Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy beautiful FOUR months, Kix!

Wow, where is time going?!
 (I wrote this a few days ago)

Kix is FOUR months old!
I am amazed how fast time is flying.
Kix is changing every day.
It is crazy how I feel like a new mom experiencing everything again.
That's what I love about motherhood.
Everything is beautiful, new, exciting and wonderful.

Today we were suppose to have Kix's 4 month wellness check-up--so we went in, only to find out my doctor was on vacation!
They scheduled us wrong!
Thank goodness my husband was there otherwise, I may not of been as nice as he.
(Thank the good Lord for a husband that is opposite of me in areas---he is the calm in the storm while I'm the raging sea!)

Anyway--we won't know Kix's official weight until next week.
But, I weighed him here and he is hovering around 16-17 lbs!
(Still exclusively breastfeeding! AH, it's some of my most favorite times during the day!)

As for his mile-stones and things I'd like to remember:
  • We LOVE being on our tummy now. In fact, he is even trying to ARMY CRAWL! (WHAT THE HECK!) I don't even let him on the ground most of the time because I want him to forever be a baby. But, I think he is so intrigued by his brother and his toys, so he is ready to move!
  • We hold our head up like a pro with great control!
  • Kix has THE BEST LAUGH EVER! His biggest source of laughter comes from watching Kie. He is so in love with his brother.
  • He loves to stand with assistance. I really think it's because he is the second child and watches his brother. Kie was advanced in many ways but not like his little brother.  
  • He loves to talk and coo. It's the most precious of sounds, next to his laugh :)
  • We're still wearing size 2 diapers--and we wear 6-12 month clothes!
Some of my favorite things about Kix:
  • He is a true momma's boy! No one can make him happy or soothe him quite like I can. And I love it. Sometimes it can be tiring when I want a break or a shower at night--but for the most part I love that when I take him when he is crying he calms down.
  • We love to dance and sway together. He laughs and smiles so big when we dance.
  • We love playing airplanes (I lay on my back and fly him overhead.) Smiling/drooling baby and all!
  • We love reading bedtime books with brother. Kix listens better than Kie most of the time.
  • I love it when Kix pulls my face closer when I go in for a kiss. Like he is holding me to kiss longer. It melts my heart every time.
  • I also love it when I go in for a kiss he tries to eat my nose. That boy tries to eat everything in sight!
  • He also loves having a 'BB' over his face. (A cloth diaper) Just like when I was a baby I loved to have a diaper (formally known as Mr. BB) over my face to nap or sleep.  --Of course we don't put him down with a blanket over his face--but he loves having a blankie to cover his face and to chew on during playtime.
  • We are BIG time droolers! I am hoping that does not mean teeth are around the corner! (Big Brother got his first teeth early in life too)
  • We love being outside!
  • We also love finding our thumb--and if we can't, the whole fist will suffice!
As for life with two boys...
it's GREAT! Sometimes I can't understand why God gave me such wonderful blessings.

I also sometimes find myself daydreaming of times when the boys will be playing t-ball and soccer. And I'm loading up my boys and all their equipment in my SUV...
Dirty little knees and messy faces with big smiles!
Or, I think of the days when we're cruising on our boat--and Kie and Kix are being pulled around on the tube or learning to wake board with their handsome father....ahhhh :)

*I definitely am NOT wishing the time away because I personally love the baby stage best (since it's really all I know) but I do love that one day I'll have two little dudes to taxi around to all their many activities.

As for me, I enjoy getting out with Kix and Kie.
For the most part they behave really well and it has made it easier than I initially thought it would be super hard (it's not easy because there is a lot of prepping and preparing....LONG gone are the days of leaving the house quick but it's still very doable!)

I'm also loving that SPRING is right around the corner and we will always be out and about when it's consistently warm.

I'm still baby wearing my heavy man---
but also still researching double strollers or even bike carriers for the day we transition him to that.
But for now, I love strapping him on and loading Kie in his stroller and going for a walk.
AND we're still co-sleeping!
Kix is the most cuddly sleeping partner....LOVE waking up to his dimpled smiles :)

I have a lot of posts to share---
we've been busy! We just got back from our second successful road trip with the babies--6hrs to Atlanta--and back! I'd say it went pretty darn great!
Kix sleeps great in the car now and Kie loves watching Thomas the Train--and eating snacks. (Or singing songs by request!)

I also have a HOT MOM post update!
And some other updates!
We're slowing getting into SPRING here and Justin and I have another new bed of plants.
I told him that one day I want our backyard to be a jungle of beautiful plants! I love, LOVE plants and trees! Thankfully my Uncle is very sweet to us and gives us a lot of his extra plants from his nursery.
I just want a little piece of green heaven in my backyard :)

AH, well this momma is going to go love on her babies and kiss some squishy cheeks!
until next time,
this picture of Kix makes my heart so happy
Credit: Cristi Hoyt @ Cristi Starr Photography
She's pretty much amazing!

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