Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy 3 Months, Chunkie Cherub!

Time is flying!
Kix is already walking! (see pictures below)
Ok, that's not entirely true.
But, regardless...time is zooming!
Kix is truly an easy baby. I know I keep saying that, but it also may be because life with second baby is easier (in some aspects) because it's not so scary.
I mean, I'm no PRO but I'm a lot wiser this go around....
I read the cues easier, I'm not flustered and it helps that Kix is one hefty baby,
he never felt 'breakable'.

I write this post while his precious baby feet kick me in the legs.
(He is laying on the floor on a quilt, I'm sitting next to him.) We're watching the X-Games, not by choice--obviously Daddy J is dictating what's on TV.
check out those leg rolls
So between sentences I type, I reach over and grab/squeeze Kix's fleshy thighs.

Gosh, I just love babies. I truly do! If I had a money tree, I'd just have a million babies---(Adoption and what have you, to get them!) I'd be a baby hoarder!

There are so many things that are wonderful about babies, and of course my little Kix.
He has that gummy-toothless smile.
He's got that dimple.
He's got thighs that go on for days, seriously...softest things ever.
He smells so good (when he doesn't have cheese curdles under his neck).
His coos.
The rolls on his belly.
The laughs.
Those eyes.
Goodness, I could go on forever.
Ahh, and the way he watches his brother, so alert--so interested!

I recently told a friend that I think I cherish our baby time even more because I realized with Kie how truly fast it goes.
I want to document it all....but then there are thoes moments that I just take it all in.

Kix is currently 15.4 lbs.
He loves to roll!
I try to do tummy time, but he just rolls over.
He loves listening to me sing (he laughs every time I try!)
And he loves, LOVES to be held.
In fact, he's probably spoiled.
I think I caused a problem.
We also co-sleep, so the baby can't sleep without a warm body touching him.
But, I'm cherishing it all.
Mainly because I don't know if this is it for us, 
and I want to make ONE baby cuddly.
(Kie man is sweet as can be, but he is like me when I was a baby/toddler...I didn't care to be cuddled with.)

As for clothes, Kix is wearing 12 months primarily.
I literally have ton and tons of boy clothes that he hasn't touched of Kie's.
There's boxes and boxes of not worn clothes :(
I will have a lot one day to give and donate (so friends that need anything, let me know!)
It does break my heart to skip a lot of the 'baby looking' clothes and go straight to older clothes...but I guess I'm glad he is healthy and big.

As for dislikes, Kix doesn't like being put down...
and we hate hiccups!
They're so mean to babies! Lol
As for eating, we eat a lot. Typically every 2 hours or so! (Another thing I cherish!)
During the night we sleep pretty well. We usually get up once (3:30 am) and then we get up around the time Papa J leaves for work, 6:30am. I don't mind the little sleep. I guess now, I look at everything as a time to cherish the quiet moments.
I really do try to slow down and cherish everything as much as possible.

Life with a 'new' baby is great.
He is cuddly and chunkie :)
And those eyes...and smile,
they really do melt any troubles away!

Here's to many more beautiful, love-filled days sweet baby boy!


ps, so many posts in draft right now! The carriers/slings and wraps post is nearly finished!
A Hot Mom Post coming soon, weekend update and more! stay tuned.

my chunkie cherub
Kix and his buddies

Kix's walking pictures are below....they're in a series so you can see his 'first steps' lol

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