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Wraps, Slings and Carriers...Oh, My!

FINALLY! A post on the carriers I've been using over the past two years.
I've had a few and I will post the pros and cons on all four that I've used.
This is just my personal opinion, so use it as you may!

The carriers I'll cover are the Moby wrap, a Hot Slings, the Ergobaby and the Baby Bjorn. (I am a hoarder of baby wearing accessories!)

1. Moby Wrap:

I used the Moby a lot with Kie, initially...
As in when he was first born.

The wrap is essentially a long piece of fabric that you can tie in multiple ways to carry your child. Right off the bat, you kinda wonder why it is so expensive for such a long piece of fabric.  I know a lot of handy moms that could easily buy some soft, organic fabric and make their own Moby.

In fact, I would often times find myself pulling off the Moby and making a 'nest' with it and setting the baby in it.. Sure, it's soft...and a lot of moms in Austin swear by it, but to me, it's just not practical.
You can't throw in on fast--and it's not ideal for when your hands are full.
The first child--can easily be worn in a Moby....the second child? Well, sure they can too, but you won't have the time to try all the fancy ways to tie it. So, practice now before the baby comes!

 Another con, as a germ-aphobe, I don't like how long the fabric is--because you can guarantee if you take it out in public it's going to touch the ground while tying it. However, you can easily wash it!

Pro: It is a good, comfy, soft wrap for lazy, relaxing days at home. It can be tied to worn multiple ways.

Con: It's too long. It isn't fast enough to put on and can get loose. It is not ideal for really active moms. It can be a bit confusing the first few times you wear it. (A lot of different ways to tie it.)

2. Hot Sling:

I also got the Hot Sling, for Kie. My husband actually bought it at a baby boutique that was having a close -out sell.

First impressions, they're super cute! However, if you don't get them fitted just right-- they don't work so well. My sling is cute, however it never fit me correctly. I wore it a handful of times and it never felt comfortable for me or for Kie. I always felt it was squishing us both and that it didn't sit on my hip just right. And, as I lost the baby weight, the sling didn't fit.

Pro: Super cute, fashionable.

Con: I must not be built-well to wear a Hot Sling. They go across one shoulder to the hip.  If you're losing weight after the baby, then the sling will continue to fit differently. (At least this rings true for the sling I have.) So, you either have to have multiple sizes or have a fitted sling and hope you never change weight.

3. The Ergobaby:

The Ergo was the only carrier I bought new with Kix.  I had been 'researching' the Ergo for two years after I had Kie. However, I had 3 carriers/slings and the Ergo was a bit costly.
wearing the Ergo, ignore my face lol

However, after giving it a *test-drive*--borrowing my sister-in-law's at the beach one week, I was sold!

I love, LOVE, LOVE my Ergo!
I have the performance Ergo--and I love it because it is fast to put on, comfortable and it shields the baby from the elements (has a built in hoodie!)

I love it because I truly feel like the baby is secure (there's multiple ways to tighten, adjust and secure the carrier and baby) and I like how I feel Kix against me.

It also has a zipper pocket that can fit a pacifer, car keys or your debit card.
I also bought the newborn insert so I could start wearing Kix early---However, I would advise against that. It is about an additional $20-$25 on top of the already expensive Ergo. I used the insert maybe twice. Kix quickly grew out of it!

The Ergo can be worn a few ways--and I like that there are a few different options of Ergos to choose between. (Organic, Performance, Sport...just to name a few!) The Ergo carrier lets the baby face you.
 For now, I think that is ideal---because the baby seems very supported.  You can also wear the baby and nurse while the baby is in the carrier. Another big plus!

I've used the Ergo to go walking, grocery shopping, hiking and everything in between.
However, here in Texas--where it's hot year around--I'm a bit worried how wearing Kix will go during the hot summer months.  Regardless, I'm excited to get out more with him!
Baby Bjorn

Pros: Comfortable, secure, fast-to-put on---great for Moms on the go--great for active moms! This is my go-to carrier!

Cons: My husband thinks they're a bit bulk looking. (There is a lot of support and straps, but it is light and comfortable on the body.) Lastly, they can be pricey!

4. Baby Bjorn:

The Baby Bjorn has been the most utilized carrier I've had. I used it the most when Kie was younger--and Justin also wore it.  It's simple, sleek and also very secure.  Justin also wears Kix in the Baby Bjorn.  The big plus about the Bjorn is that you can wear the baby forward facing and back to chest.  I think I will probably use the Bjorn more once Kix is a bit bigger, so he can face outwards.

The Bjorn has been around forever--and there's a reason for that.  It's tried and tested to be a great carrier.  However, it can also be expensive. My Bjorn doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the Ergo does (no zipper pouch or built in hoodie). But it's a great carrier, hands down. I also have the original Bjorn, so there may be newer updated ones.

Pros: A versatile carrier, sleek-modern, secure and comfortable. Also fast and easy to put on.
My husband also love its and so I guess I can put that it's uni-sex. Lol *Come to think of it...all the dads I see at the hike and bike trails are usually using the Bjorn!

Oh hey dads, my husband uses the Bjorn to play in the backyard with Kie and Kix. He wears the Bjorn to water the yard---or to pull Kie around in the wagon! Free hands, more productive!

Cons: No real cons! (Maybe the price?)

So there ya have it friends!
Those are the carriers and slings I've used in the past two years!
I love baby wearing!
And with two kids, well -- it just makes sense!


A typical sight on any giving night at the Knuth's :) 

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