Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm seeing a loved trend that many of the blogs I follow do on Wednesdays....basically Wednesdays you take a break from your normal daily grind and post the things you love and are grateful for!

I think this is a great thing to do because we all should be mindful and gracious for our blessings!
And right now when I'm feeling as large as a couch, weighing nearly as much as my husband does, breaking out all over my face, have a sink full of dirty dishes (and no desire to get to them) and loads of clean clothes to fold....

Maybe I should look at the bright side of things!
And yes, being so large--with my belly button that went from being an innie to being not exactly an outtie, but a flattie? maybe today is a day I need to focus on the POSITIVES!

SO....Here's what I LOVE today!

1. I love that I'm officially FULL term!
Lord a mercy I made it!

That means my little man should be fully developed and mature to make his appearance anytime!
That has given me peace of mind, (to some degree!) ;)

The lungs are the last thing to be fully matured on a baby, and by 37 weeks gestation Baby Kie should have his lil lungs ready to go!

But like I've said, I want him to stick around as long as he needs to! Mommy wants him to come when he is ready!

2. I love that tomorrow is Justin's birthday!

I am mildly obsessed with my sweet man. And I'm glad he has a day ALL to himself to celebrate. We don't have much planned for tomorrow besides me making him dinner and a cake! (And a few gifts I stashed away) But I plan on pampering him as best I can, since he's been so great to me ALL 9 months (and then some of course!)
--Friday we do have plans to celebrate with friends and family, so hopefully that will be a good night and I'll be feeling great. If not, I do plan on going home and letting Justin stay with his friends and family to celebrate. And besides, I will have him ALL to myself tomorrow night :)

3. I love that tomorrow our COLD front is coming through!

78°F | 46°F

Yes--I realize that to most people 70 degrees is not a cold front. BUT in Texas---when the

high isn't in the 80's or 90's then you get excited!

And check out that LOW for tomorrow night? 46 degrees! That means I will be outside sitting in the backyard, dreaming of bundling up Baby Kie and enjoying the nights with NO mosquitoes! And Soon to be HOT TUBBING with the Honey! Hello Fall/Winter Days!

4. I love that I already started stocking up on Christmas scents.

As soon as November rolls around, I'm one of those annoying people that starts using apple cinnamon and mistletoe in place of the pumpkin scents.
--No, I don't decorate for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving, BUT I definitely set the mood for the Holidays a bit early. Hehehe

5. I love, LOVE, love Neutrogena Rain Bath shower wash!

I'm definitely a gal that loves her scents and I definitely have a long list of scents that I adore---and this is one of them!

I say I love this scent today because I took one of the most heavenly baths today--and I seriously use a million squirts of this soap on my loofa!

The reason I love this smell (besides it being wonderful and perfect) is because when I was little and I'd go camping with my mom and dad, we would have to use the public/community bathrooms. So my mom would always pack us up our shower stuff in a Ziploc bag and she always had a travel size bottle of Neutrogena Rain Bath.
And it always felt so good to get cleaned up after a day or two camping! I remember shuffling over to the bathroom on dark nights with my mom, wearing my bathing suit and flip flops. And I started to associate the body wash smell with camping and spending time around the campfire with my parents.

(The camp ground community bathroom was not a lovely memory, instead I remember showering often times with Daddy Long legs spiders.)

ANYWAY--I hadn't used the bath wash in YEARS until this past May. While at our wedding in Cabo and our Honeymood...I noticed the shower gel that the resort provided was the Neutrogena Rain Bath!

So once we got back to Texas--I bought every bottle I could find. Including a massive 40 ounce bottle at Costco and at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I have 4 bottles of this stuff! And one packed away in my hospital bag for that much needed shower after labor and delivery.

I have been obsessed with this scent since we were 'reunited' again this past May. So yes, it is a scent of great memories and times--from camping with my parents to that wonderful, blessed week in Cabo with the love of my life.

AHHH I'm going to go smell it now!

I'm telling you, even if it wasn't connected to those memories, I'd still love it! It's the best! (And kinda hard to find!--so that's why I stock up!)

It's 10 minutes till midnight which will be Justin's official birthday---but he told me not to wake him up to wish him a great one, sooo I think I'll just wrap this up with good thoughts and gratefulness for him!

I am also going to go put out his new travel coffee mug out and his B-DAY card.
Since I don't plan on waking up with him to make him breakfast (like a great wife would)! I mean, hello I am big and prego and a NIGHT yes, I sleep during some of the day and lurk around at night.

It's what pregnancy does to you. It turns you NOCTURNAL.

At least he'll have a card and a new mug for his coffee :)

I'll be posting tomorrow if there is any new NEWS to be updated from the doctor!

Otherwise, I'll post after the weekend!

Until then :) sleeplessly yours!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dear Kie,

I feel like a ticking time bomb!  I have had a lot of false alarms lately.  And So I'm just sitting at home, keeping the house clean and my hopes positive.

Doctors called me to go to the hospital again last night.  I wasn't feeling it was time, but since I'm semi high risk, it's better to just be sure.  Who knows when Kie will come!

Only him and God.

Dear sweet Baby Kie,

Mommy just wants you to know how much I love you already.  And already, you're on your OWN time.  You've confused my doctors, you like to play games and you're not a fan of the baby monitors because you like to stay mysterious!  I can tell you're already playful!

Mommy wants you to know that you can stay in my warm tummy for at least another 3 weeks, though it would be nice if you'd come earlier.  Maybe close to your Daddy's birthday! He would love that!  And yall can celebrate together!  Everyone thinks you'll be here sooner, if not this weekend.  I have given up guessing!  So until you decide to make your appearance I will keep you fed and I will be resting like I'm suppose to.

But just to let you know, your room is done and ready for you.  Also,  I saw a picture of you the other day and you got the cutest little cheeks, nose and chin.  I can't wait to kiss all over your handsome face.  Daddy is also a little nervous.  He doesn't say he is, but I can tell.  He has come to the hospital with me every time and he gets very chit chatty when he is nervous.  He seems to turn into mommy!  He talks my ears off and he can't sit still.  It is pretty funny!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how things are going on the outside.  Your grandparents, Big Daddy and Grandmother are in town this weekend.  If you come now, they'd love to see you!  If not, they will be back next weekend!  So no rush!  You also have Uncle Carter, excited and ready to see you!  

Not to mention lots of love from sweet friends and sweet family!  Your Aunt Kaitlin has been keeping great tabs on you and me everyday!  And so have your Aunt Rachel & Emily.  Aunt Rachel may even be here when you decide to come!  

Well mommy is watching Texas play!  And eating your favorite snack, sugar free popsicles.

I love you my sweet son!



PS-Daddy is putting a lot of pressure on mommy to have you here this week! His only request for his birthday is "Baby Kie in a blankie!"

But no worries sweet boy, daddy can wait till you're fully baked and matured!  Lots of kisses & hugs, xxxooo's!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dress Rehearsal Thursday!

Today was one for the books!  Well probably not as exciting as the ACTUAL day.  But, today was exciting nonetheless!

So this morning I had an appointment w/my OB.

I woke up 45 minutes before my appointment and I turned on my iPod and danced!  I love to dance!  I wiggled around, dancing like a crazy person in my nightgown.  I love to dance, especially in front of a mirror when no one is around.  And I like to see how 'fluid' my body can be at  36 weeks pregnant.  Not so fluid ;) but I love dancing w/Kie and wiggling him around.  I'm sure I look like a nut, but you know what? No one see me.  But God.  And I think God made people like me for His amusement.

Anyway, after 15-20 minutes of dancing around the living room to random pop songs-- I got ready and got to the doctor.  All my dancing must of helped because I was 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced! PROGRESS! All those contractions weren't in vain!

Justin was with me :) And he informed us the great news that Kie would make his appearance in two weeks or less.  He scheduled me for the next week for my LAST sonogram and out the door I went.

I met up w/Sarah, Hannah, Aiden and baby Sydney at Barton Creek for some fun time/mall walking.  It was great seeing the 5 year old twins and precious 4 month old baby.  They were so sweet, well behaved and curious!  Being around Sarah and her 'babies' made me even more excited to be a mommy as well.  It's hard work, but seeing such beautiful "little people" in the making and knowing you contributed, must be a wonderful feeling :)

Anyway, after my time at the mall, I decided I should ask my two lovely nurse best friends about a embarrassing issue I was having.  It seemed to me, I was having problems controlling my bladder! Both my nurse friends, Rachel & Caitlin told me to call my doctor and inform him because it sounded like my water had broke.

After calling they told me to come back in to the doctor quickly.  The doctor examined me and he said it seemed from my story that my water did break, but he couldn't tell and the test came back negative.  He concluded I had a high tear in my placenta and that I was probably going into labor.
He admitted me into the hospital.  This was my 2nd time going to the L&D wing!  This time I was calm because Justin was by my side, and we had everything with us!  (Bags/laptop and all!)

I was monitored and the baby was checked.  He still had plenty of fluid in his sac, and my leak seemed to of stopped.  Though I was having more contractions, I lost my mucus plug (TMI, sorry!) and I was now 2 cm dilated.  Since I'm only 36 weeks they didn't want to induce me and discharged me to 'labor' at home.  I have enough fluid for the baby to be fine. And out the door I went.

It seemed kinda scary they dismissed me so soon, but oh well. What can I do?

So here I am, at home on bed rest!  (Actually on the couch, husband is sleeping in the bed) and I'm too afraid to sleep, thinking I'll wake up 8 cm dilated and too far to have an epidural! Lol.  But I am in labor, not an active labor, but definitely having contractions.

I still have my appointment for next week to see the doctor, but my mom predicts Kie will be here by this weekend.  I, personally don't know.  I am scared, but tonight at the hospital I was strangely calm.  I hope I am that calm the day/night of our big show!  I appreciate ALL the prayers and support I got.  And I probably won't be posting on Facebook when we are in labor because apparently everyone called my mother about tonight's status updates! Haha! Though she knew about it, she just got a lot of worried calls from friends and family!  So for the select few, I'll definitely call/text when it is official go time.

The rest will find out when Kie IS here.  :)

Btw, we saw Kie today!

He weighs around 6 lbs and 5 ounces.  And he is so cute. I love him.  He is also very kind and loves popsicles.

And whipped cream.

Those are your Kie facts for the day!

Well, I'm going to ATTEMPT sleep.  And see what this baby wants to do.  Hopefully he will stay put till 37 weeks.  Mom says he'll be here by the 23rd because it's a full moon and she had me and my two brothers all on a full moon!  Kinda creepy, but we'll see!

Lots of love from a tired mama and one silly little boy <3


Full moon over Austin
photo from

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

36 weeks Update!

Justin's scary pumpkin carving face

My update from this past weekend,  Friday I had a lovely "happy hour" w/my soon-to-be mommy friend, Mindy, at Jovita's on 1st street.  It was so good, and I definitely recommend that place.  Great food, music and it was very Austin-y.  And it's right by Freddie's...which is a place we go to a lot.  

Mindy's little girl is due this January!  So these days are very exciting for us!  Tho, of course she's not as big as I am! I'm as big as a house ;)

That night we had our friends over Amanda and Warren to carve pumpkins, eat dinner (including a wonderful pumpkin pie!) and play Apples to Apples.  I just love them, they are one of the sweetest couples I know. And we also watched the Rangers lose... :(

Saturday Justin and I spend the afternoon watching COLLEGE football.  (The absolute best!) And luckily my Longhorns redeemed themselves!  -As did the Rangers.-  They looked like they team I know and love!  Then we went to a hole-in-the-wall mexican restaurant that's conveniently close to us for dinner, Mama Maria's.   
Later we had our friends Shon and Nicholette come by for some dessert (more pumpkin pie) and a little Wii.  And the boys played pool while us ladies sat on the couch and chit chatted.  Of course these days I'm not doing TOO much besides a lot of sitting, eating and the occasional walking.

Sunday, we went to Sunday school, church service and then our sweet Sunday school teachers, Penney and Jerry took us out for lunch at Pokejo's!  Our favorite BBQ place.  It was nice getting to sit down with them outside of our class to get to know one another better.  And it's so nice to have that love and support from such a great Christian couple.  It was a real blessing and we appreciated their time spent with us.

Oh and we also went to my favorite store, COSTO, to get our Christmas tree!  Yes, it's early.  But at Costco, things go quick!  And we have been scouting trees at a few places and this tree was great, 1000 pre-lit bulbs, 7.5 feet tall and a great price!  

I love Costco!  I could probably stay in there all day!  

Lastly,  I've been reading Dave Ramsey--and whoa am I inspired.  Justin and I have been so very smart since we've been married and pregnant to be careful with our finances.  I have been loving the challenge of living on a budget and cutting coupons!  I also have an itch to sell somethings and maybe have a small garage sale. BUT, I also gotta remember I'm about to have a baby any day now.  Basically we are doing fine besides a credit card or two that we could do without.  I am all for selling things to get to that point of getting rid of the cards.  All we need to sale is something semi big.  We have a few extra cars, definitely lots of car parts (motors and such!)  and we could easily pay off the cards and be done with credit cards forever.  That's really the gist of his book.  He wants you to eliminate credit cards and go on cash.  Luckily we always use cash for the things we want and need.  Justin's credit cards were used to finance very expensive tools he needs for his independent body shop.  He doesn't really have a shop, but he does a lot of independent work outside of Land Rover and the man can literally do ANYTHING because he has everything a shop has, plus some.  So of course these tools are investments that also help us make our living.  Anyway,  I had two credit cards I payed off recently and vow to never open another one!  Justin also 'pays' me every Monday to get groceries or whatever we need around the house.  Me, being the savvy saver and learning all these great tips from Dave, has me so excited about my budget.  

I've been thinking of ways to stretch my dollar, so by the end of the week I still have money left over to save.  I told Justin I'd give him back the money, but he told me to keep it.  So, I decided I'm making another emergency savings for us.  We do have savings, but this will be an additional savings.  And my birthday/Christmas present to him and to me is this savings.  Basically I want Justin to be able to feel like he can CUT his cards and be assured he doesn't need cards because no matter what we do, we have a few thousand in cash for those emergencies.  

Anyway, Dave Ramsey has CHANGED the way I look at things and money.  I use to be all about buying the cute nic-nacks to decorate around the house or having something new to wear, or new expensive makeup.  But, now with a baby nearly here I'm so ready to alleviate any stress from my husband's life.  And the less stress of money will definitely make life easier and happier for him.  He has already seen the change in me and I can tell it brings him a lot of joy realizing I'm not the wife or woman that needs a lot of things to make her happy.  Like I said before, we won't be taking it with us to heaven. 

So yes, we are off to a good start.  No student loans to pay off, no rent to own, no leasing, no CAR payments (thank you Lord!) Justin is smart about that, car payments are some of the hardest things that prevent you from being debt free!  So we just need to work on the two credit cards.  

I'm going to warn Justin he may come home to find a missing Barcelona chair or a missing extra wakeboard because I may of sold it.  Kidding!

I do recommend reading his book! He is also a Christian and he has a lot of great verses that back up the reasons why God doesn't want you in debt either!  God is so good, He even cares about our finances!

Alright, enough babbling. Just read his book and you'll see why I'm so darn excited about saving!

And leaving you a few pictures!

Justin's scary pumpkin

My confused pumpkin

Me and my TWO pumpkins :)

Why so serious!?

Lots of Love from Me and our Pumpkin!


Friday, October 15, 2010

35 weeks

My life as a count down :)

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me.  Saw my doctor, not much to report.  Last week the nurse was concerned because I had lost a few pounds, but this week I guess it's all back on.  (My weekend full of fried seafood wonderfulness, did the trick!)  Baby is measuring a week bigger so a little over 36 weeks which I'm fine with, because a few weeks ago he was measuring 3 weeks bigger.  Sometimes I feel like they may of gotten the conception date off by a few weeks.  

Who knows?  I do have these urges where I want to go on walking marathons because I'd rather be the momma that has the baby ON time or near the due date, then over due.  I mean, there are days when I feel like I'm the Marshmallow man from I couldn't imagine how BIG I may feel if I go past 40 weeks. 

I love how Marshmallow Man's hat says "Stay Puft".  No thank you sir! I'm ready to be De-Puft!  
Right now tho, I am feeling pretty wonderful.  Maybe it's the cooler weather, the NO stress of having to work, or the worries of big events (besides the obvious) on my calendar.  

I also went to visit/interview another pediatrician yesterday.  I think I like this doctor/clinic better than the last one I visited because there are a lot of options for after hours care,  like an after hours clinic! And there are a lot of doctors available to you at the hospital when you need them.  They also will be there when baby Kie is born.  Something I definitely want!  

It is hard shopping around for doctors!  I never realized how much research has to go into it.  I have one more doctor I am looking at, but overall I think I found the place Baby Kie will be going.  Tho, I may add, the previous clinic I went to was amazing and gave you a baby bag full of swag!  This one, did not.  But, I think the overall clinic has a lot more options available if we need emergency care or just "first time parents"concerns.

Also yesterday I got to see a friend of mine that I haven't seen since I was 8-12 weeks pregnant.  She just found out a few weeks ago she is pregnant as well!  She had miscarried a few months back and quickly got pregnant again.  So I'm excited for her and also praying that this pregnancy will be a wonderful one for her.  

As for today I have plans to walk to the grocery store for new toothbrushes (since I ruined them the other day).  And maybe grab a few things for dinner tonight.  We are having one of our favorite couples over to carve pumpkins and play Apples to Apples.  (Thanks Kaitlin for the suggestion!)  And I'm doing a easy lasagna and salad for dinner.  And maybe another pumpkin pie!

I'm also meeting a new mom to be at Jovita's for a 'prego' happy hour.  I'm excited to be out being social again!  

Oh and I also ordered a delivery gown!  I'm hoping I get it here before Kie arrives!  (Surely I will, it's suppose to be here next week.)  Here it is!

I Dream of Sushi Labor & Delivery Gown-I Dream of Sushi Labor & Delivery Gown

It's called the "I Dream of Sushi" labor and delivery gown.  It has a slit in the back for an epidural, ties on the front that give your room to put monitors on and it's cheap, chic, and disposable!  And it's not an itchy hospital gown! (I found it on Amazon, $24)

I'm excited to wear it, because there's not many things glamourous about laboring but hopefully I'll feel better wearing something kinda cute.  

As for the weekend, Justin and I have tentative plans.  Tonight is game night with our friends, tomorrow I'm hoping we can run to Costco and get us a Christmas tree before they are all gone.  (Yes a fake one.)  And we still need a baby monitor.  I also want to check out a baby consignment shop down the street from us on Lamar.  More so to browse. 

And I am planning a picnic.  The weather is just so beautiful these days I want to take advantage of our 'alone time', while we can.  Maybe another lunch on top of Mt. Bonnell, or even a picnic at Zilker.    Also, we gotta watch Texas play.  And I am praying that Texas can redeem ourselves, tho Nebraska is pretty good this year.  I'm not holding my breath, but I'm also NO fair weathered fan, so Hook 'Em!

Sunday we have church :) And I'm always excited for that.

Hopefully our weekend will go smooth sailing.  Here's to hoping it does! 

Love and blessings (and lots and lots of little kicks from Kie!)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Potatoes from a Box & Bent Toothbrushes

Betty Crocker Potato Buds

Last night I made a really quick, cheap dinner for Justin because he was working late. I really don't like it when I make an extravagant dinner and he's working late, because then I have to work OVER time to reheat it all back up.  (One of my pet peeves!) So anyway when he got home I informed him I was "Sorry but we're having mashed potatoes from a box. "

Then he said, "Oh that's ok, when I was in living in a group home I'd get welfare coupons to get the boxed potatoes, and sometimes when I had extra money I'd splurge and buy one regular potato and add it to make it taste like the real thing."

I turned my head away from him, and my eyes watered up thinking of my sweet husband, "splurging" on one potato to make his boxed potatoes taste good.

I really apologized for making him eat boxed potatoes then!  Not that they weren't good, they were pretty decent. (I got them because they were on sale at HEB!)

But, just thinking of how little things like real potatoes are taken for granted made me appreciate all the things we do have. We aren't rich, but we aren't poor.  And realizing where my husband has been and where he is now, and all the stuff he's worked for to get here makes me appreciate our lives even more.

My husband lived in foster homes and group homes (orphanages) from the age of 12 until he was able to provide his own income.  The state of California took him after his father's suicide and when his mother abandoned him (and his brother).  Needless to say, he grew up a lot different than I did.  

Justin definitely NEVER wants pity for his childhood and I try not to give it to him.  But the way he grew up seeing things and thinking how things were normal, just breaks my heart sometimes. 

ANYWAY, enough of that sadness.  Basically, Justin being Justin has made me SO grateful for the way I grew up and the way I view family.  My family is my rock and support (after God, of course!)  And they love me no matter what.  I'm hoping over the years, Justin will also realize that my family is also there for him no matter what.  And that Kie will always know his family will never leave him either.  

On a funny note, yesterday I went to 'boil' our toothbrushes because I thought I accidently got some cleaner on it from cleaning the bathroom counters.

So I started to boil my water, plopped the toothbrushes in the pan, and went outside to ask Justin & Warren (they were working on car) how long I should let them boil.

Warren informed me I should let the water come to a boil and take them right out!

I walked back into the house to retrieve the brushes, and low and behold....

I disfigured them.....

Oh well, now I know!

Until next time,

Love & Blessing :)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love, Love and Love

Today is the start of my 35 weeks as I sit here rubbing my big belly.  I always joke around to Justin to feel how 'hard my abs are'.  It's crazy, I feel like I have a little boulder attached to my body.  As crazy as this may seem, I'm going to miss being pregnant.  I love seeing myself in tight shirts with my bulging belly.

I mean, how many times in a woman's life can we embrace a full, round big belly?  I also will miss Kie kicking me, even when his little foot gets stuck in my ribs.

So this past weekend went so good.  (Well, as good as it can go for a 34/35 week pregnant woman.)
Saturday morning we left for Galveston, it was almost a 4 hour drive.  But surprisingly it went well.  We didn't even turn on the radio all the way up there or back.  We just enjoyed good quality conversation.  I know I see Justin everyday, but sometimes you can get stuck in a routine.  And I think the road trip just gave us sometime to have good quality talk.  We also took our time getting there because every hour or so I had to stop to stretch my legs/go the bathroom.

Anyway, we got to Galveston and it was so beautiful!  I hadn't been there since 2005 (for a cruise).  I guess I was expecting the worse because I'm use to the beaches in Florida, the Caribbeans, and Mexico.
Now, Texas beaches aren't amazing, but they were pretty!  I think we went at a great time in the year/season because it was cooler and less humid.  And there was no seaweed :)

We met up with all my family and I introduced Justin to some people he hadn't met (family I see once every 2 years or so).  And while everyone went to get ready for the rehearsal dinner on a yacht!! We went to dinner together on the Seawall, at Fish Tales.  It was delicious and definitely fulfilled my seafood cravings! We missed the rehearsal dinner because  I wasn't sure being on a boat for 4 hours was ideal for me.  Luckily I heard I didn't miss out TOO much because it was pretty wavy and crowded.

That night Justin and I had the whole Galvez Hotel to ourself!  There were a few other wedding parties and a woman's 90th birthday party that we thought of crashing but instead we walked the beaches and spent some great time together. <3

Our Hotel

my cute husband

We ended up going to bed at 9pm! Haha! How sad is that?  I swear, 9pm felt like 12am!  I guess God is just getting me ready for NO sleep soon :)

Then Sunday, (10-10-10) we got up and had breakfast with all our family and friends.  And we even had a Seaside Church Service.  We did the Lord's Supper, sang, prayed and had a small devotional.  It felt so good!  I love church.  And having church with all the people I love and cherish most felt amazing!  I love my sweet God.  I know I don't deserve His love, but wow am I so grateful for His grace.

After the service we spent the afternoon on the beach, playing!  And then went to a late lunch with dad and all my siblings on the beach.

Uncle Justin and Amelia playing in the sand.
Lil Diva

my better half

the loves of my life

Then that night we went to Nikki and Colt's wedding.  It was so sweet and perfect!  Nikki was beautiful and Colt was so handsome!  Uncle Duke was the minister of the sermon and it couldn't of been better.  So glad we got to be there for it.  Then the reception started, and tho I wish I could of stayed up and partied with the rest of my family.  I was exhausted and I started feeling bad.  The loud music, flashing lights, all the things I use to love--were making me feel bad.  Lol.  How sad!?

So Justin, being the best husband there is,  got me a piece of each cake (Bride's and grooms') a cup of ice, and we went up to our room.  Once again, in bed and asleep by 10.  

I guess God is prepping me for the weeks and months ahead of NO sleep.  And so by 9pm, I'm ready to sleep.   All in all, the weekend went great.  Not too many contractions & I felt pretty decent most of the time.  And it's always wonderful to be with my family.  It was also nice being with my sweet husband and having a chance just to get out of town and focus on all the love and support we have around us.  

The next big thing on OUR calendar is having this baby boy.  I'm terrified, like I mentioned previously, but I'm also so ready for him to be here.  Pregnancy, tho it's been a blessing, has it's ups and downs.  I know, even with all the downs, I will miss being so close with my child.  It already has me thinking of the next baby. (If, God wants us to have one.) Seeing Justin with Amelia always reminds me that he's going to be one amazing father.  He is patient, loving, kind and just a natural with children.  I can't wait to see him when he gets to hold his son for the first time! :)

Well, I have SO much to do. All the laundry from this weekend. Tho thankfully Justin washed most of it for me last night while I was asleep, so just folding! And also getting the house back back to the Nazi clean way I like it.  (I'm so OCD) And a few errands to run and dinner to make tonight.

The only thing I gotta do in the next few weeks beside final touches/preparations for Kie is get Justin something amazing for his birthday at the end of the month.

I want to get him something great because I had been saving for awhile since now I'm not working.  His birthday is October 28th and last year I spoiled him.  But now that we are soon to be parents, we are more practical.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know.  I have a few ideas, but I don't know if Justin wants me splurging on him like I plan.  He told me to save my money and that Kie is his present.  

Oh sweet husband of mine!

Until next time,


Thursday, October 7, 2010

34 weeks

This is my first week off of work, and initially I thought I'd be bored but instead I have been so very busy getting things done.  I've washed all of Kie's clothes, towels, blankets and sheets.  I also got MOST of the things I think we will need...though, I still need a breast pump. Otherwise, most things are bought and in place.  I also already packed his bag for the hospital and my own. Just because I stress over everything!  I also have his car seat in the car (thanks to Justin) and have already taken out his stroller for a test drive.

I realize I probably won't be taking him out that much at first, so I just wanted to see how the stroller felt.  Overall, I liked it a lot.  It's a Babytrend jogger.  It's an all in-one and super easy to snap the car seat in and get it out. And I love the tires and the 3 wheel set up.  It seems like it will be a great stroller to have once I'm back out trying to lose baby fat!  Though, I did feel a little funny pushing an empty stroller.  I had it all closed up so people couldn't see "the baby."  

Anyway, today I went to see my OB.  I was relieved to go see him because last night I had some serious contractions.  I started crying last night because it was just so overwhelming.  Though I have been having a few contractions here and there, last night was a lot more tense and it hit me that I'm at the end of pregnancy.  Time flew by!

I still struggle with the thought of having a baby.  I'm not big on pain and I'm deathly afraid of hospitals. Just going into them makes me nauseated.  I sometimes wish I had a doula or a birthing coach...
Mainly because I'm so far from home and have no one else here besides Justin.  Though, I don't know if I'd want my mom or another family member around because it may just make me more anxious.   

I don't know.  I think that's another reason for my sleepless nights.

I'm so ready to meet my little active, kicking son!  I can't wait to see his face, see his eyes and lips.  It just seems surreal.  The whole experience. 

I ask Justin all the time "can you believe we're having a baby!?" Or "can you believe we're about to be parents?!" He's excited, but not in disbelief like I am.  

Speaking of Justin, he's in bed and sick.  He's like another man when sick.  Usually he toughs it out, but on occasion when he gets real bad he's another person.  It breaks my heart to see him feeling bad, since normally he's the strong one. I had to get out of bed because I couldn't sleep and I hate tossing and turning when I know he's feeling sick.  

What am I going to do when my little boy gets sick?  

See, it's things like that--that scares me!  How can I be strong enough to be a parent?  I'm still a child myself.  I still get sick, get tired, get scared. How can I be a good parent like my fearless parents?  I'm far from fearless! (Though, I did sky dive once.)

I never worry that I won't love my child with every ounce of my body and soul but, being a parent...  Being fearless, showing bravery...I don't know if that's in me just yet.   Perhaps God will give that to me later? 

I don't know.   

Oh yes, back to my doctor's appointment.  So, doctor checked my cervix and said there was no change.  Though, it scares me because he's so laid back at times.  I swear, anything I say or do is "all normal".  My doctor never seems too concerned.  Maybe that's what I need.  A laid back, calm, cool and collected doctor.  I wish I could borrow that attitude for the rest of my pregnancy and past the delivery point!  

I will go back to him next Thursday.  I'm hoping for no more contractions.  Braxton Hicks I can deal with.  But no more painful ones.  I need to keep Baby Kie in tow for at least a few more weeks.  Ideally till I make it to 37 weeks.  

Also this weekend is my cousin, Colt's wedding in Galveston.  I've RSVP'd that we'd be there.  Though everyone knows we're just a maybe.  Doctor did give me the green light to go, but I don't want to be stressing while there that something may happen.  Galveston is around a 3-4 drive.  Maybe that isn't too bad but I don't know how I feel of risking it.  Am I crazy or  just paranoid?

I know I'm just afraid because my trip back from Atlanta was one of the worse!  Granted, I did get stomach virus and was puking the last hour of the trip.  But really my body seemed to go into severe contraction mode.  Maybe it was just the starting of the cramps in my stomach from the flu.  All I know is that I've not wanted to get back in a car (for an extended time) until Baby Kie is here.

ANYWAY,  contractions just started again. (Nothing painful!) Thank you Lord.

I'm going to find something to watch or read until I get sleepy.

Until next time--Au Revoir!


big mama

excuse me for chopping my head off ;)

Btw, last year this time I was enjoying Austin City Limits. So in honor of ACL (and the fact I won't be joining in on the fun) ---Let's do a small flash back from life back then!

getting ready for Pearl Jam
Wine and music w/Ally & Halley

pedi cabbing it to Zilker
sexy boyfriend (then!) and his best guy friends

wow crazy what a year does!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prayer Requests

So, it's Sunday and the day is beautiful.  But, my heart is heavy.  Sunday school and the church service were exactly what I needed and the lessons spoke directly to my heart and to my marriage.

It's amazing how God does that.

But, like I heart is heavy and I have a few prayer requests.  Also, if you feel like sharing any prayer requests you may have, feel free to do so! (Either comment or you can privately email me at  I would love to pray for you.

I definitely believe in the power of prayer.

Anyway, my prayer request is for a few things.  One, Justin and I are now a one income home and I think the reality of being the soul provider has stressed my husband.  He works in a high stress place and not only is he stressed but there is zero job security and his boss loves to flaunt that.  He uses scare tactics to rule at work and my laid back husband, carries that stress everyday.  Even if he has a smile on his face, I know he's worried that one day he may walk into work and not have a job.  (A close friend of his at work walked in Friday and was fired simply because there was not enough work to go around.)  Horrible, unfair and sad.

You may ask why I'm not returning to work after the baby to help out.  Well, my husband really wants me to stay home for the first few years and secondly, child care in Austin is expensive.  If we could find something that was worth it, we may just do that.  But, he believes (and so do I) that it's important to be there with the baby for the first few years.

So, my prayer request is that my husband's stress will let up on him and he will put all his trust and worry to God.  I will also be praying.  I am not afraid to live life more simple and with less.  Luckily, I'm not that materialistic and if I do start having an issue I will definitely pray to stop being so.  Tho, it is hard in this day and age to not measure your success by the things you have.  But, I know I will not take things to Heaven with me.  So really, I should be okay!

Secondly,  Justin and I were very social people when we first started dating.  We had tons of friends and different circles of friends and slowly but surely they have all drifted away from us.  Maybe a lot has to do with the fact we're now married, expecting a baby and are NOT the same people we were a year ago.  Life has changed and so we changed with it.  I believe the change has been great and I feel I adapted pretty well.  However, I feel it's been harder for Justin.  Justin is older than me and has been free to do as he pleased for his whole life.  I think it's been hard on him to realize the amount of responsibility he has now.  Providing for me, him and baby.  I think the pressures to change into the man he feels he needs to be has always been hard on him.

Now Justin is a great man.  All he does is work, work and work to provide for our family.  He isn't selfish and he's patient.  He's been there for me when life has been so very hard.  But, that's not to say he doesn't feel the pressure and stress from me (inadvertently) and maybe society.

I just pray that he sees the changes as a good things and that God blesses him for his struggles.  And with that,  we need good Christian friends.  I know I have some great women out there I can easily call, email or text.  And I've got one great friend here in town I could easily meet with for a prayer or a talk.  But, it's hard to find these kinds of friends.

I know I need more Christian women and moms for support, love and advice.  And I definitely know Justin needs good Christian men for love, support and advice.

The friends we have and had, for the most part, were social friends.  Friends we met up with for a good time or for a social adventure.  It's not to say these people weren't good people, but maybe the reason we lost them is because God wanted us to lose them.  I don't know.  I know it has taken a larger toll on Justin then me (since these were primarily his friends).

I just pray that God opens some doors for Justin and myself, to meet some couples or anyone that we can learn from, depend on and grow with.

Anyway, life is good and I feel blessed everyday that I'm getting to be a mommy and that I wake up knowing I have a God that loves me, a family that loves me and a husband that loves me and tries hard to be the man he needs to be.

But those men need encouragement.  And I can't be that for him always because he needs it from other men.  And since Justin doesn't have a father or even (his own) family support then he needs it from good Christian men.

Well I'm going to end this before I start writing a novel.  Thanks for the prayers in advance!  And if anyone really has a prayer request I really would love to pray for you.

Until next time,


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