Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting Into Gear

Just thought I'd share my latest article at the Examiner on New Years.

I do plan on posting my personal resolutions this year--there's a few.

And sharing our NYE and New Year's Day events.
ALSO--my family's plans for 2012.
We have a lot of things we want to attempt!

More house remodeling to come! Yippie!
And of course, our dream is to find some land to build on.

That may not be achieved in 2012--but we are always looking!
Lake front property that is!

Regardless, none of these "plans" are set in stone unless we seek God's will.
So ultimately, my main goal this New Year is to seek God daily-and to go for HIS plan for our lives.

I'm excited to see where He takes us!

God is SO good.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

More pictures, less words: Christmas!

For a quick Christmas update...

Thursday night my husband surprised me by taking me to see The Nutcracker!
I was thrilled! I use to do ballet (10 years of it!) and was in The Nutcracker as well.
So it was fun sharing that experience with him.  Plus, he dressed up, wearing a suit.... (he looked handsome and dapper!)
Plus, it was a date night for us!

We shared spiked coffees and cookies during intermission--and to my surprise, Justin actually enjoyed the dance!

Friday, we headed out to Atlanta--where we spent two days with family.
It was a small, quiet Christmas. And it was great! 
Kie was the only baby--so it was a very Kie-filled time!
He entertained a lot!
We had our annual Christmas Eve party--went to the Candlelight Service--
Santa came and brought lots of goodies for Kie--
and we enjoyed a big Christmas breakfast and dinner!
Then we capped off the night with fireworks over the lake!
(Courtesy of my dad & Justin!)

It was a LOVELY, lovely time.
That's why I was so down when it ended! :/ I hate to say goodbye to family!
here's a few pictures!

Hope everyone had a beautiful & Merry Christmas!!!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I need to write before my head explodes..

Dear God help me.

Wow, I need to write.
I have to update on Christmas sometime soon, but before I do I need to let off some steam.

What is it when Christmas is over that makes me automatically go into a funk?
Removing the decorations, the lights...
Leaving family...returning to work.
All things sobering.

These last few days I've felt like screaming,
and I have.
I've screamed a lot.
Mainly just screams of frustration.

The poopy diapers that come every 20 minutes from Kie...
The need for him to PLAY in his poop!
(Seriously, I can't change his diaper without him grabbing his dirty one and going to town!)

The SUPER messy house.
The laundry that refuses to fold itself.
The pile of clothes that adorn each corner of a room.
The suitcases that are still unpacked.
The boxes and BOXES of Christmas that I can't seem to finish and put away.

My loyal, paint-spotted, holey sweat pants that are the only item of clothing I can still wear.
Thanks Holiday Pounds and Bloat!
My long, stringy hair that still falls out regardless I gave birth to a baby over 13 months ago.

My allergies that remind me of the ever changing Texas weather.
The headaches that accompany them.
The deadlines I've missed for work.
The play dates I've canceled due to work.

The spoons and stuffed animals that been tossed into the toilet (thank Kie baby)...
The bills that never cease.
My acne that appears because I apparently will never leave my teenage years behind.

The exercise and "me" time I skip at 5am because I vow to wake up and work instead--
Because after all, work is more important than exercise or me time.

The work I don't finish because I need to organize first.

The adorable toddler that walks everywhere in the house--opening every drawer and door he can reach, pulling out everything and anything.

The same, precious baby that tugs and cries at my legs nonstop to let me know he wants to be "up!"
The same lil man, shaking every table, standing lamp and chair till it falls over and crashes.



A very, hard working husband--who stays late in Bible study week after week to help his brothers in Christ--but maybe doesn't realize his wife needs a hand or two at home.


I realize I only have one baby.
And my complaint isn't about him.
Nor my husband.

It's about me.
I need to get it together.

I am SO ready for 2012.
Because this is the time that will be the best for my family.

I am in need of a Jesus makeover.
I have been so very blessed this past year, and I just need to get it together for God--and for my family.

These last few days after Christmas has had me in a funk for whatever reason.
And I am kind of glad for it.

It's made me realize a lot.
Normally, life isn't so frustrating or stressing.
But the cries from my toddler and the impatience I've felt...
has me realizing I need Christ's peace more than ever.

I need some time to spend with Jesus.
I need to pursue His will.
To pursue His word.

I realize I don't need a New Year--to seek after Him...
but the timing of this New Year couldn't be better.

I have big plans for 2012.
(God willing!)
I want to carve out time-EVERYDAY for Jesus.
Everyday I want my nose in the Bible.
Everyday I want to start it in prayer.

I do pray throughout the day as it is.
Little prayers asking for guidance.
But I realize I need to start the day with Him.
I need to end the day, thanking Him.

I've been on edge lately.
And I think God has been trying to show me that living life without giving it ALL to Him can make
for any day to be a trying time.

I need to be checked.
I need to pray for patience.
And pray to be a better wife.
A better mother.
A better friend.
To be a better follower of Christ.
To give--and to never expect to get.

I need to find my peace with Christ--
and to live in Him daily.
Every day.

Ahh, I feel so much better now.

Dear God,

Thank You for Your mercy.
For Your love.
I don't deserve ANY of it Lord.
Please forgive me when I fail You.
When I lose my cool.
When I curse under my breath (or not) about the things that frustrate me.
Help me to have patience Lord.
Help me to me more even keel like my husband.
Help me to love like You.
To see the good in everyone.
To love everyone.
I pray for those who don't like me,
or hate me.
That maybe my heart will change about them.
For those that have hurt me,
I pray that I won't have any bitterness.
Lord, help me to realize I can't be mad or angry because they are just like me.
We all sin.
We all mess up.
Help me Lord to be a better mother.
Lord, I pray for my husband.
Take his burden.
He works so hard for our family.
Help me be a joy to him.
I want to be the wife You intended me to be.

Dear God, thank you for my family. My beautiful friends.
My healthy, happy son.
My hard working, patient husband.
Help me to show everyone Your love.

And every blessing I get, I give You the glory.
In Your Son's name.

Amazing how much better it feels to give it to God.

I am not trying to be showy about my relationship or prayers to God.
I just want to share that some days, some days are hard.
Even when you don't have a particular reason for it to be hard.
Some days, even if you're a don't always seem like a Christian.

These last few days have been testing me.
And I've failed.
I cannot tell you how many times I've apologized to Kie for being impatient.
Or feeling frustrated.

And I'm glad God has humbled me.
I needed it.

I'm ready for a fresh start.
To start a NEW day.
And, no..
I don't have to wait till 2012 to do so.

Thank you Jesus for that!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

O Christmas, Can you slow down?

O, Christmas tree!!

Real quick update!
I HAVE been running....
Maybe not much...
Ok, so maybe not enough.... I ran on Sunday before church..
and then I ran Mexican 1,000's on Tuesday...
and tomorrow I DO PLAN on running.
I promise.

Our team run on Tuesday, was Mexican 1,000's which is when you run 1,000 meters up a mountain (we only have hills--but thanks to the Rollingwood area--it might as well been mountains)

So you run 1,000 meters up hill--then run 1,000 as fast you can back down. --Training both sides of the body. (Front/back)
We did 3 sets of these.
Added up to a little over 6,000 meters. Which is a little less than 4 miles. (I think?)
Anyway, super great workout.
I was hurting for days.

And now that it's the CRUNCH time for Christmas--all I've been doing is working (deadlines are fast approaching) and trying to get last minute shopping done before we leave town.

There's a lot to update but like always I'm running behind schedule.
Doesn't help I have a toddler that pulls everything out behind me, or unwraps every Christmas present he sees.

Soooo, if some of your gifts are patched--or have masking tape all over them, forgive me!

Tis the season!!

Oh yes, I never showed any of my ICE pictures from the Gaylord a few weekends ago.
The ice Nativity scene was my favorite.
After all, THIS is the true story of Christmas!

Merry Early Christmas Friends!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Tradition :)

My sweet, sweet handsome man.

Blurry picture but I love Kie's face
No pants. Typical! And playing with momma's scarf 
Kie giving kisses to Amanda.
such a ham!
our amazing, best friends! Amanda & Warren
Daddy showing off his Ice skills to Lil Man
Momma, professional figure skater on the side.

We started a new Christmas tradition! 
Every year we plan to meet & skate with our best friends, Amanda & Warren.
And soon enough Kie will be out on the ice skating!

It was so much fun! 
We had hot chocolate and there were smores to make and fires places to enjoy!
Such a beautiful, fun, Christmas-y time!
And it was at Barton Springs Resort--so it was like we were at a little getaway!

Not to mention, after we got done--we went to dinner and we ran into Andy Roddick.

Yes, THE Andy Roddick.
He was picking up Jason's Deli to go.
And if I wasn't a happily married woman, with a child--and he wasn't a married man...
then I may of went crazy like I may or may not of done in my previous years....

(stories to come one day!)

Anyway, let's just say he was nice looking man.
And even though he tried to hide under his hat,
he knew I knew who he was.
We exchanged looks. 
And he gave me the look like
 "Yes, I know you know who I am....but I'm trying to get my turkey wrap and soup in peace without everyone noticing me."

And I was kind enough to let him do so without pouncing on him for a photo shoot.


SO that was my weekend.

This week before CHRISTMAS is insane--and flying by!

I love Christmas but I'm excited for the NEW YEAR!

2012 is going to be a BIG YEAR for The Knuth's!!!

Can't wait to share!!!

How's YOUR week before Christmas?!

Until next time,

Lil Bit of Christmas...@ the Knuths

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finding Christmas

Hey friends!

Thought I'd share my Christmas articles I'm writing for the examiner.

I'm super excited because I got BUSINESS cards today!

So that makes me legit, right?!
Feel free to check out my first article.

I will be sharing some of my writings on my blog as well.

Let me know what you think!
Thanks in advance friends!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CG Run: Week 3

So I never got to post about last week's run...
and a small update on this week.
Last Thursday I was suppose to run 3 miles.
Not much for most I know...
But remember I'm NEW to this.
Anyway, I start off in my neighborhood and I'm feeling good...
Cruising around the random streets (I still get lost).
And I come up to a street behind my house and one of the neighbor's is getting their house
remodeled and decorated by a TV show! (They don't put their network sign everywhere like you think until the reveal day.) I guess because it draws MORE attention to them as is.
Anyway...these people NEEDED the remodel.
It was the worse house in the neighborhood.
And not because it was decrepitated...
but merely because these people HAVE the stuff.
Like, it over flows out into their yard...

My plan is I'm going to run by tomorrow and take a picture if the TV crew is still there.
What's funny is these shows claim they do the makeovers in two days.
But it's Tuesday and they are still there.
So from Thursday to Tuesday...
Not two days, from what I last counted.
my 3 miles turned into 2 miles
and I ended up walking by the house a few times.
So my run turned into a walk.

AND this past weekend I missed an awesome run with the team. 
They got free massages and breakfast after the long run!!

However, I was in Dallas celebrating my nephew's FIRST birthday.
So really, I didn't miss out.

Oh and you better believe I packed my running shoes and sports bra.....

Though, I never put em on.
Once again SHAME on me.

Needless to say, I was apprehensive about going to run yesterday after being so lazy over the weekend.
I needed to do at least 4 miles.
And I DID!
I actually felt really good...
I felt strong...
and my breathing was somewhat normal.
And I ran it in about 40 minutes.
I mean, that's not a world record...
but I wasn't running with anyone so it's hard for me to pace.
I could of gone faster maybe.

However, my knee did hurt after the first 80 yards.
It's something I've grown to deal with...
Yet what hurt me worse was after an hour or two after the run.
The pain seemed to go up my femur and to my hip bone.

I was in pain most of the night.
It's gone today but I decided against running this morning.
Tomorrow I have boot camp and then it's back to see my doctor to see what my MRI revealed.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm worried to hear what he has to say.
I've never been a person to take things easy and I definitely push myself when sometimes I need to stop.
(Not during running but during boot camp and other training).
So I wonder if I've done more damage training then not training??

Anyway, I'm done being a little girl.
It's just my knee.
Not something serious and life threatening.


And I'm lucky to have both legs to begin with!
So here's to my last workout before hearing what the doctor has to say.

Until next time,

PS-SO many pictures to share.
I am uploading them this evening!

Monday, December 12, 2011

How the GLITZ stole Christmas REVEAL!

Finally time to reveal the Glitz & Glam Blogger Swap!

I was LUCKY enough to be paired with Ginny @ Musings from a breast cancer optimist...

I'm so glad I was given this opportunity to "meet" Ginny and  have a wonderful new blog to follow & read!
Go check out her little corner of the world!
Ginny is such an inspiring woman!
Not only is she a beautiful wife, she's also a mother to her adorable son, Cole...but she also blogs about her experience having breast cancer.
 (As Ginny refers to it as her temporary condition!) 
She's so optimistic and keeps her busy-filled life going at 110%!
 I'm so impressed by her!
She inspires me to live life to the fullest---regardless of the day we may have.
She also has IMPECCABLE taste! Seriously this gal has the best Christmas decorations ever! And she knows how to dress! She's got the style!
I'm so glad I found Ginny :)
I will continue to read & send lots of love and prayers to her & her sweet family. They deserve all the best..

And now to the awesome goodies she sent me!

Ginny spared NO expense...She seriously spoiled me!!
I doubt my husband can top it!
And she KNOWS the way to a girl's heart...
Christmas came early to the Knuth household--and it was MY turn to be gifted!  
I felt like a blessed little girl on Christmas day!
Even Ginny's card was stylin! 
You know Ginny KNOWS what a girl loves when you see packages from Sephora & LOFT! 
Beautiful shimmery eye shadows and blush from Sephora! 
Perfect little jeweled hair pins! (I've been NEEDING SOME!) Thanks Ginny!!!!
This was SO perfect!
Notice it SAYS glitz & glam!?
Eye shadows/blush AND the absolute BEST lipstick/gloss!
How could you do ANY better?! 
Also I think the brunette looks JUST like Ginny... ;)
and some BLING!!!
A cocktail ring to top off any outfit!

AND a shimmery scarf from FOREVER 21.
I loved all the colors in it.
A perfect scarf to wear with anything!

I'm SO grateful to you, sweet Ginny, for these amazing gifts!
You went above & beyond for me!!
I feel so special and loved..
and not to mention, these gifts make me feel girly & pretty!
And what girl doesn't want to feel that way?
I will be posting a picture of me all dolled up in everything soon!
Thanks again sweet momma!

Also thanks to Lindsey @ The Bargain Blonde
and to Raven @
for putting on this awesome event!!!

Merry Early Christmas ladies!!!


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