Monday, January 7, 2013

Hot Mom Post and more!

Hey readers, happy Monday!
Here's a quick update/recap on life as of late. *It's a hodge/podge of things*
I know I do a lot of bullet points these days--but with limited time to sit down and write (unless I truly go to bed at 2am) then this will have to do.
Plus, I do want to remember everything--and if I wait until I have time to write out a lengthy blog it may be awhile. AND-the way my brain goes, I won't be able to remember!

So here's a few things I'm loving this past week:

baby wearing and pushing
Kie still is really great with Kix. I've yet to have a jealous issue with them and sometimes it baffles me. I think Kie gets this from his dad because Justin does not have one iota of jealousy in is his body. (I remember hating this when we dated, because I took it as a sign that he wasn't that interested). HOWEVER, I realize now it's because he is confident and self-assured. I think Kie is a lot like that. Plus, he does get a lot of one -on-one attention. I'm sure it may change one day when Kix is grabbing his toys. Haha!

  • One day last week while in the car, Kix sneezed and Kie said, "God Bless you baby brudda." ::My heart melted in a puddle::
  • Every time Kix lets out a little toot, which is often when you're this size...Kie tells me to "change baby brother now!" Haha
  • As for Kie, we're back to wearing our underwear all day. We have yet to have an accident. However, I do still put on his diaper during his nap time and during the night. I am too lazy of a parent to want to clean up all the sheets. But, I made a promise that after we use up the diapers we have now---we are done with diapers! (I did get them at Costco, and since we wear only one diaper a day--this may be awhile!) 
  • I admit, I'm worried about going on long day excursions with a toddler whose only successfully used his own potty at home (and in the yard.) I don't do public toilets myself. What am I going to do with a toddler that needs to potty? Take him in a germ filled restroom? 
  • I truly am a germ-phobic. I am almost like Howie Mandel. I do shake hands at church, but I cringe and hate it. I use anti-bacterial right afterwards.
  • Kie calls himself "Kie Cuuuuute" --Knuth (Ka-newt) does sorta sound like cute. It's pretty precious because I'm like "Kie, what's your name?" "Kie Cuuuute." 
New Years Eve: 2013
  • Justin and I got to go on our first date since May (our anniversary) on NYE.
  • My parents were in town due to the Longhorn bowl game in San Antonio, so they let us have a night out.
  • We ate at parkside on 6th Street...if you're ever in town, I highly recommend it! The food and atmoshphere was perfect!
  • I ordered a drink simply because the name...Strawberry Sunrise. It was a delicious martini and I felt like an adult for the first time in awhile. And it was like a dessert!
  • It was so nice to go out with my husband and forget everything for a bit. And just be us.
  • It was also nice to go out and flirt with him. Yes, there is flirting at home. But, it is a whole different ball game when you have candle light, romantic dinner and no kids around. Plus, I wasn't wearing yoga pants or sweats. I seriously still look at him like I did when we dated. He still makes my heart swoon :)
  • From parkside we went to our use-to-be hangout (before babies) for a cider. We sat on the patio under the heaters and enjoyed one another's company. Then we headed to CB to meet with friends where we watched some football, fireworks and had a chill night.
  • I made sure we were home at midnight to ring in the New Year with my parents and my wide-awake baby, Kix. 
  • It was a great New Year's Eve! Seriously, the date was way over-due. I'm so grateful to my parents that they let us go out! 
Hot Mom Stats:
Strawberry Sunrise--husband on his phone coordinating w/friends
  • Last week I -worked out- nearly everyday. I say that loosely. My workouts included some walks around the neighborhood, a few hikes--my dancing and random lunges/weight lifting/planks and attempting the Shred. Oh and some deep cleaning of the house.
  • The Shred (like my lunges) kills my knee.
  • Every time I attempt a push up--Kie crawls under me and calls me "a tunnel" and he stays there. I gotta find time earlier or later to do the Shred. 
  • My non-existent abs hurt from something I did this week.
  • I love baby wearing while walking--but every time I finish our hike or walk--I'm drenched. I don't know if it's breast milk because Kix is on my chest/stomach--or if it's sweat. Regardless, it's gross. Haha!
  • I also logged in *nearly* every meal on Myfitnesspal (fitmomma918--come join!) It really helps me see how bad I do!
  • I've lost 3lbs of the 4lbs I gained during Christmas. I'm guessing some of it was water retention. 
  • This week I vow to do better on my eating (I was never under my calories, so that's my goal) 
  • I also hit my Nike Fuel points twice last week. I hope to do it at least 3-4 times, this go around.
  • Justin bought me a new fancy scale. He *SAID* it's because my other scale was pretty ugly looking. It was. But, maybe I should take that as a sign? I also weighed myself in front of him. I think he was surprised with my weight. Then again, I'm assuming. But, I'll bear the ugly truth....I'm only 30lbs LIGHTER than Justin. (He also weighed himself with his shoes and jeans on--and he's always heaviest during the winter.) Did I mention he is 6 foot tall nd I'm 5'3"?

Alright, that's about all!
I have a lot more pictures and posts on life in general.
We got some projects coming up--and our goals for this year.
Yes, I'm ALWAYS late on blog posts!

Until next time,

always silly

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