Friday, January 25, 2013

A Honest Post from a Leaky Mom

Just like the title says, I'm going to be super honest...because, WHY NOT!?

Today has been ONE of those days. 
For those who have not experienced the toddler times,'re clueless. Simple as that.
For those who have, well God bless!

And if you DO have a toddler.... you can tell me till you're blue in the face how perfect and great your kid is...but, I don't believe it.
That, or your kid is an alien and is not prone to having human two-year old problems.

Today has NOT been awful (no new boo boos).... but it has NOT been easy. 
Today has consisted of way too many poop diapers...
Today has consisted of too much whining, 
too much spit up, too much crying,
too much mess, 
not enough listening,
and the day is not even close to being over.
(Oh, hey hardworking husband that I see right before bedtime!)

Do I love my children?
To the moon and back and then some.

Would I give everything up for my children?
In a heartbeat.

Am I less of a mom because I admit there are HARD DAYS?! 
Heck no!

Can I be allowed to be tired of the poop diapers?
Seriously, I think Kie is trying to break a record with the poops.
He is like a trash compactor.
(Between Kie and Kix, I've changed probably 1,462 diapers today)

How is the potty training going you ask?
Well, great--besides the fact he hates to poo on the potty.
Therefore, I'm stuck changing huge massive diapers that are the size of a small man.

How is the infant?
He is good
No, actually he is GREAT!
For all those moms with NEW babies...
New babies are easy.
They lie there...they can't move. That is the easy part. 

But don't new babies cry?
Sure they do, but they don't move. So in my book, they're easy!
(Of course they require a lot of attention and time--I breast feed so I'm always with my infant...but, in comparison to who is hardest--I'd have to go with the Toddler.)

Earlier today my infant may or may not of smelled to high heaven of cheese.

Does he get milk in his rolls and double chin faster than I can clean it?

So how's it going bathing an infant while your two year old tries to climb in the tub over your back?
It goes just as it sounds! 

For all the moms who may read this and think,
"Ohh she's SO overwhelmed...." 
Please keep your pity to yourself.
I'm not overwhelmed and I don't need pity in the slightest. I'm being honest!

There are PLENTY of amazing days full of crafts, story times, music times, play dates and stroller/wagon rides.

There are days in the kitchen cooking yummy meals and snacks while the infant coos and laughs in his sling.

There are days so full of sweet sayings, prayers, dances, innocence and love that my heart feels like it may burst....

There are days when the house reeks of poop diapers.
There are nights when both babies are feeling less than stellar and no one is sleeping.
There's a day week when the bed doesn't get made.
There are days when I haven't washed my hair and it stays in a bun.
There are days of not shaving my legs because I literally have 5 minutes to shower.
There are days when I continue to rock the spit up shirt or leaky breast top because I'm tired of changing.
There are days when I go to brush my hair and realize that is NOT hair gel in my hair.
There are days when I call my husband at work and tell him I need a beer (or a whole bottle of wine.)
There are days when I am so behind with deadlines that I have to ignore new potential leads and pray it doesn't affect work down the road.
There are days when I'd like to use the bathroom a lone.

I am human.
And since I'm a mother, I'm required to be selfless...but sometimes, SOMETIMES....I need a break.

And in this day and age of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest
where we can showcase the BEST of our lives...
it may get some people down.

To me, I can look around at the messy house...
smell another poop diaper...and notice the new leaky spot on my freshly changed top,
and I smile.

I smile because I'm blessed, regardless.

This may not be what many see on their Facebook or their blogs...
but in my world, these kinds of days occur.
And when it does, I thank God for listening to me, my great family, good friends, a helpful husband and my chocolates! Amen!


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