Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hot Mom Post Update--

Quick HOT MOM post---
and here we go!

As of last week, I'm down another 2-3lbs.
Normally this would seem like a fast time frame to be losing weight, but I did have a baby a few (oh man, nearly 11) weeks ago so I have a lot to lose! 

I'm officially down 30lbs from my delivery weight.
I have about 17lbs to go to get to pre-pregnant size and then to re-evaluate from there.

So here's my number 1_7.2

I'm still not brave enough to post my weight.
Maybe one day.

However, once I lose 10lbs I WILL post a before and after shot.
Only 7 more lbs to go for that and I'll be in the next set of 10's!

What I did this past week that has helped:

1. I tracked 98% of the things I ate. Don't misread that to think I ate well, I just tracked everything and was very aware of where my calories came from.
2. Justin got me a stationary bike.
Yes, I know...kinda crazy because I'm anti-clutter and anti-spending money. But, I for real HAVE NO TIME TO GO TO THE GYM. And will not be bringing such a young baby to a daycare in the gym. Plus, it's FLU season and people are dropping like flies!

And to add, my husband is never home..... So, this keeps me from going too stir crazy in this cold weather and I get to burn some extra calories.

 I'm still new at this whole stationary bike thing, but I'm easing in. I put Kie down for bed, hop on while holding Kix (always multi-tasking) and I nurse. SO DOUBLE BURNING CALORIES! Of course I'm not going super fast...
And this is another reason why I wanted a bike...because I can sit, and nurse!

So, really that's been the extent of my workouts.
Cleaning house, chasing a two year old everywhere and doing my 'biking' and nursing.

Next week's goals:

1. Get my NIKE FUEL points target at least twice. (Nike Fuel Band--check it out!)
I don't think I ever hit my points last week.
2. Continue to track my foods and strive for 85-90% healthy eating.
3. Bike or some form of cardio everyday for 30 minutes.

I'm striving to lose that 7lbs so I can be in the NEXT set of 10's!

Happy HOT MOM to you!


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