Friday, May 5, 2017

7 Years

My last blog post I wrote before Easter,
literally the day before Easter.
Little did I know then, my sweet Papa would pass Easter morning.

It's been a weird few weeks.
We knew Papa was in the last chapter of life. But, it still doesn't make it easy.

I had been with him two weeks before, being a caregiver with my sweet cousin, Erika. So that my mom and aunts could have a long weekend away.

It was an emotionally hard weekend, but I'm thankful for that time.
My Papa was such a man's man and always taking care and providing for his family. And being that caregiver for him, though brief, was sweet and humbling.

My sweet Papa passed in his sleep.
He was with the Lord on Easter morning. Can you imagine a sweeter time to be in Heaven?
Anyway, there has been some adjusting to the new norm.
I'm just so thankful and at peace knowing my Papa is in Heaven.
As a Christian, there is hope and joy in the future. Since we know life doesn't just end after our mortal body breaks down.

That said, life on Earth still marches on.

Justin and I just celebrated our 7th year of marriage.
Looking back at the time we have shared and the growth between us and in our marriage....I can't help but be so grateful and also humbled.

Marriage isn't easy. And we started off on a rocky foot.
I was young and my longest relationship prior was in high school.
I had never lived with a man (besides my brothers) and I had to learn a lot about being selfless, being an adult and just growing in Christ. There were growing pains. Then throw in kids, house renovations, mixing in family and all the baggage one brings to the table. It took some major adjusting. I will admit that the gist of issues were on me. I was 22. And, that is young in my eyes! Ha!

I am thankful for those harder times, because I now appreciate these sweet days so much more.
Justin is my rock. He truly is. I cannot imagine a man better for me or our sons.
He works harder than anyone I know. He constantly gives himself to me and our children. He never, ever takes time for himself. He is SO selfless. Always giving to me in anything I need or ask for.
I truly feel special and thankful to be his wife.
I know this is all mushy but it's the truth. He is just a good, good, GOOD man.

I always know I can count on him. And I can't thank God enough for the lessons we have learned together, the prayers we have shared and the man he continues to grow and evolves to be.

Justin's love language is acts of service and gifts. So, he obviously does this for me as well.
He will clean the house up and down, so I have no chores. He will make dinner, lunch, breakfast, go to the grocery store, put away every piece of laundry, plant me flowers, clean my car, scrub the kitchen, clean the floors, vacuum everything, scrub the counters/oven, clean the yard...He literally just does and does!

And if that's not enough he will tackle the honey do list, take care of the kids, wash, bathe, put them down, play with them non stop, help with homeschool, do projects, crafts, coach their sports, take them to practice & so on!

He literally tries to make sure my job as a mother is as easy as possible. I have never known a man to help out so much around the home and with their children.

He then likes to surprise me with amazing gifts. Flowers, chocolates, tickets to events, art, items he made. (He can sew, build and weld!)
He doesn't just SAY something...He actually DOES something. I mean, if that isn't something a woman wants...then I don't know what it is!

I really wish I could be half as good to him as he is me. Ha!

I will say this, I adore this man and to this day he still makes my heart flutter. He is still as handsome as he was when I was introduced to him. I still look at him like I did when we dated. He is such a good one. And if anything in these 7 years of marriage, I can still say above all else, I love him more now than ever. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God above for Justin. I feel so, so, so blessed to be his wife.

Okay, sorry for all the mushy. I legitimately just am so grateful for these past 7 years.

Until next time,


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter, two years later....

I can't believe it's been two years since I sat down to write on this ole blog.
Time flies and I see that more with each day that passes.

Not going to use this as a time to catch up on everything but instead, I wanted to do some looking into this heart of mine and reflect.

I have been a Christian the gist of my life. However, I will sadly admit there's been more times in my life I've not acted like one.

I know the Bible says we will be transformed after we receive Christ & I do believe that to be true. But, it does not take away the temptation and the naturally sinful desires of the flesh.
I find myself needing Jesus more than ever as an adult.
I find myself needing His direction and guidance more as a parent.

I thought when I "grew up and got married"....I would know the plans He has for me easier.
That perhaps being an adult in Christ would mean my path would be lit up in lights, nice and bright and I would never get lost.
But, that's not the case.
I still need Him daily.
I still struggle with my old self.
I still struggle with my heart.
I still wonder if I am on the right path and am I being the mother and wife that God calls me to be?

I guess this Easter I look back and am thankful I need Him so much each day.
And that the need and desire for Him is still something I want and struggle for.
Life, though beautiful and often bittersweet, is not something I have figured out.
I still look to my Savior.
I still come to Him broken and in need of His grace. I come to Him still as a child, sometimes lost and sometimes in despair.

Being a Christian, married with children doesn't mean I will be perfect.
It doesn't mean I will always do right....
In fact, if anything I will probably do wrong more than not, come to Him needing forgiveness and needing my heart to be checked.

If anything,
I realize I need Jesus on the Cross more now than ever.

The blood shed on Calvary means more to me now that ever.
I still need His mercy.
I still need His grace.

And if a sinner, who loses her battles daily, can still receive love & mercy from Him....
than you can too!

This Easter, I am thankful He still has me.
This Easter, I am thankful He still forgives me.
I am thankful for the second chances, the third chances, and so on.

Christ on the Cross is the reason I can face tomorrow.
Christ on the Cross is the reason I am still alive.
The debts He paid on the Cross are for you, & me.

"But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." -Romans 5:8

It doesn't matter was society says, or what others think and call you.
If you are His, you are His.

This Easter, my heart continues to be humbled and forever thankful for the shed blood of my King.
If you ever are curious or want to know more about how Jesus can fill that missing piece in your soul, please feel free to message me.
I may not have every answer, but I will gladly share with you all the things He has done for me.

God bless, sweet readers.

"But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on Him, and by His wounds we are healed."
-Isaiah 53:5

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