Friday, October 28, 2011

Kie's First Birthday Bash!

Big One Blue Birthday Invitation
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Happy Birthday J!!

Happy Birthday to the SEXIEST man in the world!!!
*well he is to me, and that's all that matters!*

I love you SO very much Justin Knuth!
 my best friend, 
my partner in crime,
my team captain,
my better half,
my lover,
my blanket hogger,
my bohiney spanker,
my bun slicer,
my dance partner,
my sous chef,
my griller machine,
my Wii loser,
my dart cheater,
my baby daddy,
my walking buddy,
my swim captain,
my merry maid
my manicurist,
my wakeboard coach,
my future, 
my past, 
my present...
(and so, SO much more)

You're an amazing man..
So generous,
so talented,
so sweet,
so caring, 
so nurturing.
I'm proud to be your wife.
I'm here through the good, the bad...
and the SEXY...
Thanks for making me a mama.
One happy and lucky wife.

Love always and forever,

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seriously Thursday?!

my almost one year old
Linking up to Becky's Seriously Thursday.
Seriously, it's THE THURSDAY before Kie's BiG FIRST Birthday Bash!
I've been running around like a crazy lady.
Of course, I planned NOT to be acting like this but I like the pressure.
So, this isn't some extravagant birthday...mainly just lots of great friends and family---and lots of great food who all are celebrating a very special and handsome baby boy...
Who needs to stop growing up so fast!
Seriously, time?! STOP!

I don't have much time to go into all the stuff we have going on this week right now but I'll share a few pictures.
Btw, our cold front is coming in today and I'm ready for the weather to level out some.
Texas weather never can make it's mind up.

Also in this very busy week of planning birthdays and working...
TOMORROW is my husband's birthday!
I feel awful because we will be spending the evening working on getting the final touches for Kie's party and I'll be cooking.
Luckily though, I did get him a few awesome gifts and have some surprises up my sleeve.
They just may have to wait until this weekend is over.

Well I hope everyone is having a SERIOUSLY great Thursday.

Until next time,
love that happy face
Where me and Kie sit and watch the world go by

Kie going through my wallet...they learn early ;)
How Lil Man sleeps

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What is love?

Some say you can't describe it.
Other spend a lifetime trying to express it...
But here I am to tell you JUST what love is....

Love is throwing away your favorite homemade jean shorts because your husband says he's going to throw them away if you don't.

Man...they were so comfortable.

The reason I made them into shorts...
well they were my old favorite worn out jeans from high school that got washed too much and were too short to wear as long jeans.

So with a quick snip, snap .....they became jean shorts!
I mean,
what's classier than your own homemade jean shorts?
Not much my friends...not much.


Happy Tuesday From The Knuths!

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation."
-Psalm 68:19

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Looking back on Our Year

Dear Kie,

I realize you're NOT quite a year old yet. But the days are flying by.  Your big birthday bash is in less than a week (6 days to be exact) and your REAL birthDAY is in 11 days.

MY how times flies.  It really breaks my heart to be honest.
It seems like you've always been a part of our lives,
as though life never really began until you arrived.

But just last year, I was BIG and pregnant and we were trying to patiently wait for you.
I was put on bed rest numerous times from the doctor. They said you were going to be due the 16th of November.  But I knew you were coming sooner.  In fact, I wrote to you a lot saying I knew you'd be here before long.

I wanted you to debut for your daddy's birthday (the 28th of October) .  But now I'm glad yall both have yall's special day.  Besides, you did come pretty soon after papa's birthday--November 3rd.  He said you were the best gift he had ever gotten!

I won't write you about your BIRTH day yet--I still have a few days to get that together.

But as you nap in the next room....and the house is a mess with finishing your TWO to THREE scrap books of your first year of life--I just can't help but think how lucky we are.

God blessed us SO much with you.
Nothing matters besides you and this family.
I'd wouldn't trade ANYTHING in this world to be just where I am now.

Oh sweet, baby...
I hope you grow up to love Jesus with EVERYTHING in you. 
I hope you grow up happy everyday.  
I hope you grow up curious, 
full of joy 
and have kindness towards others.
(Regardless if they deserve it!)

I hope you follow your dreams. I hope you are always humble. I hope you get your father's talents and skills.  I hope you get your mom's uniqueness and creativity. I already can tell your definitely unique. As for now--you're up to a lot of things!

You love to squish your nose up and sniff.  Just like mommy.  You bite everything with those SEVEN teeth of yours.  You definitely prefer nursing still but as for foods, you love mashed potatoes over most things. (Like your father.) But you eat anything!

You love to throw the ball and "practice basketball!"  You take the ball and toss it in the basket and start to immediately clap! You're so proud of yourself!

You LOVE being outside...It doesn't matter if we are swinging or sitting on the porch.  You're content watching God's creation.  If a bird happens to be near, you laugh and scream at it wondering why they don't come over closer.

You love the lake and riding on the boat.  I think the hum of the motor is soothing to you.  And you already have your sea legs.  You didn't get those from me.

You still love the bath.  You splash and kick and crawl and stand.  Getting you soaped up is an exercise all on it's own!

Your favorite book is Pat The Bunny.  You've got it memorized.  In fact, you LOVE to read.  If you go out of the room, you're usually heading to your OWN room.  You like your easy to grab bookshelf.  Sometimes you stand to read.  Other times you squat down.

You could sit there forever.
I watch you quietly from the door.
Your love for reading comes from me, definitely.

But Papa reads to you a lot.
You turn EACH page. And never miss one or rush to get to the end.

Your patient and you know what comes next!

Good Night Moon is also another favorite.
Once we are done with a book you wave at it.
Like, "Thanks for the good read!"
You also do that when we leave a room.
You wave goodbye to it!
You're very kind to do so.

You also are starting to say a few words.
Pu-pu for puppy.
Mama-for me. (I'm definitely your favorite person to come to for cuddling or when you feel bad!)
Bird- (We love watching birds.)
Dada-for daddy
Bubba-for yourself. (That's what daddy calls you.)

You have been making some new sounds.  So I'm excited to see what your next words are.
You're CONSTANTLY talking.
You use your hands a lot too.
Also got that from mommy.

You also still love showing everyone you're a BIG boy! By raising your arms over your head.
You also started doing touchdown signals (same one as big boy!) But now you do it if we say TOUCHDOWN!
Hopefully our Texas Longhorns will be scoring more of those so we can practice!

You're very social lil man!
We go on play dates weekly.
We go to our nursery class during church.  And all your teachers love how happy you are...and easy to please.

We attend baby aerobics together and now we have started venturing to the library, the Hoppin House and to the gym.  You love to watch children or people.  You observe EVERYTHING.  And you rarely, if ever, fuss.

I know I may be your mother, but so many people say how good you are.
You get this from your dad.
He is laid back.
And easy going.

You're a little sponge.
So we are always careful what you're around and what we say and do.
I never curse. 
(Only under my breath at the cars that cut in front of us!)
And neither does daddy.

We watch our music.
And we hardly watch TV in front of you.
I do admit, I have one guilty pleasure...
And you love Ellen just as much as I do.
When she comes on you clap!
And when she dances, you dance!

That's another thing...
When music comes on you stand and bounce and squat to the ground.
You are so very nimble!

Oh and you love to climb.
You climb the sofa, the bed, the bathtub, the toilet, the walls, the windows, the laundry pile...
Anything you can get a leg up on...YOU CLIMB!

You also are standing on your toes to reach for the doorknobs.
You try so hard to turn them.
Thankfully you are about an inch or two TOO short.  But you're almost there!
You're a tall boy!

I can't wait to see how big you get!

I love watching you grow and learn each day.
Every morning when I wake up...You give me joy!
A reason to ignore the lies, the meanness, the sickness, the tragedy in this world....
You remind me to love...
And to take each day as a blessing.
To be grateful for each breath.
To be humbled by my past.
And to never be selfish again.

I vow to protect you as long as I can.
To love you forever and always.
To read to you God's word.
I promise to always put you and your daddy first.

You and your dad are my world.
Nothing matters to me as much as my family.
No matter how tough the roads get.
Through thick and thin...
Momma will always put God and our family first.

This one year has surpassed any dream I could ever want or wish for myself.
The joy I get from being a mother is indescribable.

You changed me! *God willing!*
Thank you Kie!
I love you so, SO, SO much!

Happy First Year my beautiful baby! I love you forever & always!


St. David's NICU

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

best pumpkin in the patch

Hard to believe my lil pumpkin is about to TURN ONE!
I've been cherishing every single minute of these last few days...
Ahhhh, motherhood....
the best, most wonderful--yet saddest, hardest job yet.
My heart is so full, and I'm so-SO thankful to be the mother of this little boy.

This week has been wonderful!
Cool brisk nights, filled with family outings and walks.
We have 3 days of NO TV every week where we just spend the evenings together.
I love it!
We hardly watch TV anyways...but I love how we started devoting the evenings to play time, early evenings at the park. Stroller outings...baking cookies...reading...porchin'.

It has slowed life down some for us...
And everyone wants to slow down those sweet moments?

Anyway, this week has been so great.
Lots of baking in the house...
Crock pot simmering.
Candle burning.
Early morning workouts.
playdates at the park with friends.
Afternoons and evenings doing fellowship and Bible studies..

yes, Fall is here and everywhere I see God's hand in our lives.

so thank You Lord for this day!

Until next time,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

la la la la LOVE

I'm in a very cheery mood...
I think there's a million and one reasons why I am....
Btw, Becky if you're reading this--you INSPIRE me to blog more. HA! AnyWHO...

Reason #1.)
I've lost 5 lbs! Yes, 5 pounds isn't a lot to many. But to me, ah yes. It is!
--I turned down cupcakes yesterday people. I don't DO that! 

If you know me, you know I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas.
AND--when my husband went for his weekly Dairy Queen run for his Blizzard tonight...I turned down his offer of getting one as well!

It's the little victories people....LITTLE VICTORIOUS!!

Reason #2.)
This weather is FABULOUS!
I love the cooler weather.
Today me and Kie laid a blanket out in our big, pretty backyard and played for a good hour in the sunshine.
I can't wait to post the pictures.
It was soooo nice just laying there. Watching my son...and praying.
I just kept thanking God for this day.
His blessings everywhere.
His creation.
Ahhh, I'm just grateful.
I've always been grateful, but motherhood has turned me into a VERY gracious person.

Because everyday mother's lose their babies and children.
Children are born sick.
Children are born into families that don't want them.
Children are born in countries around the world where they don't know freedom or won't have shoes or clothes...or clean water. Or food.

SO I'm gracious.
SO gracious.
And when I can help. I try to help.
And when I can pray.
I pray.
And when I pray...I thank God.
Because I don't deserve any of this.
And I will always get on my knees....

Reason #3.) 
This weekend my parents will be in town!
Ah I just love seeing my parents.
I miss them so much!
I pray they move to Austin to retire. That's my dream!

Reason #4.)
Kaskade (my favorite DJ ever!) is having his new album (Fire & Ice) come out the 25th of October! I've been ready for some new Kaskade! His music is GREAT for dancing and running. And wakeboarding.
I have to set the mood when I'm behind the boat--so I always yell at Justin to turn up the music.

Reason #5.) 
My favorite person ever (besides the obvious--)
Ellen Degeneres has a new book called Seriously....I'm Kidding
And a sweet friend of mine got me the audio version of it on iTunes for me!
I'm so gracious!
I love Ellen! She's hilarious and I can't wait to listen to her READ her own book. She always puts me in a GREAT mood!
And I hardly find time to read (besides late night readings of blogs)
so an AUDIO book is the best!

Reason #6.)
Kie's birthday party is right around the corner.
Though I'm sad that he is about to be one years old--I'm excited to be on this journey watching him grow.
His little personality shows more and more each day.
I never knew how fulfilling it was to be a mom...
In fact, I never even thought I wanted to be a mom. It just never crossed my mind.
In fact, I dreamed of work--careers and job opportunities.
But I know that there's NO way any job could fulfill me the way being a mother is.
Yes, I am being sentimental here. But, like I said--now that Kie's life has gone a full circle..I find myself thinking about things--and how life has changed for the better.

Reason #7.)
Just as I was about to wrap up this blog...
My husband turned to me (he's sitting beside me on the couch watching The Secretariat) and said "Do you even know how much I love you?"
Now, if you know my know he's not the romantic type.
He's all man. ALL THE TIME.
So, that just melted my heart.

I think that means I need to stop typing and tend to my husband.
Especially before I get too tired.

Hope everyone has a HAPPY, HAPPY FRIDAY tomorrow!

Oh and the picture I posted below makes me pretty happy too!!

Until next time,


Clint, Archer, Kie & Justin
Most handsome photo I've ever laid my eyes on!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seriously Thursdays!

I decided to link up with Becky at From Mrs to Mama at SERIOUSLY Thursdays!

1.) Because I love reading her blog...
 --we both are close in age.
--we both have cute babies close in age
--and she is awesome and hilarious and not to mention very raw and real! (Just how every momma should be!)


2.) Because I say seriously...about EVERYTHING!

And here we go!

SO my handy dandy camera is broken on my phone.
SERIOUSLY!?! I use that camera for EVERYTHING! 
Kie laughs, I take a picture. Kie cries, I take a picture. Kie sneezes, I take a picture.
You get the point.

I don't know WHEN I will get my new phone I guess that means I will be turning back to the regular ole camera.

Ah well!
So, yes this blog is picture-less.
Sorry friends!

I was going to catch up on some random-ness that's been going on.
First off, I turned 25 a few weeks ago--but I've had countless people ask me in public (i.e---the grocery store, shopping, out to eat...) If Kie is mine? And if I'm old enough to have children. 

SERIOUSLY?! Do I look 12? I mean, I realize I don't wear makeup a lot of the time...but I definitely look old enough to have a baby. Seriously people!?!

I'm pretty sure children can have children these days.
 But yes, I'm old enough....thank you!!

Then I get the response... 
"Oh he has your eyes!"

Thanks. Yes, he's not my little brother. He's my son!
Mainly these questions and comments come from older men.
And by older I mean 50+.
And I've seen countless women elbow their husbands after making that comment.

Ah well, hopefully I keep looking young...well into MY 50's!

Onto another SERIOUS note...
Kie is about to be one years old!
SERIOUSLY...where did time go?!

In fact, we just went to the bakery this evening to check on the final cake design.

I preferably wanted to make his cake--but Justin wants his cake to match his theme. And since I can bake but NOT design crazy cakes--we decided to let the professionals take over.

Besides--I don't mind.
I'm excited to get everything in this next week to put it all together.
His lil party should be lots of fun!
And SERIOUSLY TEXAS WEATHER....I hope you cooperate!


I'm praying for a cool afternoon. Not too hot nor too cold!
Because part of his party will be on our back patio if all goes well.
If not, we can always stay indoors.

And lastly,
I've been having some serious bouts of insomnia!
I am like a WIND UP toy....with no DOWN TIME.
Seriously, sandman where are you?!?!

I did recently get off Facebook (SO LIBERATING!) so my nights should be filled with something great perhaps like reading!!
Maybe I'll take up my old hobby of reading to fall asleep...
How awesome would that be?!
Seriously, I think I'll do it!

In fact, that's where I'll go now!

Sorry for my seriously, random post!
Hope everyone is doing great.

Until next time (seriously!)---


Loved and blessed!

That's how I'm feeling right now.

I really do. And very grateful for the place I'm at in life.
I know people don't always like to read about how great and wonderful people are doing--but I truly feel this way.

I've had my shares of downs and bumpy roads--but no matter the struggle or problem somethings are ALWAYS constant. 

Like the love from my Savior.
The mercy of Jesus Christ.
My love from my parents.
My love for my husband and son.

I can't help but smile and count my blessings as I sit here and type...I hear my sweet baby talk in his sleep.
My precious 11 month old....

My heart literally bursts at the seams when I go and get him out of his crib each morning.
A mother's love really is like no other.

I realize I'm getting mushy.
But as this month gets to an end--I'm reminded of the year we had.
And how my baby is quickly growing up.

How fast life FLIES by.
And how finally...FINALLY--I'm in a place of happiness....
Of gratitude.

Of pure bliss.

So thank you Lord for Your blessings.
Your mercy.
And Your Love.

Thank You for keeping me humbled---
And keeping me gracious.
I pray I keep Your will!

Thank you for my very patient, loving, generous husband.
Who sees an imperfect girl, yet loves her anyway.
A father who gives with everything in him.

Thank you God for it all.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

So I may be a day late...

Bonjour tout le monde!

How is everyone on this BEAUTIFUL Friday? (Yes I'm always a day late posting)

So my endorphins have kicked in (love my boot camps!) and I'm feeling great.
Plus it's Friday--but when you're a SAHM...most days still feel the same!
I mean, everyday I wake up and take care of Kie.
Those responsibilities don't go anywhere just because it's the weekend.

Of course when Justin is home I get A LOT more help.
But he works half day I digress.

this past week has FLOWN BY!
Seriously, October is flying by!
Justin had surgery on his knee this past Tuesday.
He had screws removed from his ACL.
So I have been playing nurse this week.
Speaking of, a little shout out to all my nurse friends....yall are awesome and I could NEVER do yall's job.
The nurses for Justin's surgery were amazing!
And my poor husband was sick as a dog and the nurses were the ones that really helped him out. So thanks a million to all you hard working nurses. Yall have some tough, TOUGH jobs!

Like I was saying, he had the screws removed from his previous surgery two years ago...and I was there for that one too.

Crazy how time flies.
And even crazier how much has CHANGED since his last surgery.
And thank the sweet Lord that it did!
We are both waaaaaay, WAYYYYY, WAAAAAYYYYYYYYY better off now then we were then.

Ah, I love it! Praise God!
Seriously, PRAISE GOD!!
Ok, my endorphins and sugar high are probably the reason there is some spazz present in this blog. I apologize.

Also Kie man is napping and I'm ready for him to get up so we can PLAY and run our errands.
I can't wait to start making dinner tonight and hopefully rent us a good movie and have some husband/wife time.

During the week, I wake up early to workout--and Justin works late. And I also work part time (whoop whoop) and then there is the baby to take care of---so we have a full schedule. Not to mention the normal stuff you gotta do, like chores--laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning---soooo I am looking forward to spoiling Justin tonight. 

On another note---Kie climbed into the toilet two days ago.
I didn't think about grabbing my phone and snapping a picture because I was too worried he's start drinking the water......but it was so hilarious.

He was happy as a lark sitting there splashing in the toilet.

Ahhhh, dang wish I had the picture now.

Also, Kie took his first steps yesterday.
Breaks my heart.
He just let go of my hands and took 4-5 steps to the mirror.

And then he did it again.
He was squealing because he was so happy with himself.
Then he kissed himself in the mirror!
Next time he tries to pull some walking...I will trip him.
I want my baby to stay a baby.

Oh and another fun mom story--
Kie won't let me shower alone. 
Nor will he let Justin.
In fact, if he HEARS the shower is on--
he goes to the bathroom and CRAWLS right in!
If you try to prevent him from getting in, then he will just cry and fuss.
So, it's easier to let him come in.
I take off his little diaper.
And he just splashes around at my feet.
Or throws his little baby head back and opens his mouth and drinks the water.
It is so cute. And funny.
And it means I rarely shave my legs.
(Sorry J!)
Anyway, Kie is seriously obsessed with water.
Well I don't want to ramble and get too sporadic on you! So I'm wrapping this up!

I will post a few pictures and let you resume your day.
BTW-I am working hard on getting everything ready for Kie's first birthday!
I'm so excited with everything and I can't wait to get it all together and post pictures.

Alright everyone, have a great weekend!

lots of love,


Ps-I'm still not able to upload all my pictures...SO I may be posting another post with the remainder pictures soon!
my very handsome hunny xo :)
25 going on 15.... :) 
Costco run!
At the Pecan Street Festival--wearing his precious onesie that Aunt Kait made!! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

catch all in mobile pictures Part 1!

For some reason my blog won't let me upload all my pictures! I have a few more I want to share so I am posting these now before I lose them! Hope you enjoy! 

Btw, lots of things are going on in the Knuth household. Next post will be a catch up with a few more pictures!
Just tossing Dino eggs...No biggie!
Kie in the Dinosaur nest

Climbing up the slide

Erika and Kie! Two of my loves <3
Kie's new ride
working on the car with Dad 
On Lake Austin, driving the boat last Saturday
Getting big :/ bittersweet!
Kie's big boy clothes! This was his outfit for church. Basically he dresses just like his Daddy.
crazy bathroom! What's up with the mirrors?! There were mirrors everywhere and even on the ceiling. 
My breakfast buddy! Kie eating his usual, pancakes. No syrup! 
sent from my friend's phone--anyway, this is yours truly--doing my thing. Too bad wakeboarding season is coming to an end :( 
Shelac! My new favorite! (Don't hate on my short nails!) Justin says I have midget hands. I seriously have little itty bitty hands and fingers. (And nails) Anyway--this looks a bit blue in the picture--but it's a shimmery green. I LOVE EM. And they have yet to chip. 
Little man getting his nap on! He looks so cozy and I just want to squish his thighs. I refrained tho. No worries!
Blurry--but it's Kie tearing up toilet paper. He's pretty much obsessed with the toilet and toilet paper. Right before this he was climbing into it. I should of grabbed my phone sooner!

Until next time!

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