Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy 3 Months, Chunkie Cherub!

Time is flying!
Kix is already walking! (see pictures below)
Ok, that's not entirely true.
But, regardless...time is zooming!
Kix is truly an easy baby. I know I keep saying that, but it also may be because life with second baby is easier (in some aspects) because it's not so scary.
I mean, I'm no PRO but I'm a lot wiser this go around....
I read the cues easier, I'm not flustered and it helps that Kix is one hefty baby,
he never felt 'breakable'.

I write this post while his precious baby feet kick me in the legs.
(He is laying on the floor on a quilt, I'm sitting next to him.) We're watching the X-Games, not by choice--obviously Daddy J is dictating what's on TV.
check out those leg rolls
So between sentences I type, I reach over and grab/squeeze Kix's fleshy thighs.

Gosh, I just love babies. I truly do! If I had a money tree, I'd just have a million babies---(Adoption and what have you, to get them!) I'd be a baby hoarder!

There are so many things that are wonderful about babies, and of course my little Kix.
He has that gummy-toothless smile.
He's got that dimple.
He's got thighs that go on for days, seriously...softest things ever.
He smells so good (when he doesn't have cheese curdles under his neck).
His coos.
The rolls on his belly.
The laughs.
Those eyes.
Goodness, I could go on forever.
Ahh, and the way he watches his brother, so alert--so interested!

I recently told a friend that I think I cherish our baby time even more because I realized with Kie how truly fast it goes.
I want to document it all....but then there are thoes moments that I just take it all in.

Kix is currently 15.4 lbs.
He loves to roll!
I try to do tummy time, but he just rolls over.
He loves listening to me sing (he laughs every time I try!)
And he loves, LOVES to be held.
In fact, he's probably spoiled.
I think I caused a problem.
We also co-sleep, so the baby can't sleep without a warm body touching him.
But, I'm cherishing it all.
Mainly because I don't know if this is it for us, 
and I want to make ONE baby cuddly.
(Kie man is sweet as can be, but he is like me when I was a baby/toddler...I didn't care to be cuddled with.)

As for clothes, Kix is wearing 12 months primarily.
I literally have ton and tons of boy clothes that he hasn't touched of Kie's.
There's boxes and boxes of not worn clothes :(
I will have a lot one day to give and donate (so friends that need anything, let me know!)
It does break my heart to skip a lot of the 'baby looking' clothes and go straight to older clothes...but I guess I'm glad he is healthy and big.

As for dislikes, Kix doesn't like being put down...
and we hate hiccups!
They're so mean to babies! Lol
As for eating, we eat a lot. Typically every 2 hours or so! (Another thing I cherish!)
During the night we sleep pretty well. We usually get up once (3:30 am) and then we get up around the time Papa J leaves for work, 6:30am. I don't mind the little sleep. I guess now, I look at everything as a time to cherish the quiet moments.
I really do try to slow down and cherish everything as much as possible.

Life with a 'new' baby is great.
He is cuddly and chunkie :)
And those eyes...and smile,
they really do melt any troubles away!

Here's to many more beautiful, love-filled days sweet baby boy!


ps, so many posts in draft right now! The carriers/slings and wraps post is nearly finished!
A Hot Mom Post coming soon, weekend update and more! stay tuned.

my chunkie cherub
Kix and his buddies

Kix's walking pictures are below....they're in a series so you can see his 'first steps' lol

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Honest Post from a Leaky Mom

Just like the title says, I'm going to be super honest...because, WHY NOT!?

Today has been ONE of those days. 
For those who have not experienced the toddler times,'re clueless. Simple as that.
For those who have, well God bless!

And if you DO have a toddler.... you can tell me till you're blue in the face how perfect and great your kid is...but, I don't believe it.
That, or your kid is an alien and is not prone to having human two-year old problems.

Today has NOT been awful (no new boo boos).... but it has NOT been easy. 
Today has consisted of way too many poop diapers...
Today has consisted of too much whining, 
too much spit up, too much crying,
too much mess, 
not enough listening,
and the day is not even close to being over.
(Oh, hey hardworking husband that I see right before bedtime!)

Do I love my children?
To the moon and back and then some.

Would I give everything up for my children?
In a heartbeat.

Am I less of a mom because I admit there are HARD DAYS?! 
Heck no!

Can I be allowed to be tired of the poop diapers?
Seriously, I think Kie is trying to break a record with the poops.
He is like a trash compactor.
(Between Kie and Kix, I've changed probably 1,462 diapers today)

How is the potty training going you ask?
Well, great--besides the fact he hates to poo on the potty.
Therefore, I'm stuck changing huge massive diapers that are the size of a small man.

How is the infant?
He is good
No, actually he is GREAT!
For all those moms with NEW babies...
New babies are easy.
They lie there...they can't move. That is the easy part. 

But don't new babies cry?
Sure they do, but they don't move. So in my book, they're easy!
(Of course they require a lot of attention and time--I breast feed so I'm always with my infant...but, in comparison to who is hardest--I'd have to go with the Toddler.)

Earlier today my infant may or may not of smelled to high heaven of cheese.

Does he get milk in his rolls and double chin faster than I can clean it?

So how's it going bathing an infant while your two year old tries to climb in the tub over your back?
It goes just as it sounds! 

For all the moms who may read this and think,
"Ohh she's SO overwhelmed...." 
Please keep your pity to yourself.
I'm not overwhelmed and I don't need pity in the slightest. I'm being honest!

There are PLENTY of amazing days full of crafts, story times, music times, play dates and stroller/wagon rides.

There are days in the kitchen cooking yummy meals and snacks while the infant coos and laughs in his sling.

There are days so full of sweet sayings, prayers, dances, innocence and love that my heart feels like it may burst....

There are days when the house reeks of poop diapers.
There are nights when both babies are feeling less than stellar and no one is sleeping.
There's a day week when the bed doesn't get made.
There are days when I haven't washed my hair and it stays in a bun.
There are days of not shaving my legs because I literally have 5 minutes to shower.
There are days when I continue to rock the spit up shirt or leaky breast top because I'm tired of changing.
There are days when I go to brush my hair and realize that is NOT hair gel in my hair.
There are days when I call my husband at work and tell him I need a beer (or a whole bottle of wine.)
There are days when I am so behind with deadlines that I have to ignore new potential leads and pray it doesn't affect work down the road.
There are days when I'd like to use the bathroom a lone.

I am human.
And since I'm a mother, I'm required to be selfless...but sometimes, SOMETIMES....I need a break.

And in this day and age of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest
where we can showcase the BEST of our lives...
it may get some people down.

To me, I can look around at the messy house...
smell another poop diaper...and notice the new leaky spot on my freshly changed top,
and I smile.

I smile because I'm blessed, regardless.

This may not be what many see on their Facebook or their blogs...
but in my world, these kinds of days occur.
And when it does, I thank God for listening to me, my great family, good friends, a helpful husband and my chocolates! Amen!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Not Hot Mom post

Hey friends, so this week I've been a bit behind in life.
It happens.
My house has been a mess (it gets cleaned every AM before everyone is awake, but it cant stay that way) and it needs a BIG scrub know, getting down on hands and knees and scrubbing things. Maybe even moving furniture to get the dust bunnies that now are probably the size of a small horse.

As an OCD person, a messy house means a scattered brain. I've also been behind in work, and I've not been tracking my food or exercising.

It's like a domino effect.
BAD eating, no tracking makes me sluggish and it equates to me not as effective in the mother/wife/domestic/work department. I promise, once you start eating better and exercising, life gets so much manageable!

But wow is it easy to make excuses and eat bad. It started with a weekend of eating a meal out, then it spiraled out of control after not getting to the grocery store on time-. And wow, aren't drive-thrus SO easy!

The only positive thing is, I always feed Kie better than I eat. He always gets homemade meals and fruit/veggies.

So why can't I always do that for myself? Because I'm lazy, simple as that.

Also, Kie and Kix have come down with a little cold, or something.
Kie has handled it pretty well, only a few meltdowns when he hasn't gotten in a nap.
Kix JUST got sick and it's sad to see such a small baby feel bad.

So, THIS mom has gotta scrub the house and get my babies better!
As for the scale, I don't even want to be honest about my weight...because I may cry.
But, I've GAINED. How do I gain so easily?
I don't know!
I think because I'm a professional on what to not eat and when to eat in order to put on weight.

So yes, I've gained maybe 2-3lbs since last week.
I'm sure a lot of it has to do with water retention and overly salty foods--
but a lot also has to do with milkshakes, Blizzards and fries.

I feel bad but in order for me to get on track again, I gotta deep clean my house--organize and start to move again. And ultimately make better choices on what to eat.

Hope everyone else is doing better than I am in the food/exercise department!
I could use some encouragement...and it probably wouldn't hurt if I'd put down the Dove Chocolates!

Next blog post will cover the baby carriers I've used and my reviews.
Slings, Wraps and Carriers...Oh, my!

Until next time,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Saturday Night

Another wonderful Saturday night. Here's two of my three men, snoozing away. (The pictures are all from my phone) We had a beautiful, sunny cool day in Austin today! Justin, Kie, Kix and I all went to Town Lake for a stroll. I love it when we go on walks. It's probably one of my favorite things we do. Besides all laying in the bed having flying contests. (We lay on our backs and fly both brothers in the air. It's a sight to see, but since we both have our hands full I doubt there will ever be any footage, ha!) As for our walks, sometimes we do the trails around the lake.

There's also been a few trails we have 'discovered' in Sunset Valley. It is so peaceful and relaxing...and it slows down this very fast paced life.  Justin pushes Kie in his stroller (or sometimes he pulls him in the wagon) and I wear Kix in the Ergo. However, if we do use the wagon for Kie then Kix gets the stroller. I think I still want a double stroller, but for now--I love how we both have a kid :) And I really like wearing Kix and will continue to wear/walk him as long as possible. Kie loves looking at all the ducks on the lake and all the kayaks and canoes. I can't wait till this Spring when we can get out on the water.

Our days are filled with so much love sometimes that my heart feels like bursting! I know most moms feel this way about their children--It's just been crazy because Kix wears a lot of Kie's clothes--and it is like I'm re-living Kie's infancy too. It just keeps reinforcing me to see HOW fast time truly flies.  I'm amazed at life. This crazy, beautiful life God has given me. 
I have these two beautiful, precious angels to love and to care for--and sometimes I just get so over powered with love that I can't fathom why God gave me so much!?
It just reminds me everyday how wonderful my God is.
I'm forever grateful to Him!
He let me, a sinner, so fallen from grace--have this whole new life as a mom. 
I am far from perfect, but it's because of these two boys that makes me want to be a better woman and mother.  I truly never, ever imagined the love and joy my heart could feel.

As for our past week, we have been having a lot of fun outside when the weather isn't too chilly. I'm so grateful for the sunny days. We have been doing lots of arts and crafts (I'm pretty sure I've ruined enough of my 'good' sweats with acrylic paints.)
We also can't wait to start a garden when the weather warms up.  Daddy J made me a new planter box to paint and to put some new plants and herbs in.  I keep crossing my fingers that THIS will be the year that my green thumb will make it's debut....but we'll see ;)
Oh and Kie also got a pretty good shiner on his eye from playing a little too rough on his playhouse.  Apparently, sliding down face first is not the best idea. Poor baby. But he's a tough one. I'm sure I'll be seeing more black eyes in the future. Boys will be boys :) And that's one of the many reasons I love being a momma to boys, they can be so adventurous!

I'll leave with a few pictures from this week.
Thank you my sweet Lord for my family.
And thank you for my handsome, hard-working husband.
He's the man I needed all along. Thank you for everything.

Oh Ps Kix---my sweet little man, loves to go from tummy time-to rolling completely over.  He did it last Monday.
Basically he's like saying, 
"hey mom, I'm done with this tummy time...and now back to my back so I can look around better!"
Check out that smile!
Black and blue, but still so cute.
Favorite thing to do this week, find our fingers and our ear. Kix is obsessed with finding his ears!
laughing and cooing
Big brother wanted Baby brudda to wear his Owl hat
Kie's playhouse is nearly done
Kie in his favorite batman underwear. How cute is that hiney?
All wrapped up to play outside

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hot Mom Post Update--

Quick HOT MOM post---
and here we go!

As of last week, I'm down another 2-3lbs.
Normally this would seem like a fast time frame to be losing weight, but I did have a baby a few (oh man, nearly 11) weeks ago so I have a lot to lose! 

I'm officially down 30lbs from my delivery weight.
I have about 17lbs to go to get to pre-pregnant size and then to re-evaluate from there.

So here's my number 1_7.2

I'm still not brave enough to post my weight.
Maybe one day.

However, once I lose 10lbs I WILL post a before and after shot.
Only 7 more lbs to go for that and I'll be in the next set of 10's!

What I did this past week that has helped:

1. I tracked 98% of the things I ate. Don't misread that to think I ate well, I just tracked everything and was very aware of where my calories came from.
2. Justin got me a stationary bike.
Yes, I know...kinda crazy because I'm anti-clutter and anti-spending money. But, I for real HAVE NO TIME TO GO TO THE GYM. And will not be bringing such a young baby to a daycare in the gym. Plus, it's FLU season and people are dropping like flies!

And to add, my husband is never home..... So, this keeps me from going too stir crazy in this cold weather and I get to burn some extra calories.

 I'm still new at this whole stationary bike thing, but I'm easing in. I put Kie down for bed, hop on while holding Kix (always multi-tasking) and I nurse. SO DOUBLE BURNING CALORIES! Of course I'm not going super fast...
And this is another reason why I wanted a bike...because I can sit, and nurse!

So, really that's been the extent of my workouts.
Cleaning house, chasing a two year old everywhere and doing my 'biking' and nursing.

Next week's goals:

1. Get my NIKE FUEL points target at least twice. (Nike Fuel Band--check it out!)
I don't think I ever hit my points last week.
2. Continue to track my foods and strive for 85-90% healthy eating.
3. Bike or some form of cardio everyday for 30 minutes.

I'm striving to lose that 7lbs so I can be in the NEXT set of 10's!

Happy HOT MOM to you!


Two year olds, how I love thee...

Trying to document some of things the Toddler says:

This past week Kie has told me a few things that are pretty funny...
first off,
he was in the bathtub the other night and Justin was bathing him,
Kie was being a typical boy--and was intrigued with his......ya know ;)

Justin asked him what he was doing and Kie replied,
"My teetee sings!"

Going along with it, J asked,
"Oh, and what does your teetee sing?"

Kie: "Tinkle, tinkle star!"

My kid has jokes!


At the playground the other day, Kie was playing on the jungle gym.
I sat down to nurse Kix,
 and Kie whose normally fine with me nursing told me to "GET UP MOMMY!"
He wanted me to join him in the jungle gym.
I kept replying,
"Mommy has to sit."

He kept insisting and I kept replying,
"Mommy has to hold brother"
"Mommy can't play, she's got brother."


I finally replied,
"Mommy has to hold brother because he can't walk!"



oh, two year I love thee!


stay tuned for a HOT MOM post, coming next!

Monday, January 14, 2013

How we paid off nearly 30K in debt and loans

Let me preface this by saying this is what works for us. We're no experts, we are living and learning as we go!

A year ago, we decided we were going to tackle our debt.

We had nearly $40,000 in debt as of January 2012.
As of January 2013--we have paid off nearly $30,000.
We're still a work in progress! (Mind you, we had a baby--and thousands of dollars of out of pocket pay-thanks to the health care reform!) --Literally, thousands and!

Our debt came from an array of things, but mainly it was from business.
Justin has his own business and we had to invest (and still invest) a lot in his work to make money long run.
I'd say about 98.9% of this debt was due to his business, tools, scanners, parts etc.
Some was medical.

Like I mentioned, we wanted to get serious about this debt.
We had read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover (ok, so I read it).
And we started working on a budget.
I'm not going to lie and say we worked out a monthly budget. Because, we did not.
If I wanted to tackle every expense and watch every penny that comes and goes, then I'd have to make my full time job as an accountant for Justin.
When you work for yourself, you're constantly spending--and transactions are a daily, constant thing.

So, we did as best as we could on watching our money, but mainly we did a lot of SMALL things that quickly add up.

  • I sold things on Craig's List. I seriously went around the house, taking things OFF our walls to sell. Justin thought I was crazy! I can't remember all what we sold--but we sold a few hundred dollars worth of things. 
  • We buy in bulk. We are big Costco people! We buy toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, meats, diapers, wipes etc. all in bulk. It really does help you save!
  • We don't have car notes. We will NEVER buy a new car and we will never have a monthly car payment. If we can't buy a car in cash, then we won't get it. Those are the worse "investments." (This comes from a mechanic's wife.) Btw, we also got a new car this year. So, buying cars in cash is very do-able! In fact, we bought a 'new-to-me' Land Rover. It has 7 seats, and we wanted extra space for the car seats.
  • Justin works for himself, so he was able to work, and work...AND WORK. This was the biggest sacrifice. Justin is rarely home. Justin is gone before I wake, and he is often gone late into the nights. He does make a big effort to be home most nights for dinner and bathes Kie.  After the dinner, he returns to work. He is a workaholic by all accounts and love his work so he is not a bitter or angry man. He truly loves what he does. And like the saying, when you do what you love, the money will come. 
  • I cut expenses in every way I can. I don't often buy new clothes (I still do, but not near as much.) I don't get my hair done often or nails done ever. We don't have Kie enrolled in day cares or clubs etc. We do have a YMCA membership (a family one that is cheap) so that we can swim during the hot Texas months and I can workout. 
  • We eat our meals in most days a week. I also cook big dinners so we can eat them for lunch the next day or send it with Justin. (We still eat out, but not near as much with two kids--it's just a hassle!)
  • I work a small part-time job. It helps with the extra spending, however we LIVE on one-income.
  • For Kie's birthday and Christmas this year--we had presents stowed away he got from previous Christmases and birthdays. He is TWO! He can't remember and won't remember presents for awhile. So we simply store them in a closet, pull them out--wrap them and give them again. He has gotten some of the same gifts twice and every three times and doesn't know the difference.
  • I don't buy lots of toys. Toys=clutter. To me, kids have a better imagination when they have less. Call it what you want--but I think LESS is better. Kie's favorite toys are balls and simple cars. We play a lot outside or at parks. 
  • Barter. Justin trades work for a lot of things. We also have great clients. The new-to-me tree house we have for Kie was from a partial work trade. The client who gave it to us, appreciated all of Justin's hard work over the past year--and he gave it to Justin along with paying him. It pays to be a good worker! Justin also does work for trade at a local nursery. So we always have new plants, trees, flowers and herbs (saves $$) for the spring.
  • We also use the income tax return money to further pay off our debt. Of course we always want to throw the money on a new house project or an up coming vacation, but instead we put it to bills. It's hard to do, but we do it nonetheless!
Additional things that helped:
  • We split our debt in TWO. We put it on two credit cards--with 0% interest. Paying interest off is for the birds! So search around and see if you can put existing debt on a credit card with little to no interest rate.
  • We listened to Dave and paid off ALL small debt first! That credit card you opened to save 5%? Pay it off now and close it for GOOD! It's just going to tempt you to buy more down the road!
  • We always pay WAY more than the minimum on the our debt. Say we had monthly payment of $75. We often would pay $250 or more. On 'good' months--we would pay $1,000 a month on our debt overall. Yes, $1000 extra a month IS a lot. BUT--if you can do it. DO IT! If you can't, keep throwing whatever money you have towards your debt. YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY THE INTEREST LONG TERM!
  • LIVE below your means! We do live in the city--so our small house costs about the same as a really BIG house in the suburbs. However, our house in the city is really good for work. Justin has NO commute to work--and his clients and customers can easily come to him for work because we're so centrally located. If we were to move to a BIGGER house out of the city, we would lose a lot in gas money, lose customers and Justin would truly never be home. Also, we would have to heat and cool a big house, which means bigger bills.
  • Be smart about money. Whatever change or loose bills I get, I stash away like a squirrel prepping for the winter. If we have a vacation or something we need to save for, I put it in a jar in the kitchen and literally watch the money grow! It keeps me mindful about buying things! This past year a lone we went on TWO vacation we paid cash for. We also bought a car in cash.
  • We are firm believers in doing what we can do without paying others to do. Obviously we never have to go anywhere for car work, but Justin is also a jack-of-all-trades. He maintains our house and many appliances himself. He also paints my toes! (Don't tell him I told you that.)
  • Get an accountability partner! We have a couple that is trying to save for a house. We often talk about fiances or what we're doing to save! It's also nice to open up to others! Plus, we will have dinners together and game nights--instead of going out to eat. We get to have great fellowship with friends AND SAVE!
  • Use your trade or job to make more. Our key has been Justin working. He also bought two cars to flip them. He fixed them up, put in a new motor in one car and re-sold them. These were cars he got for cheap because they required a lot of labor. Since he can do the labor himself, he invested in new parts and could easily sell! So a BIG chunk of our debt comes from selling two cars. --I'm also able to write and edit (video footage) a lot of different projects in freelance. So I get Christmas/Birthday and some savings money by editing and writing.  
When I feel the walls caving in, I start finding more work.
I start listing things on Craig's List.
I dig through my jewelry and pawn things that I haven't worn in ages.
I start pulling items out for a garage sale (hopefully having one this Spring to jump start the last of our debt.) 

I do think Dave Ramsey has some GREAT points and his insight has helped us out a lot. However, we have NOT followed all his suggestions.

We do live below our means, but we do LIVE! We go out to dinners (not often but we still do)--we go on family vacations, we buy clothes when we need to--but we're smart about it. We never spend unless everything else is covered and then some.

We have a savings, a 401K, an additional small nest egg and two college savings for Kie and Kix...
We also have our mortgage, health and life insurance.
We're not done yet with our debt--and we're still expecting a BIG bill from Kix's birth....
but overall, we're doing a lot better than we were last year. (One of our biggest payments was to pay off the loan we took out for the hospital--and it's nearly gone.)
**A payment to our hospital was required 5 days before my csection of $7,000---we took a loan out so we didn't have to dip into our savings. We were able to pay off this loan by selling a car Justin had restored two weeks later.  We WOULD not of taken out that loan if we didn't have the car to sell and we had a very serious buyer previously lined up.

It was a BIG hill to start to climb, but it is nice to see where you've gotten in a year.
After we're done with our debt--we're forever done with the credit cards.
 In fact, we have not used them in two years, so that's a habit we already broke.

We also believe in working hard. I'm blessed over the moon and back to have an amazing hard-working husband. He truly gives himself 110% to his clients, to his family and to friends. He would give his shirt off his back to help someone.

We know God helps those that helps themselves...and though our government doesn't believe in that--we truly do!

We will continue to work hard(er) this year to pay off everything so we can truly be debt free very soon.
Our dreams is to have both our boy's colleges paid off--a BIG, FAT nest egg---and of course, rainy day funds that would cover us for awhile if needed. Also, we want to have our mortgage paid off--and invest in some more land.

We could definitely cut out MORE in our lives, but like I had mentioned--we do want to live some while we're at it.

There's no easy button to make debt go away, but lots of little things can certainly help out. Don't fall in line with everyone and think you have to keep up with the Jones'. Our country is in DEBT! We have to make our children's future brighter than our current one. And I'm hoping to do my little part to be in a GREAT place financially so my children will learn to do the same!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rewind in pictures

I'm always a little behind in pictures--so here's a few pictures before and after Christmas.
I really didn't get many pictures during Chrismas, I was truly trying to take it all in.
The pictures below are of Kie and his first haircut by Oma.
It was a bittersweet time.
I wasn't ready to part with his golden little hair yet, 
but it was very special since his Oma cut it. 
She also gave Justin his first hair cut when he was little, so it was an extra special moment!
Kie was great during his hair cut.
In fact, Oma cut my hair first so he wasn't scared.
Overall, it was great experience and I'm glad someone special cut it!
By the way, Kix weighs 13lbs, 13 oz.
And is 24inches.

Time is truly flying by so fast! It breaks my heart how QUICK babies grow.
Why can't they stay babies forever?
Seriously, if they could like turn 3 years old and then go backwards?
Wouldn't that be nice?

until next time,
a few weeks back, love that chunkie face

Justin grabbing hair lol

Kie had to have Santa in the picture with us!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hot Mom Post and more!

Hey readers, happy Monday!
Here's a quick update/recap on life as of late. *It's a hodge/podge of things*
I know I do a lot of bullet points these days--but with limited time to sit down and write (unless I truly go to bed at 2am) then this will have to do.
Plus, I do want to remember everything--and if I wait until I have time to write out a lengthy blog it may be awhile. AND-the way my brain goes, I won't be able to remember!

So here's a few things I'm loving this past week:

baby wearing and pushing
Kie still is really great with Kix. I've yet to have a jealous issue with them and sometimes it baffles me. I think Kie gets this from his dad because Justin does not have one iota of jealousy in is his body. (I remember hating this when we dated, because I took it as a sign that he wasn't that interested). HOWEVER, I realize now it's because he is confident and self-assured. I think Kie is a lot like that. Plus, he does get a lot of one -on-one attention. I'm sure it may change one day when Kix is grabbing his toys. Haha!

  • One day last week while in the car, Kix sneezed and Kie said, "God Bless you baby brudda." ::My heart melted in a puddle::
  • Every time Kix lets out a little toot, which is often when you're this size...Kie tells me to "change baby brother now!" Haha
  • As for Kie, we're back to wearing our underwear all day. We have yet to have an accident. However, I do still put on his diaper during his nap time and during the night. I am too lazy of a parent to want to clean up all the sheets. But, I made a promise that after we use up the diapers we have now---we are done with diapers! (I did get them at Costco, and since we wear only one diaper a day--this may be awhile!) 
  • I admit, I'm worried about going on long day excursions with a toddler whose only successfully used his own potty at home (and in the yard.) I don't do public toilets myself. What am I going to do with a toddler that needs to potty? Take him in a germ filled restroom? 
  • I truly am a germ-phobic. I am almost like Howie Mandel. I do shake hands at church, but I cringe and hate it. I use anti-bacterial right afterwards.
  • Kie calls himself "Kie Cuuuuute" --Knuth (Ka-newt) does sorta sound like cute. It's pretty precious because I'm like "Kie, what's your name?" "Kie Cuuuute." 
New Years Eve: 2013
  • Justin and I got to go on our first date since May (our anniversary) on NYE.
  • My parents were in town due to the Longhorn bowl game in San Antonio, so they let us have a night out.
  • We ate at parkside on 6th Street...if you're ever in town, I highly recommend it! The food and atmoshphere was perfect!
  • I ordered a drink simply because the name...Strawberry Sunrise. It was a delicious martini and I felt like an adult for the first time in awhile. And it was like a dessert!
  • It was so nice to go out with my husband and forget everything for a bit. And just be us.
  • It was also nice to go out and flirt with him. Yes, there is flirting at home. But, it is a whole different ball game when you have candle light, romantic dinner and no kids around. Plus, I wasn't wearing yoga pants or sweats. I seriously still look at him like I did when we dated. He still makes my heart swoon :)
  • From parkside we went to our use-to-be hangout (before babies) for a cider. We sat on the patio under the heaters and enjoyed one another's company. Then we headed to CB to meet with friends where we watched some football, fireworks and had a chill night.
  • I made sure we were home at midnight to ring in the New Year with my parents and my wide-awake baby, Kix. 
  • It was a great New Year's Eve! Seriously, the date was way over-due. I'm so grateful to my parents that they let us go out! 
Hot Mom Stats:
Strawberry Sunrise--husband on his phone coordinating w/friends
  • Last week I -worked out- nearly everyday. I say that loosely. My workouts included some walks around the neighborhood, a few hikes--my dancing and random lunges/weight lifting/planks and attempting the Shred. Oh and some deep cleaning of the house.
  • The Shred (like my lunges) kills my knee.
  • Every time I attempt a push up--Kie crawls under me and calls me "a tunnel" and he stays there. I gotta find time earlier or later to do the Shred. 
  • My non-existent abs hurt from something I did this week.
  • I love baby wearing while walking--but every time I finish our hike or walk--I'm drenched. I don't know if it's breast milk because Kix is on my chest/stomach--or if it's sweat. Regardless, it's gross. Haha!
  • I also logged in *nearly* every meal on Myfitnesspal (fitmomma918--come join!) It really helps me see how bad I do!
  • I've lost 3lbs of the 4lbs I gained during Christmas. I'm guessing some of it was water retention. 
  • This week I vow to do better on my eating (I was never under my calories, so that's my goal) 
  • I also hit my Nike Fuel points twice last week. I hope to do it at least 3-4 times, this go around.
  • Justin bought me a new fancy scale. He *SAID* it's because my other scale was pretty ugly looking. It was. But, maybe I should take that as a sign? I also weighed myself in front of him. I think he was surprised with my weight. Then again, I'm assuming. But, I'll bear the ugly truth....I'm only 30lbs LIGHTER than Justin. (He also weighed himself with his shoes and jeans on--and he's always heaviest during the winter.) Did I mention he is 6 foot tall nd I'm 5'3"?

Alright, that's about all!
I have a lot more pictures and posts on life in general.
We got some projects coming up--and our goals for this year.
Yes, I'm ALWAYS late on blog posts!

Until next time,

always silly

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy TWO months, Kix!

I love doing the bullet points--because it is a lot easier to read and go through! So here's my update on my growing little man!

  • No weight to report yet because his appointment is tomorrow!
  • I'm guessing he is close to 13-14lbs. 
  • He is awake during the majority of the day now. In fact, he normally naps when Kie does. And he sleeps in during the mornings when Kie gets up for breakfast.
  • He wakes typically twice during the night. Once, if I'm lucky. Oh and for New Year's, my sweet boy only woke once! It's like he knew his momma needed some more sleep.
  • Kie is in love with his brother still! They're SO precious together. I can't wait to watch them run around together, playing ball, hunting, camping, wakeboarding and snowboarding together. 
  • Kix smiles and coos so much. He talks the most at night when his brother is down. I guess he realizes that's 'his' time. So he uses it up to talk and coo! Love it.
  • I'm in love with all the gummy grins.
  • We feed still every 2-3 hours. I love nursing, so this is more of me giving him time to cuddle and pacify. Ahh, nursing. I truly do love the bonding time.
  • Kix is a great co-sleeper. Kie was never good at sleeping in the bed with us. Kix, however, lays there so still. He is like a miniature little man, which I guess he is
  • He does not look like me at all. He looks like his father.
  • Did I mention he has a dimple?
  • He still has dark blue eyes. They lightened up some but they're still darker blue than Kie's.
  • He's got the tan/European skin I always wanted. Guess he got this from either his dad's side of the family or he got it from my dad's.
  • He has fully mastered holding and controlling his head. He really had this down days after his birth. He is extremely strong. It probably also helps to have a brother to watch, he is always running around.
  • I have to put baby powder between his neck rolls. Milk dribbles down between all his creases and I have to clean them constantly. And to prevent chaffing, I use baby powder. Haha, #fatbabyproblems, #toomanychins 
  • Size 1-2 diapers, 3-6 months clothes (some 0-3 still work)
  • Did I mention I LOVE being a mom to TWO boys!?
  • God really knows what is best. Glory to Him, always!
I can't think of anything else really, besides we play a lot. We lay on the ground, we do tummy time, we hike, we walk, we sing, exercise, have dance time and we do story time!

Also, we do a lot of baby wearing in the Ergo.
Initially Kix will fuss about getting into it, but after I start moving he calms down and takes his pacifier. I love grocery shopping and baby wearing! 
Overall, life is great with my two.
There are trying times, but more great times than anything.

God had taught me about letting go, and that's what has helped so much!
I'll post tomorrow on Kix's appointment and also an update on my HOT MOM post.
Hope everyone is doing great!
Loving this new year so  much already :)

Until next time,

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