Monday, April 30, 2012

pregnancy update

We're expecting!
And I've been waiting to share.
At first, I was kinda hesitant to share because I liked my privacy of only telling a few people...
But, being that my parents live in a small town, news traveled fast and I felt I needed to "announce" things soon.
Also, I wanted to wait until we're at a *safer* time in pregnancy.
Anyway, we made it through phase one and so here I am happy to announce!

We are very excited and though I have the usual fears of a mother expecting her second child--I do worry about how Kie will adjust to life with a baby.
Luckily, we still have some time before he has to share his momma and daddy with anyone else.
And let me tell you, I've been cherishing every moment I can with my sweet boy.
It does make me sad that my sweet precious cherub (name given to him by his Aunt Allie!) will no longer be the "baby" but this was ALL God's timing. So I can't worry too much.

 And yes, I get scared thinking of having TWO under two (for a brief few weeks if that) but I pray that Kie will have a lifelong friend in his sibling.

My brother and I, Carter, are 22 months apart.  There have been times when I have seriously thought of killing him (not really) but regardless, I love my brother more than anything!  He seriously has become one of the greatest people I know and I love the relationship we have now. And he has been through A LOT with me--from giving me advice on dating guys, helping me through bad breakups, finding the right guy (we lived together in college sooooo he knew a lot about the guys I dated!) and he also was so great at telling me when I needed to exercise some and when to change my clothes. HA! So really, I'm excited for Kie to have a sibling so close in age.

Either way, if this new baby is a girl or a boy I definitely know it will ALL be ok!
AND I'm very happy we had Kie first because if it IS a little girl, then I know Kie will protect his little sister from any bad boys in the future. 
He's already a sweetheart so I know he'll love the new baby.

As for ME....

Pregnancy has been SO different this go around!
I feel great!
I mean, I had a few weeks of being really sick with morning sickness but I'm out of the first trimester now and I am feeling well.
I think a lot has to do with knowing what to expect.
I mean, I've gotten sick but now it doesn't phase me because not everything is new and scary like it was with Kie.
Plus, I work and have a toddler to raise so there's little time for me to be thinking of *how bad I feel*...
AND pregnancy has gone a lot faster this time--which probably is also because I have a toddler to chase.
Oh and this time, I've started showing earlier...but oh well!
I like having the pregnant belly...and my husband loves it.
He often sticks his own stomach out to mimic.
Anyway, so far so great.

This new baby is expected on HALLOWEEN!
Since it's a c-section--we already know when to expect it.
However, since I was blessed with having Kie 2 weeks earlier--I'm sure this one will come earlier too.
So I'm predicting a bit earlier then the 31st.

ALL I know is that I'll have 3 birthdays VERY close to one another.

My husband's is October 28th, New baby is DUE on October 31st and Kie's is on November 3rd.
THAT makes ONE week of 3 birthdays!

I'll be ONE worn out momma.

Anyway--tonight is TACO night.
One of my favorite meals because it's SO easy....

Throw everything into foil---
chicken, onions and mushrooms --
then TOSS it on the grill!

Of course I add lots of spices...
And to the mushrooms and onions goes a lot of butter.
THE number one thing to make sure tacos turn out great is finding GREAT, homemade tortillas.
And thankfully, living in Austin--great tortillas are easy to come by.
preview picture from the weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'll be sharing more on that soon!


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  1. I'm so happy for you Halley! I am so ready for my next one already ;)!


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