My Husband

My husband, the love of my life.
You're truly the first man I've ever loved.  (Besides my father)
With you, I learned and still learning to not be selfish.
It was when I met you, that I stopped caring about myself first--
and wanted to put you first. 
It was though I finally learned that love meant being selfless....
And you taught me that.
I never loved or respected someone so much as you.
I almost knew instantly, that you were going to be the man I married.
You've overcome so much in life--and made it so far that you inspire me daily.
You're a man among men.
Never, in your life have you had the easy road.
Nor, do you ever, EVER complain.
You work till your body gives out AND still give more once home...

Whatever you're made of is....
because you're not like ANYONE I know.

Married life, though it has it's curve balls, I'd never want to be anywhere else.
I love being your wife.
I feel so blessed to be Mrs. Justin Knuth.
I feel as though this is where God called me.
To be your wife
to be the mother of our children.
To serve God,
To serve you,
to serve our family.

You work so hard for me and our family.
Giving your time and your attention 100% in everything.
You give at work, 
you give at home, 
you give to your family.

Not only are you a great man in so many ways, but you've chosen to follow the Lord as well.
Proving to be a leader,
someone our sons can one day follow suit.
My love,
as the days go by and time ticks, 
I relish all the days we've spent together.
From the days when life was "carefree",
enjoying late nights of foolishness, concerts, football games, nights out, lazy days in & vacations...
from my college graduation....

to the late nights with a crying baby,
to unexpected losses and unplanned surgeries,
To holding my hair back when I was sick with morning sickness...
to running to the store to get every new craving I had,
to all the labor and delivery classes, courses and appointments, 
to the anxiety of labor, delivery 
  staying with our son in the NICU.

To remodeling our house together,
to filming a TV show together,
to all the holidays, 
and lake time....
We're truly blessed.

I hope we're able to spend another 50-60 years together.
If life lets us live so long.
Though I may drive you wild (in some good ways or not)
I know God picked me for you, 
and you for me.
Our paths crossed at the right time.

To think, of all those times I brushed you off and didn't commit to a first date,
who would of thought, years later we'd be here?

I am so lucky to have found you.
I'm so lucky, grateful, blessed and humbled to be your wife.
I'm so lucky to have a family with you.
You're my love, 
my glue,
my teammate,
my soul mate.
My best friend.
My partner in crime,
my lover,
my confidante, 
my 'mon ami'
my amore,
my cooshy,
my squish,
my J,
my sexy,
my husband.

You'll always be with me, regardless.
And I with you,
for you have my heart.
Love and respectfully yours 

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