Thursday, December 8, 2011

Neighborhood BRAWL!!!!

That's probably not the most accurate of titles...
More like a neighborhood SHOWDOWN!

But brawl sounds more fun.

So last night Justin climbs on top of the roof around 9pm to put more Christmas lights on our house.
He went from NOT wanting to put lights going on top of the house 3 different times (and nights)
to add more!!!

He is competing with the two houses across us.

Everyday our neighbors throw another strand of lights around their trees, bushes or windows...
And of course they have their own life size Santa and Mrs. Clause sitting on their porch.

I want to take a picture of their yards but they know who I am...
and I prefer NOT to be caught.

Did I mention our neighbors are two 70 year old widowed sisters that live next to each other?

Oh yea...that too...

My husband is competing with two sweet old ladies that do their own lights.


I'll keep ya posted on who is winning the battle.

Until next time,

A very proud wife.

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