Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Potatoes from a Box & Bent Toothbrushes

Betty Crocker Potato Buds

Last night I made a really quick, cheap dinner for Justin because he was working late. I really don't like it when I make an extravagant dinner and he's working late, because then I have to work OVER time to reheat it all back up.  (One of my pet peeves!) So anyway when he got home I informed him I was "Sorry but we're having mashed potatoes from a box. "

Then he said, "Oh that's ok, when I was in living in a group home I'd get welfare coupons to get the boxed potatoes, and sometimes when I had extra money I'd splurge and buy one regular potato and add it to make it taste like the real thing."

I turned my head away from him, and my eyes watered up thinking of my sweet husband, "splurging" on one potato to make his boxed potatoes taste good.

I really apologized for making him eat boxed potatoes then!  Not that they weren't good, they were pretty decent. (I got them because they were on sale at HEB!)

But, just thinking of how little things like real potatoes are taken for granted made me appreciate all the things we do have. We aren't rich, but we aren't poor.  And realizing where my husband has been and where he is now, and all the stuff he's worked for to get here makes me appreciate our lives even more.

My husband lived in foster homes and group homes (orphanages) from the age of 12 until he was able to provide his own income.  The state of California took him after his father's suicide and when his mother abandoned him (and his brother).  Needless to say, he grew up a lot different than I did.  

Justin definitely NEVER wants pity for his childhood and I try not to give it to him.  But the way he grew up seeing things and thinking how things were normal, just breaks my heart sometimes. 

ANYWAY, enough of that sadness.  Basically, Justin being Justin has made me SO grateful for the way I grew up and the way I view family.  My family is my rock and support (after God, of course!)  And they love me no matter what.  I'm hoping over the years, Justin will also realize that my family is also there for him no matter what.  And that Kie will always know his family will never leave him either.  

On a funny note, yesterday I went to 'boil' our toothbrushes because I thought I accidently got some cleaner on it from cleaning the bathroom counters.

So I started to boil my water, plopped the toothbrushes in the pan, and went outside to ask Justin & Warren (they were working on car) how long I should let them boil.

Warren informed me I should let the water come to a boil and take them right out!

I walked back into the house to retrieve the brushes, and low and behold....

I disfigured them.....

Oh well, now I know!

Until next time,

Love & Blessing :)



  1. It's amazing what things people go through and how amazing they can turn out to be!!!!! Marks dad died when he was 11, and he was raised by pretty much just his mom...! Nothing compared to Justin's story but it's just so sad what people go through. Makes you really appreciate things. He told me the other day when we traded in a vehicle he wanted to keep his because he felt like that was the only piece of his dad he had left. OHH goodness, made me cry! When his dad died, the money he got bought him the car he has. SO sad!! :(

    Anyway, I cant wait to see baby kie! He is going to be soo cute! he doesn't have a choice! :)

  2. My husband had a very rough time for a while and sometimes he shares a little something (food related) that reminds me of that hard time and my heart just breaks for him. We're here for them now to show them unconditional love, though!


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