Thursday, April 19, 2012

The time I let my husband cut my hair...

Yes, you read that correctly.
I let my husband cut my hair.
And no, not a small little trim...
I'm talking about he cut off 14 inches...

Let me explain.
If you know me, you know I am a bit inpatient.
(I am working on it!)
And when I want to do something, or get something done...
I just jump in!
And THEN think later.

It can be a good and bad thing.

Well, if you're here in Texas then you know it's already hot.
And I have LONG hair.
And my hair is like a weed y'all!
It grows SO FAST!

And I just had it with my hair.
I mean, I had a love/hate relationship with my hair.

It's super healthy and long...
and I loved it in a long ponytail...and EVERYONE complimented me on my hair.
But at the same time,
it's HOT.
And even when my hair is put up it manages to "ATTACK" Justin in the night.

Justin was getting tired of my hair hitting him in the face,
and not to mention anytime I wanted to kiss, cuddle or just be silly with J, it would be IN THE WAY.

So I started thinking one Sunday how maybe it's time to lose this 3 feet of hair.
Ok, it wasn't three feet....
but it reached my butt.

Well by the time I reached the conclusion to cut it, it was SUNDAY NIGHT.
And what salon is open on a Sunday night?

So I ask Justin--
"Hey babe do you think you could cut my hair?"
The baby was finally down and it was starting to get dark out.
Justin JUMPED at the chance and said "of course."
Then my sweet husband headed out to the beauty supply store and got some scissors.
(I wasn't about to let him use my KITCHEN ones!)

While he was out, I washed my hair...
combed it...
and never thought again about what I was getting myself into.

Once home, Justin brought out the bar stool to the backyard
::Now it's really getting dark::
and I put my hair in a low ponytail to show him JUST how much I wanted off....

Before I could say much...

Snip, snip!
GONE was my hair.
He handed me my super long, limp ponytail.

OH Lord!
What did I let him do?!
He then even out the cut and made sure it was all even--
and that only took a few minutes.

I may add, that BOTH of Justin's parents were stylist.
So my sweet husband thought he could just cut hair because it's in his blood.
Y'all know he's a mechanic?
A man's man.
A jack of ALL trades...
and mainly ones that deal with tools...and power tools...
Not delicate little scissors and women's hair.

But ladies, it wasn't bad.
After an initial freak out,
I realized it was ALL ok.

He actually cut my hair great.
I mean, it's not like a true good stylist could do...but really, he did an amazing job!

There were a few reasons I allowed him to cut it.
And obviously I couldnt make an appointment on a Sunday night to get it cut right then!

Second, hair cuts or trims cost a lot.
It would of been SO MUCH.
So I just was like, hey I'm saving money.
And y'all know I have my moments of crazy frugal-ness.

*It happens when you turn into a mom and don't like spending on yourself.

Anyway, here's the BEFORE and after pictures of my hair--mind you, it's wet!
AND THE AFTER pictures. (no makeup y'all!)
Ps, also notice: Messy house--BEFORE and then after (once baby is asleep we CLEAN!)

check out the messy house! 
omgosh can't believe I'm showing off my scraggly ends...
an AFTER...
sorry it's blurry

What do y'all think?

Think J could do a 2-for-1 special...
"Get your oil changed and a trim!"
yeeeaaaa right!

Stay tuned yall, more to come soon!



  1. Oh my gosh! I would never ever let my hubs near my head with scissors. In all fairness, I'm not allowed to cut my husband's hair anymore either, though...not since I gave it a try when we were in high school and he ended up having to buzz it all off afterwards :P
    Yours looks really good! Clearly he has a gift!

    1. thanks Andrea! I think it was a ONE time deal. I mean, he didn't do a HACK job and I even went to a stylist a few weeks later to get my hair blonde again and she even commented how great of a job he did. Of course I couldnt tell my husband that or it would of gone to his head!
      I think initially he did a great job and my hair feels a lot lighter now!


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