Thursday, December 1, 2011

6 feet of leg and a bummed knee

The title is confusing...
But maybe it got you WONDERING what I'm going to be blogging about?

Well, last night (I'm always a day or two late posting so forgive me) was the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show!
If you have a Facebook--and you didn't have a million statuses about it...
or didn't watch it...

Then I'm here to tell you, you missed a lot of hot ladies.
That don't eat.
Are easily 6 foot tall (especially with the HEELS on).
Of course these girls are NOT what the typical woman looks like in her under garments.

And thankfully, my husband was at his men's Bible study...
So I was able to watch them alone
and have my own little girl crushes.

Hey, women check out women.
It's true!
I am a happily married woman--and I rarely take a second look at a man
(unless it's George Strait or Ryan Gosling)
((and I rarely run into them these days!!))
--Hey George, call me sometime!

I more so check out girls.
And no, not in that manner.
More like...
"Ooo cute jeans!"
"How does she have ZERO fly away hairs on this humid day!?"
"Look at her baby, she's got the cutest outfit on."

Sometimes I judge.
But, very seldom.
Unless I see your hiney or too much cleavage.
Then I may be thinking I WISH I didn't see that.
Or please cover that up!

Anyway, last night I got to gawk all I wanted!
At the legs that go on for miles...
At the beautiful costumes...
The designs...
The colors...
The patterns...
The pageantry...
The hair...
The makeup...

I loved it all!

Seriously, to be 6 feet of all legs...must be nice!

Anyway, speaking of LEGS......

I don't know if I had mentioned before...
but I have a bum knee.

Long story short::
I had a skiing accident nearly two years ago.
I figured it would heal itself.
After a month of pain and hurting...
I decided to see a doctor.
A week before my appointment---
for my X-Ray and MRI
I find out I'm pregnant!

So no X-Ray and no MRI.

Fast forward 9 months...
I'm breast feeding.
I'm healing from a c-section.
I have a NEWBORN!
And my knee is the LAST thing on my mind.
(Mind you, it still hurts.)

Here I am TODAY::
A knee that hurts intermittently.
Typically it hurts some everyday.
Therefore,  I decided to get it checked out before we go skiing this year.
So I go to Justin's knee doctor--that I've met numerous times.
Since Justin has paid him and his staff lots of money for his numerous surgeries...
And not to mention, he's the best orthopedic surgeon in Austin.

He knows me by name.
And he personally escorts me into his office.
(Also helps Justin is with me.)
((Sweet tidbit: Justin goes to every appointment with me. He insists!))
He X-Rays my knee,
does a stress test...
And determines a few things.
First off,
My ACL is overly flexible.
But, something he wouldn't have surgery on.
he believes my meniscus is torn.
And I may need it scoped.

All along I believed it was my knee instead of my ACL as well.
I was right.
Anyway, I'm scheduled to have my MRI done on Monday.

Btw, I'm very claustrophobic.

So I guess it will tell me what's really going on.
I just know my leg gives out a lot.
It buckles.
It hurts.
I don't straighten it out completely.
And I don't rely on it if I can help it.

Just call me Peg Leg Hal.

I also talked to my run coach.
She has torn her meniscus as well.
She said if he gives me the option to have surgery later I should wait until I want to take a break in training.
Of course she says this without knowing what my MRI says.
I praying for positive news.
And that he will see I have a super strong leg and no need to go in and check it out.
(I'm scared of doctors, surgeries and being put to sleep....)


Today was Day 2 (or week 2) of CG RUN:

Here was this mornings very cold and early workout.
PS Don't judge my times!

We did Yassos.
Basically it's a way of training to see what your marathon times will be.
I don't feel like explaining it but it you'd like to know (and me not to confuse you)
you can click THIS for further information.

Basically we ran 800s.
Which is two laps around a 400 meter track.

We ran 4 sets of 800s.
She said we could do 5....
but I was LUCKY to get done with 2.

My times:

1st 800: 4:10
2nd 800: 4:15
3rd 800: 4:10
4th 800: 4:18

It was hard...
but the breaks between the runs were nice.
You got to take a break that was as long as your 800 time.

Regardless, of the break it was tough.
And I seriously felt like walking off the track after the first 800.
Plus it was dark, no one would notice one less runner!

But I stuck through it.
And I'm glad I did.
I almost wish I did the 5th 800.
But I didn't.

Currently my knee is hurting and breathing in cold air through a runny nose while running isn't fun.
Especially when I have a hard time running and breathing as is.
I'm telling you, I'M NOT A RUNNER.

I'm sticking it out.
Though I'm good with making excuses for myself to myself.

Do you do that?
Talk to yourself while exercising? Or doing something hard?
I swear I fight with myself all the time.
I always want to quit.
To walk.
To stop.
To slow down.

To me, I'm not a runner because I don't have the mindset.
It's mainly mental.
(And well other things.)
But to be a runner it seems it's a mental challenge more than anything.
And that's why I'm trying to do this.
I want to be stronger in a lot of ways...
but I think the biggest battle will be with my mind.

Alright, enough about that.
I gotta get.
Hope everyone is doing well.
And happy December!!!

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