Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brother's graduation & weekend updates

Let's do a quick little re-cap of the weekend...THREE weeks ago.
I had SO much family come in for my little brother's graduation.
It was a bittersweet time.
Carter did take 5 years to graduate but I secretly never wanted to see him graduate.
I guess I felt like I still had a tie to my college years with Carter baby still in school.
And no, Carter didn't take 5 years because he was having a hard time in school...
He was having TOO much fun at UT!
And he saw that once you get OUT of school the real world starts.
And let's be honest,
how great is the adult world?
(Besides the marrying and having babies---all the paying bills like mortgages and insurance is for the birds!)

Anyway, not only did Carter graduate (but so did his sweet girlfriend MY future Sister-in-Law!)
but he is also moving out of his BACHELOR pad downtown.
This is the same condo I lived in while attending UT.
And I love it's location.
It's in the hustle and bustle of my loved 40 acres school.
You can hear the crowds cheering for the Longhorns during football season....
Takes me back to my days of easy living and LOTS of fun!

So yes, his graduation ceremony was a few weeks ago.
We also had a MASSIVE party here at our house for Carter & Chelsea (the gf).
We had over 50 people here and it was a blast!
Also Kie got to play with his two sweet cousins....
And of course he was a ham all day with everyone.
And everyone KNOWS how much I love to throw parties and play hostess!
I seriously love cleaning, cooking and just having everything organized and layed out for everyone to mingle and enjoy great food and friends.
MAYBE party planning should be on my future job list....???

As for THIS past weekend...
I was a little sick.
Seriously, I'm 18 weeks
and I thought my sickness time should be over?
Uh, no.
However, I AM not as sick as I was with Kie...so my guess that this is a GIRL still stands firm.

Anywho, I spent a lot of my weekend in bed and being catered to by my sweet husband.
ALSO lots of love to that man.
I mean, he reads this (rarely, but he does get around to it!)
So I just want to say that I'm SO lucky to have my husband.

He seriously will go get EVERYTHING I crave.
Like the other day,
I wanted a veggie Subway sandwich.
BUT I wanted the soup from Scholotsky's.
He got them BOTH for me--even though they are on opposites sides of the town.

Also, I tend to crave things...and then once I get it...or make the food..
I dont want it.
So he always is good about getting me something else.
Or replacing my ice pack (for my headaches)
or changing the sheets on the bed after I puked...

**ok, I'm not sick that much but he has helped me a lot when I've been sick!**
I love to watch him with Kie.
I spy on them at night with Justin is doing the nighttime routine.
J has always done Kie's bath time and bedtime.
I mean, there are nights when I do it when J works late.
That's like once every two weeks or so.
Justin works 99% of the time....
so his ONE on ONE time during the week is bath time, pj time, read a book & pray.

I love watching Justin read to Kie.
Kie sits there so still and just listens.
However, when we read he is always rushing to the end of the book or getting out of my lap to find another book!
It's so precious to watch their relationship.
Justin is just a great, great father.
He works so hard too...for all of us!

**Speaking of, that reminds me...I have been trying to come up with some awesome Father Day gift ideas sine Justin did so good for me.
I have TWO...
I MAY wait to post what they are incase he decides to randomly look at my blog.

well I'm wrapping this post up because my thoughts went out the window.
AS usual.

Btw, how was everyone's Memorial Day! 
(I realize I'M WAY BEHIND......this is what happens when you write and leave your posts in DRAFT for so long.)

I spend the day thinking of my Grandfather Jim who served in WWII...
and my three Marine uncles who served in the Gulf War and the war in Iraq---and even one uncle who lost his life while serving our country.

God Bless this Country.
I hope the people running it realizes the sacrifices so many brave women and men have made for it.
**Before I get on THAT soap box, I'll digress..... with a few pictures.

Until next time,


Chelsea & Carter

my future little Longhorn!

Uncle Carter with Amelia & Kie
Can it get any cuter? I don't think so!

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