Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hot Mom Update

get it gurrrl
Hello friends and loved ones!

A little update on the current HOT MOM status...
I started the Shred again (after finding it in the freezer...check previous post)
and that Jillian Michaels is a hoss!

Between Kie turning on and off the TV, Kix needing to be held, my bum knee and my tendentious elbow flaring up...
It was pretty much a bust.

Seriously, why was my ole softball throwing arm hurting?
I mean, yes I did abuse it for years and years---but why is it hurting now?

The Shred is definitely not good for gals with bad knees....
and the ab work didn't really happen so much because of the c-section.
(Basically I think the OB removed my abs when he delivered the baby)

Oh well, I didn't stick to the DVD long because the kiddos became restless...
so we loaded up the car (this alone is a small feat) and headed to Town Lake for some time in the sun and fresh air.

The stroll was great and there was minimal meltdowns.
I packed plenty of snacks so that we could do at least a 3mile hike.

Kix was great in the carrier and I felt pretty good.
My stamina is not quite where I want it to be...and I have yet to make an entire loop around---but I'm getting there!

The pushing of a stroller and wearing Kix is a lot, especially on all the different terrain and hills.
We were going to go today but it was a bit muddy from the rain and I had plans to catch up on work.
So I decided to lace up my shoes and head to the back yard to attempt some HIIT. (High intensity interval training)

That was also a bust.
Mainly because there was nothing high impact or intense about my sprints.

I just kept scanning the fence line and praying no one would look over to see this momma running back and forth.

Basically all these failing workouts have me more motivated.
I have a long ways to go to be strong again.

Speaking of more motivation....
there's a big chance we will be heading to the beach again this July.
Nonetheless, we spend the majority of the summer on the lake--so I need to keep that in mind next time I make two dozen cookies and decided to eat 17 of them throughout the day as breakfast/lunch and dinner.

So yes, I'm still 'at it' in a sense...
and I am going to step up my game (keep pushing forward) and work towards a stronger and leaner Halley!

Btw, this time last year I had been training for my first half-marathon--and had been doing numerous detoxes.....only to find out I was expecting!

Crazy how time flies!
Oh yes, check out my little friend whose by me as I write this on the floor.

Happy Healthy Wednesday my friends!


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