Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dear Kie,

I feel like a ticking time bomb!  I have had a lot of false alarms lately.  And So I'm just sitting at home, keeping the house clean and my hopes positive.

Doctors called me to go to the hospital again last night.  I wasn't feeling it was time, but since I'm semi high risk, it's better to just be sure.  Who knows when Kie will come!

Only him and God.

Dear sweet Baby Kie,

Mommy just wants you to know how much I love you already.  And already, you're on your OWN time.  You've confused my doctors, you like to play games and you're not a fan of the baby monitors because you like to stay mysterious!  I can tell you're already playful!

Mommy wants you to know that you can stay in my warm tummy for at least another 3 weeks, though it would be nice if you'd come earlier.  Maybe close to your Daddy's birthday! He would love that!  And yall can celebrate together!  Everyone thinks you'll be here sooner, if not this weekend.  I have given up guessing!  So until you decide to make your appearance I will keep you fed and I will be resting like I'm suppose to.

But just to let you know, your room is done and ready for you.  Also,  I saw a picture of you the other day and you got the cutest little cheeks, nose and chin.  I can't wait to kiss all over your handsome face.  Daddy is also a little nervous.  He doesn't say he is, but I can tell.  He has come to the hospital with me every time and he gets very chit chatty when he is nervous.  He seems to turn into mommy!  He talks my ears off and he can't sit still.  It is pretty funny!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how things are going on the outside.  Your grandparents, Big Daddy and Grandmother are in town this weekend.  If you come now, they'd love to see you!  If not, they will be back next weekend!  So no rush!  You also have Uncle Carter, excited and ready to see you!  

Not to mention lots of love from sweet friends and sweet family!  Your Aunt Kaitlin has been keeping great tabs on you and me everyday!  And so have your Aunt Rachel & Emily.  Aunt Rachel may even be here when you decide to come!  

Well mommy is watching Texas play!  And eating your favorite snack, sugar free popsicles.

I love you my sweet son!



PS-Daddy is putting a lot of pressure on mommy to have you here this week! His only request for his birthday is "Baby Kie in a blankie!"

But no worries sweet boy, daddy can wait till you're fully baked and matured!  Lots of kisses & hugs, xxxooo's!

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  1. So sweet!!! You are going to be an AMAZING mommy and I can't wait to meet the little guy! I hope you're feeling good and taking it easy. Love you lots, sweet girl! :)


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