.
Regardless, I'm elated because Kie will have a buddy close in age to grow up with!

I even asked the good Lord to give me what He thinks I can handle...
Apparently the world is not ready for a Baby Halley just yet :)

So yes, I will be OUTNUMBERED in the house but I love my current little momma's boy so maybe I'll have another sweet momma's boy too!

This baby is measuring 2-3 weeks bigger, whoo hoo!
I guess this is a good time to be happy that I'll be having another medical needed c-section.
However, Kie was predicted to be larger and he wasn't big at all.

Anyway, another boy means I can get him to wear all of Kie's clothes that he wore for such a short time.

So yes, saving money is a great thing in the parent world!

Well today is another LONG day for us....
Life has been so great but a bit chaotic!
I've also been having some minor issues with low, LOW blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
I have issues with fainting weekly--sometimes daily...

Any other mommies experience this?
I try to eat often (for my sugar levels) and eat foods that won't spike my sugars...
but my blood pressure isnt as easy to regulate.

Ah well, such is mommy hood....what is easy to regulate?
Well I promise to update more on this pregnancy SOON.
I've also got to start thinking of names...
I'll gladly take suggestions!
Preferably I like names that start with a "K"---so it goes with our last name Knuth. (Ka-newt)

Send any suggestions my ways!!

Hope everyone is doing great & blessed!

Until next time,


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Boy or Girl?

Bonjour! :)
SO much to write/talk about...BUT I can't :( 
Stinks that my mouth is literally and LEGALLY closed.
Y'all will have to wait to find out ALL the crazy stuff that has been going on lately.
On other news that I CAN share...
We find out MONDAY if we're having a boy or girl.

This pregnancy has been a whirlwind. By the time I was this far along with Kie we had bought TONS of baby things--& already painted the nursery and bought a crib.
We have yet to do a thing for new Baby K.
I guess because we have 99% of everything we need.
Unless it's a little girl, then we have TONS to buy.
Papa J wont even consider baby names until we know the sex.
He won't even be fun and tell me names he likes.
I guess he doesn't want to waste time thinking of other names when he can concentrate on one gender.
Makes sense.
ANYWAY, Monday will be a busy day---my doctor's appointment is at 9:30am...
AND then we'll rush home to get ready ....for somethings I can't mention.

Basically my life for the next month will be a BIG secret.
Of course I'll share what the baby is..
but everything else will be shhhhhhhhh....
Just don't tempt me too much by messaging me. 
I'm not great at withholding exciting news :)

Well, I hope everyone has been having a great week! :)
I can't believe it's already Thursday! Where's the time going?!

Until next time,


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brother's graduation & weekend updates

Let's do a quick little re-cap of the weekend...THREE weeks ago.
I had SO much family come in for my little brother's graduation.
It was a bittersweet time.
Carter did take 5 years to graduate but I secretly never wanted to see him graduate.
I guess I felt like I still had a tie to my college years with Carter baby still in school.
And no, Carter didn't take 5 years because he was having a hard time in school...
He was having TOO much fun at UT!
And he saw that once you get OUT of school the real world starts.
And let's be honest,
how great is the adult world?
(Besides the marrying and having babies---all the paying bills like mortgages and insurance is for the birds!)

Anyway, not only did Carter graduate (but so did his sweet girlfriend MY future Sister-in-Law!)
but he is also moving out of his BACHELOR pad downtown.
This is the same condo I lived in while attending UT.
And I love it's location.
It's in the hustle and bustle of my loved 40 acres school.
You can hear the crowds cheering for the Longhorns during football season....
Takes me back to my days of easy living and LOTS of fun!

So yes, his graduation ceremony was a few weeks ago.
We also had a MASSIVE party here at our house for Carter & Chelsea (the gf).
We had over 50 people here and it was a blast!
Also Kie got to play with his two sweet cousins....
And of course he was a ham all day with everyone.
And everyone KNOWS how much I love to throw parties and play hostess!
I seriously love cleaning, cooking and just having everything organized and layed out for everyone to mingle and enjoy great food and friends.
MAYBE party planning should be on my future job list....???

As for THIS past weekend...
I was a little sick.
Seriously, I'm 18 weeks
and I thought my sickness time should be over?
Uh, no.
However, I AM not as sick as I was with my guess that this is a GIRL still stands firm.

Anywho, I spent a lot of my weekend in bed and being catered to by my sweet husband.
ALSO lots of love to that man.
I mean, he reads this (rarely, but he does get around to it!)
So I just want to say that I'm SO lucky to have my husband.

He seriously will go get EVERYTHING I crave.
Like the other day,
I wanted a veggie Subway sandwich.
BUT I wanted the soup from Scholotsky's.
He got them BOTH for me--even though they are on opposites sides of the town.

Also, I tend to crave things...and then once I get it...or make the food..
I dont want it.
So he always is good about getting me something else.
Or replacing my ice pack (for my headaches)
or changing the sheets on the bed after I puked...

**ok, I'm not sick that much but he has helped me a lot when I've been sick!**
I love to watch him with Kie.
I spy on them at night with Justin is doing the nighttime routine.
J has always done Kie's bath time and bedtime.
I mean, there are nights when I do it when J works late.
That's like once every two weeks or so.
Justin works 99% of the time....
so his ONE on ONE time during the week is bath time, pj time, read a book & pray.

I love watching Justin read to Kie.
Kie sits there so still and just listens.
However, when we read he is always rushing to the end of the book or getting out of my lap to find another book!
It's so precious to watch their relationship.
Justin is just a great, great father.
He works so hard too...for all of us!

**Speaking of, that reminds me...I have been trying to come up with some awesome Father Day gift ideas sine Justin did so good for me.
I have TWO...
I MAY wait to post what they are incase he decides to randomly look at my blog.

well I'm wrapping this post up because my thoughts went out the window.
AS usual.

Btw, how was everyone's Memorial Day! 
(I realize I'M WAY BEHIND......this is what happens when you write and leave your posts in DRAFT for so long.)

I spend the day thinking of my Grandfather Jim who served in WWII...
and my three Marine uncles who served in the Gulf War and the war in Iraq---and even one uncle who lost his life while serving our country.

God Bless this Country.
I hope the people running it realizes the sacrifices so many brave women and men have made for it.
**Before I get on THAT soap box, I'll digress..... with a few pictures.

Until next time,


Chelsea & Carter

my future little Longhorn!

Uncle Carter with Amelia & Kie
Can it get any cuter? I don't think so!

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